Dragon Age Asks: Warden + Companions

(Note: Many companions in Dragon Age: Origins can be killed, never interacted with or have their attempt for recruitment rejected by the Warden, thus if your Warden never encountered some companions, make sure to specify that in the tags!)

1. How did your Warden react to Zevran’s failed attempt on their life? Were they amused? Angry?
2. Did your Warden match Zevran’s lighthearted attitude or were they more serious? What sort of relationship did they have?
3. What did your Warden know of the Crows before meeting Zevran? What did they think of the Crows afterward?
4. Did Zevran betray your Warden? How did they feel in the aftermath of Zevran’s decision?
5. How well did your Warden keep in contact with Zevran after the Blight? Did they ever see him again?

1. What sort of attachment did your Warden form with Alistair, if any at all? Were they close due to their shared experiences as Grey Wardens?
2. Did Alistair’s parentage surprise your Warden? How did your Warden’s feelings on the nobility affect their relationship with Alistair?
3. Was Alistair reunited with his sister, Goldanna? What did your Warden think of her? Did they relate to Alistair with their own familial struggles?
4. How did your Warden respond to Alistair’s dislike of Loghain? Did they share Alistair’s sentiments or disagree?
5. What became of Alistair after the Landsmeet? How did your Warden feel about their decision of Alistair’s future?

1. What did your Warden think of Wynne’s views on the Circle? Did they have different experiences regarding the Circle?
2. How did your Warden respond to Wynne’s comments if your Warden romanced someone? Did they tell her it was love or that the relationship was purely physical? 
3. How did your Warden feel about the Spirit of Faith within Wynne? Did they see it as possession?
4. Did your Warden go with Wynne to meet Aneirin, her one-time apprentice? What did they think of the encounter?
5. What did Wynne choose to do after the Blight was ended? Did your Warden  stay in touch with her?

1. What was your Warden’s position on the Chantry? Were they wary of Leliana due to their religious beliefs or lack thereof?
2. Was your Warden curious about bards? If they had the opportunity, would they choose to become one?
3. If your Warden received Leliana’s personal quest, what did they choose to do with Marjolaine and why?
4. Did your Warden believe that Leliana was telling the truth about her vision from the Maker or were they skeptical? 
5. How well did your Warden get along with Leliana? What was their relationship like?

1. Had your Warden ever met a Qunari before Sten? What did they expect?
2. What did your Warden think of Sten’s beliefs that people’s roles are determined at birth? Did they agree?
3. Did your Warden retrieve Sten’s sword? Did your Warden’s choice to give it to him or withhold it affect their relationship with Sten at all?
4. How did your Warden speak to Sten? Did they fight with him often or were they more humorous in their responses?
5. Was your Warden amused by Sten’s love of cookies?

1. What did your Warden think of Orzammer? Were they impressed or did they become disillusioned with the city, like Oghren did?
2. What were your Warden’s feelings on berserkers? Were they frightened of them? Were they a berserker themselves?
3. What was the fate of Branka? If she was killed, was your Warden regretful? How did they act around Oghren afterwards?
4. What was the relationship between your Warden and Oghren? Were they friendly or merely reluctant companions?
5. Did your Warden stay on good terms with Oghren after the Blight? If Oghren got back together with Felsi, did your Warden ever go to meet Oghren’s child, who was named after the Warden?

1. What was your Warden’s first impression of Morrigan? Did they trust her or were they cautious around her?
2. Did your Warden agree to help Morrigan kill Flemeth? Why or why not?
3. How close was your Warden to Morrigan? Did your Warden respect her abilities as a witch of the wilds?
4. Did your Warden attempt to find Morrigan after the Blight? Did they ever succeed in meeting her again?
5. Was Morrigan’s ritual completed? What persuaded your Warden to go through with it or what caused them to refuse it?

1. Did your Warden respect Loghain’s experience as a warrior, if not as a ruler?
2. How did your Warden react to Loghain’s fierce love for his daughter? Did they share a strong sense of loyalty to their own family?
3. What did your Warden think of Loghain’s suspicion and dislike of Orlesians? Did they consider it to be ill-founded or accurate? 
4. What was your Warden’s opinion on Loghain’s decision to abandon King Cailan and the Grey Wardens at Ostagar? What did they think of Loghain afterwards?
5. Did Loghain survive the Landsmeet? If he did, why did your Warden choose to let him live?

