morris tunes

I’ve been wanting to do one of these for ages and now, having finally done it, all I can think is: “shit, I know I left stuff off, I know I forgot stuff”. Oh well, though.
Starting from the top:

•The Planet of the Apes  •Eric Powell  •Looney Tunes  •Terry Gilliam  •Morris  •Bruce Timm  •Sylvain Chomet  •Klaus Nomi  •Egon Schiele  •Don Bluth    •Jamie Hewlett  •John Kricfalusi  •OutInTheWastes  •Mady G.  •Beetlejuice tas  •Katsuhiro Otomo  •RogMont  •Odlaws  •VerticalArt  •Mike Mignola  •Moebius  •E.C. Segar  •Monkey Punch (Lupin III franchise) •Eiichiro Oda