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CEO of Philip Morris, world’s largest tobacco company, says he may phase out cigarettes

  • André Calantzopoulos, the CEO of Philip Morris International, recently mused that vapes will one day replace cigarettes.
  • The company has launched its IQOS “smokeless cigarette” in the United Kingdom a step toward its potentially smokeless future.
  • “I believe there will come a moment in time where I would say we have sufficient adoption of these alternative products … to start envisaging, together with governments, a phase-out period for cigarettes,” Calantzopoulos said.
  • He added he hoped that moment would arrive “soon.” Read more

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John Oliver is Coming for You Next, Big Tobacco Companies

From beating up on Uruguay to bullying poor Togo (to say nothing of the garbage being thrown Australia’s way), these predatory, selfish, and disgusting actions are unconscionable any way you slice it. Which is exactly why we’re thrilled Oliver and his disgustingly hilarious new mascot, Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat, are on the charge.

The tomb of Tristan and Isolde (1862) -  one of a set of 13 stained glass panels commissioned from the firm of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and co by Walter Dunlop for Harden Grange, Yorks. This panel was designed Edward Burne-Jones, others were designed by Arthur Hughes, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Val Prinsep, William Morris and Ford Madox Brown.

Bradford Art Gallery.


Summer", detail from a tapestry called “The Seasons” or “Orchard,” woven by Morris and Company in wool, silk, and mohair on a cotton ground at Merton Abbey in 1890, designed by William Morris and John Henry Dearle. (Details from Linda Parry, William Morris Textiles.).

Text and image Wikimedia.

Morris and Company weaving at Merton Abbey c. 1890 from Morris & Company, A Brief Sketch Of The Morris Movement and of the Firm Founded by William Morris to Carry Out His Designs and the Industries Revived or Started by Him. Written To Commemorate The Firm’s Fiftieth Anniversary In June 1911. Privately printed at the Chiswick Press for Morris & Company, 1911. (Date information from Gillian Naylor, William Morris by Himself: Designs and Writings, London, Little Brown & Co. 2000 reprint of 1988 edition.)

Scanned from Fairclough, Oliver and Emmeline Leary, Textiles by William Morris and Morris & Co.

Image and text from Wikimedia.