Shale (N/A if The Stone Prisoner DLC was not played)
1. Was your Warden interested in golems upon meeting Shale? Did they think of golems as weapons or sentient beings?
2. Did the realization that Shale was once a living dwarf surprise your Warden? How did that change their views on golems?
3. Did your Warden aid Branka or Caridin? Did their choice affect their relationship with Shale?
4. How did your Warden’s relationship with Shale change during the Blight? Was their relationship maintained after the Blight?
5. What did your Warden make of Shale’s “bird issues”?

1. Who’s a good boy?!

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Confession:  For my Canon Inquisitor, I have kept her very close to how I built her character in my head and only ever broke that character one. My Canon DA timeline had the Dark Ritual performed and Morrigan has Kieran, and because of that, I can not in good conscience allow my Inquisitor to make her drink from the Well of Sorrows. Just how upset she looks at the idea of her and Kieran being stuck with Flemeth for the rest of their mortal (and possibly immortal) is too much for me.

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DA:O - Cousland Warden manages to save Oren in the nick of time but not Oriana. How would the companions react (+Eamon, Teagan, and Irving if you can!) to the Warden trying to protect and raise the little boy? (romanced Alistair, please! And my headcanon is that Oren is around 4 or 5?)

Alistair: At Ostagar, when he first sees the Cousland with the small boy trailing beside them, he is extremely confused. When he learns the story, he is horrified. After the events at Ostagar, he is determined to get the boy somewhere safe, and argues quite a bit with the Warden about how dangerous it is to have him with them. The Warden’s logic is that nowhere else is safe now that Howe is trying to kill the last Couslands. They both desperately want what is best for Oren, the poor boy who doesn’t really understand what has happened. Alistair quickly bonds with him; making him laugh using his hand puppet and quick, good-natured humour. He once offers to start giving him basic training with a sword, and doesn’t understand why the boy gets so upset by this and declines. Due to being romanced by the Warden, Alistair’s brotherly protection over the boy merely grows stronger and regardless of whether he becomes king or not, he will be determined to see to Oren’s happiness for the rest of his life.

Leliana: When she sees the small boy trailing behind the Warden into the tavern, she assumes he is just a local village boy they are bringing inside for the warmth. When they are trying to leave, Leliana turns to Oren and tells him it won’t be safe to keep following them, and it would be best if he goes to the Chantry. Morrigan laughs and says “It seems our priestess believes the boy to be a village stray.” When the truth is revealed to her, Leliana is horrified, and pledges to protect the young child there and then. She does bring up the thought to the Warden that perhaps the wilds weren’t the safest place for a boy, but drops it when the Warden insists that the safest place for their nephew is at their side. Leliana adores Oren, and the feeling is mutual. Leliana finds Oren’s insatiable curiosity endearing and loves telling him stories of gallant knights, daring quests and princes in disguise! Oren eventually comes to her asking if she would teach him how to use a bow, and Leliana agrees and even finds a special, smaller bow for him. 

Morrigan: When Flemeth brings the small, helpless boy to the hut with the two Wardens, she thinks the Wardens must be foolish indeed to allow a child to travel with them. Speaking to them when they wake up, she decides that these Wardens are sentimental fools, and it will likely be the deaths of them. The boy would be better off somewhere else, and she decides she would try to convince them to drop him off at a nearby village. When she brings it up to them, Alistair surprisingly agrees with her, but on a different level and suggests that perhaps Flemeth might be able to shelter him for some time. To her own surprise, Morrigan immediately shuts this idea down before the Warden can. Nobody else deserves Flemeth as a guardian, not even a child she has no attachment to. During the late nights, when everyone else is asleep, Oren sneaks out of his tent and shuffles over to Morrigan’s camp. She is rather awkward with this. “Should you not be asleep?” She asks, with just a little bit of irritation. He shuffles and mutters something about nightmares. Morrigan sighs and tells him he should bother the Warden with this. But still, the boy persists and stays beside her and asks her many questions about magic and the legends of her mother, which she answers in somewhat exasperation. Begrudgingly, she finds herself approving of his curiosity, and though she would never admit it, she begins to become rather comfortable and fond of Oren.

Sten: When he sees the Warden with the child trailing behind them outside of Lothering, he assumes there is a Tamassran among them, as the child looks too young to be on its own. When it is revealed that the Warden is the child’s nephew, he is surprised and obviously quite disapproving. “This is no place for a child; it is too dangerous. They must be taken to a safer place.” He and the Warden get into an argument about this, but when the Warden firmly puts their foot down, Sten grumbles and goes over to the child. The boy glances up at him with ill-concealed curiosity, and Sten stares down at him impassively. Finally, he says, “If we are attacked, you will stay behind me. If you are to be with us, your safety must be seen to. I will see to this.” With that, he returns to his tent, and never brings up the matter again. When he sees the boy practising his archery with Leliana, he nods approvingly- glad that Oren is growing strong enough to try and take some of his safety into his own hands.

