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well since we seem to be naming the cutest newsies then i'm calling out spot conlon and crutchie morris as president and vice-president of the cutest newsie club. davey can be secretary and jack can be treasurer.

[Crutchie] Vice-president! I like that!

[Spot] *grumbles* I ain’t cute…

[Davey] Hmm, Jack for treasurer? You’re really sure you want him dealin’ with numbers?

[Jack] Get soaked, Dave.

I’m just saying, Beronica is OTP Material like Brittana

Beronica have the main ingredients of what OTPs are made of. (At least for me):

  • Blonde & Dark-Haired Cheerleaders
  • Short Sassy Dark-haired Latina
  • Tall Blonde Dorky Angel (who likes to tilt her head a lot)
  • Happy Place™ (Beronica’s Pop’s is literally the counterpart of Brittana’s Breadstix)
  • Undeniable Chemistry of Actors who play the role