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Mind Blown

Maybe “Spencer” asked Ezra to not mention to anyone that he saw her at the airport with Wren because then someone would be like “No,No that’s not right Spencer was with me at that time.How could you have seen her? You’re mistaken.

Then Ezra would say are you telling me I don’t know what I saw? I saw Spencer at a table in the airport

Whoever he told would go on to say “Look Ezra I don’t know what you saw but it wasn’t Spencer” Twin Theory

Lucy’s assertion that Quincey “is really well educated and has exquisite manners“ seems to get overlooked pretty much all the time, and I’m totally all about Quincey being super smart and erudite and into literature no matter how much his persona entices us to suspect him of possibly being a collective of bald eagles that have somehow arranged themselves into the shape of a human being and donned a cowboy hat.

I will confess, however, that Lucy also characterizes Jack as “absolutely imperturbable” so maaaybee she’s not the best at reading people.