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1.If you would be a super hero - What powers do you want to possess?

Flying, for one. other than that… think Raven from Teen Titans. That would be pretty badass

2.If you were a song - What song would you be?

Erm….. if it’s a serious-ish song, probably either “Paradise” by Coldplay or the Ballad of Serenity.  As a joke?  The Pachelbel Rant by Rob Paranovian

3.What arts do you like or practice? (Singing, painting, instruments…)

I play the french horn, sing in church choir, and doodle a bit

4.At what point in your life are you right now?

College.  It’s mind-numbing. also, I’m just very confused about my place and relationships with people

5.Where do you want to be in one year? (Not just geographically

I would like to be less confused; I want to know that some of the pathways of my future have been cleared and are clear

6. What do you like to change about yourself? 

My laziness and lack of motivation, really. and my cynicism truly depresses me…

7. What if your favorite animal? ;D


8. Are you a loner or socializing person?

I used to be very much a social butterfly. that has changed. a lot. I’ve become quite the introvert

9. If you could chose a job for one day - What job would it be?

I’d choose to be an FBI/CIA/NCIS agent. It sounds like fun.

10.Do you believe in fortune?


11.If you would see God face-to-face right in the next moment and have the opportunity to talk to him - What would you tell him?

I’d ask him where my life was going, and why the path is so dark and hazy and I can’t tell which direction is good

Now my questions.Muahaha (den you Oroles! :3)

1. If you would spend a day with a Saint who would it be, what would you do and why?

Um, probably St. Barbara because we are around the same age and her story is very inspirational. We’d probably just walk through a garden and talk about Christianity or something

2.If you would spend a day with an Elder/Eldress who would it be, what would you do and why?

um, I honestly dont know, i am familiar with the names of some of the elders, but not necessarily with them and what they do

3.What locations of pilgramige would you like to visit in each orthodox  countries(Romania,Ukraine,Serbia,Bulgaria,Russia,Greece,Georgia,

Belarus,Armenia,Ethiopia,Egypt and others of your choice)

Romania: I’ve been to the Stavropoleos Monastery in the heart of Bucharest, it was wonderful.  

Ukraine:  I just want to go to Kiev, really. It’s a pivotal city for the start of orthodoxy in Russia

Serbia:  To go inside the cathedral of St. Sava. and, though it’s in Kosovo now, I believe, I’d love to see where St. Sava was from

Bulgaria:  erm, I’m not sure… I’ve been to Bulgaria, but I’m not sure of any pilgramige places there

Russia: Kremlin whoo! and then to St. Petersburg to see the church of our Savior on Spilled Blood. 

Greece:  Em…I’ve been to the Church where St. Spiridon is in Corfu, and to where St. Dionysius let the prisoner go free in Zakynthos, and where St. Nectarios reposed in Aegina so…. monasteries of Meteora, definitely.

Um… I don’t know anything of the other countries really, so let me add some of my own:

USA:  Kodiak Island and the Aleutian Islands where so many of our American Saints come from.

em…theyll come back to me later

4.Do you think the world is heading towards becoming a dystopian sociaty? Yes or No? And why?

I’m not quite sure yet.  ask me if we elect someone with the last name of “snow”

5.Would you like to stay somewhere remote like in the mountains or forest, in a cabin or in a monastery,for a time with only a Bible and Philokalia, meditating?If so why?And where specifically.

Um, If I were to do something like that, I’d probably choose a remote, old cabin in the medieval forests of europe, so it would truly feel like an escape from reality, and I would pray about the current state of my life and my current confusion

6.If you could chat with a philosopher for an afternoon who would he be?And why.

Oi, tht’s a toughy. If it was an ancient (BC-500 AD), I’d probably say St. Augustine since I admire “City of God” and its Platonic allusions

If it was a modern, John Locke.  He’s an ancient in modern clothing, so I can jive with him. and his letters on toleration are good

If it was a post-modern, George Grant.  I felt he was totally right in saying we should be thanking ancient rather than modern thought for the goodness in our society

7.If you could chat with a christian author for an afternoon who would he be?And why.

Whoever wrote Father Arseny is wonderful and truly inspiring.  Also, Morris Henshaw. I’m currently reading his book on his journey to Christianity, and it’s fantastic. If you have a kindle, this book is free, and, though it presents sensitive topics, it’s a good read

8.If you could teleport yourself in a time in history what major events relating to christianity would you wish to witness?And why.

um, I’d want to witness the building of Hagia Sofia, definitely.  That building holds one of the biggest places in my heart

9.What attributes do you find defining for a person?

Their personality, their sense of humor, and their connection to their faith

10. Big Bang Theory/Monty Pyton/Seinfeld/Miranda?

Monty Python is my ultimate favorite, but I do enjoy Big Bang Theory very very much

11.If you were to be an animal what would you be?

a dog, probably. but like a little indoor house dog. id be cute and tiny and live inside and sleep all day. plus, people pick up my poo for me XD

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