morris drive


I wanted to do an aesthetic for it but eh fuck it I can’t find enough pictures

•baby sheep everywhere
•like everywhere
•summer festivals happen at that time when it’s supposed to be night, but it’s still daytime because it’s summer, so people are starting fires and wandering down the streets drinking in the soft orangey sunsets
•introducing the capall caught last October to saddles, since they’re calmer now
•swimming in lakes, since there has to be freshwater coming from somewhere?
•finding strange, castaway figurines in the lakes. Of elongated horses, ceremonial daggers, broken pots and metal pieces from bridles and saddles
•the grass is so green against a watered-down sky
•the beach at sunset, glorious gold
•riding on the beach at sunset. No fear from the November water horses
•the children and their pet dragonflies
•you’ve heard of November Cakes? Get ready for July Pies.
(I completely just made that up wtf Alyx go get some sleep you have a job interview tomorrow)
•rain. Oh, my god, the rain. It never stops. It slicks down the hills, darkens the stonework. Clouds cover St. Columba’s, making it so impressive
•Puck and Sean in the shed while it’s raining. Brushing down a disgruntled Dove, feeling her coat gritty from the water, feeling safe and warm and happy in the yellow shed that’s filled with hay and straw, whole outside is pouring
•Corr stands in the middle of his pasture, resting his bad leg against the ground, head lowered, eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the water slipping over his back and tangling in his mane. It’s not salt water, but it will do
•summer nights. Driving the Morris somewhere, anywhere, the night air cool and clean from the rain that’s finally stopped. Parking near the cliffs and leaning backwards and looking at the stars
•Gabe goes to America and discovers iced tea. Sends it excitedly to Puck- “It’s tea! That’s cold! It’s wonderful for the summer!”
•Puck is ashamed and stubbornly continues boiling her tea, until the kettle is as red as she is
•kittens! The tumble around everyone’s ankles, Dove tries so hard not to step on them, Corr debates eating them but he’s well fed and Puffin is staring at him angrily and oh god, she’s faced down the devil himself, and he’s not gonna fuck with her
•Puck getting into a boat for the first time since her parents death with Finn and Sean. They drift out slightly offshore and watch the sunset. On the beach, the water horses dance
•lazy warm, early mornings. Hearing the sheep outside the window and stretching and staying in bed

anonymous asked:

hello! i have questions about hogwarts crammer. i was wondering what your favourite bits were to write and what bits you're most proud of (apart from the fact you wrote 93k words for this fic for free which is something you should be proud of literally forver because holy shit)

basically i took a whole bunch of tropes and started throwing them at a wall for hogwarts crammer – let’s try some FAKE IDENTITY and some BED-SHARING and of course one cannot forget an encounter with LADS – so huge swaths of the fic were self-indulgent and fun to write. aside from the bits i had to put in for Plot Reasons i essentially wrote what i wanted, and what i wanted was hermione granger driving a morris minor listening to the spice girls so!! that was a fun scene to write, as was everything at cynthia and jane’s, draco and harry’s argument in the last chapter and everything involving martin and the lads. 

i do think i accomplished what i set out to do: i wanted to write a “grittier” found-family teen nonsense version of the camping bits in deathly hallows and i wanted the primary plot to be about the people and not about, you know, fuckin horcruxes, because tbh i find real plot very dull and have no interest in it unless it lands our main characters in a situation where they must TENDERLY TOUCH HANDS and/or PRETEND TO BE A COUPLE. it’s been rewarding! it took a lot longer than i thought it would to write because (a) i’m a procrastinating adhd monster and (b) the world exploded several times in the last year, but i finished it goddamnit. 

i also did not expect the unexpectedly massive reception i have gotten from the internet for this work of bananas fiction and it boggles my mind a bit in a great way – i have an absurd number of unanswered asks even for me but i really do appreciate every single one, you generous iridescent freshwater fish

Best EPs 2014

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37. Morning Smoke - In Euphoria
36. Go Native - Sleep Patterns
35. Quintessential Doll - Let Not The Monsters Destroy Me
34. Winterbourne - All But The Sun
33. Lovelife - Silk Road EP
32. To Kill A King - Exit, Pursued By A Bear
31. Hayden Calnin - Oh Hunter

30. BERG - Children’s Corner
29. Olivver The Kid - Freak
28. Ciaran Lavery - Kosher
27. Thumpers - Together EP
26. Ali Ingle - A Life Unlike Yours
25. Pale - The Comeback EP
24. Y.O.U - Volvic
23. Camp Stag - Leviathan
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20. Khushi - Phantoms
19. Jack Garratt - Remnants
18. RHODES - Morning
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16. I Have A Tribe - Yellow Raincoats
15. Eaves - As Old As The Grave
14. Rae Morris - Cold
13. Halcyon Drive - Cruel Kids
12. Everyone Moves Away - II
11. Dan Hyde - This Heart Of Yours

Warrior Queen pt II | listen on 8tracks

The Throne is Mine - Ramin Djawadi, Aqua Vita - Future World Music, False King - Two Steps From Hell, Mind Heist - Hans Zimmer, The WIns of Icarus - Celldweller, The Avengers - Alan Silvestri, Trouble in Town - Lorne Balfe, Into The Maze - John Paesano, Dream Chasers - Future World Music, Autobots Reunite - Steve Jablonsky, Day of Victory - West One Music, Ascend to Power - Chris Haigh, Reaching - Audiomachine, Mhysa - Ramin Djawadi, Cataclysm - Nightsong, For the Win - Two Steps From Hell, Order Of the Assassin - Brian Tyler, Between Worlds - Roger Subirana Mara, Sol Invictus - Paul Dinletir, Warriors of the Beach - James Newton Howard, Suicide Mission - Jack Wall, A Historic Love - Trevor Morris, Test Drive - John Powell, The Last Goodbye - Billy Boyd