Wynne: When she returns to the Warden’s camp after the events of the Circle, she meets Oren and is immediately horrified when she learns of his past. She understands why the Warden is bringing him with them, and takes it upon herself to teach him whatever she knows. The boy is a noble, and would have been having lessons regularly; she ought to try and return some sense of normalcy and routine to his life. Oren responds well to this, and enjoys learning about the various plants they find in their travels.

Zevran: He was hired to kill both of the remaining Couslands. He knows about the boy, but he is surprised to find that the Warden has kept the boy with them as they travel- he had expected to have to hunt Oren down in a Chantry. The Wardens do live up  to their reputations as strategists, it seems. When he actually meets Oren in camp, he is taken aback by how innocent he is. Zevran knew of the machinations of politics, but even to an assassin, the assignment on this young boy seems…excessive. He does enjoy spending time with him, as Oren has a fresh liveliness about him, despite having lost so much. He is pleasantly surprised to learn about Oriana’s Antivan heritage, and even begins to hatch a little plan of his own to try and clear- or at least combat- the assignment out for the surviving Couslands. He sends an anonymous tip to Antiva… to Oriana’s house. He knows the family name; it is a noble one and he has crossed paths with the matriarch of it before. She is a fierce old woman who he doubts will take the betrayal and murder of her relative kindly. Plus, she will likely have more power within the circles of the Crows than Zevran does. If anyone can help Oren, it will be his Antivan family. Though of course, Zevran will be doing all he could for him in the meantime. 

Oghren: He can vaguely remember seeing Oren running around Orzammar with an excited expression, but he doesn’t really care until he meets him again after the events in the Deep Roads. Oren walks beside him, and constantly pesters him with questions about how amazing Orzammar must be, which only irritates the dwarf. But he just downs another gulp of ale and he is good to keep talking- though he’s sure to none-too-gently shut down his ideas of Orzammar being some sort of paradise. Oren seems to like him - Oghren doesn’t really know why- and spends a lot of time with him. He particularly likes to eat next to him, and when asked why, the boy says, “Mother always told me that my table manners were really bad…and Wynne says that nobody wants to look your way during mealtime…” Oghren stiffens at this for a moment, before nudging the boy’s side with a toothy grin. “Stick with me, kid, and I’ll keep their eyes off of ya.” 

Shale:  Shale had seen children in Honnleath and isn’t particularly fond of them, as they tend to want to climb all over them. They’re indifferent to children on a whole though, and they just note that children seem to be particularly more squishy than their elders. Shale coexists amicably with Oren, as the boy seems to be quite in awe of them- as he should be- and asks them many questions. Usually something like “Shale, do you think you would be able to throw that boulder over there? Maybe you could throw it at the darkspawn! Or the archdemon! You could stop the Blight. That’d be really cool!” Shale approves of that idea. What an excellent suggestion.

Loghain: It is much easier to turn a blind eye to the murder of a family when you don’t see the consequences. The first night that Loghain joins the camp, he is pestered with questions by Oren, who is enamoured with the legend of the Hero of River Dane. But a few days later, that all stops. He can’t tell who has told the boy, but someone has clearly let him know that Loghain had been allied with Howe, and turned a blind eye to the murder of the Couslands. Oren avoids him, and seems almost frightened of him. Of course he is. An ally of a monster must surely be a monster themselves, he thinks grimly. He’d thought himself beyond such pain, but he can’t deny that it does hurt him a little. Perhaps one day, he can redeem himself. In the world’s eyes…and in the eyes of the little Cousland. 


Eamon: Hearing of the Cousland massacre was horrifying, but it really was just another extreme example of the things noblemen were willing to do for power. After hearing of the terrible events in Redcliffe though, he realises how close he came to losing everything he loves too. Oren reminds him of Connor; of how easily his own son could have been left in the same position. He strives to make the boy happy out of this empathy and pity. Though a small voice in his head continues to remind him of the political benefits of having the future heir to Highever be indebted to him. 

Teagan: He is devastated when he hears about the massacre, but is relieved to hear there had at least been two survivors. When the Warden and Oren are brought to him the Chantry, he is horrified that the boy is in such constant danger. Once the events of Redcliffe are over, he immediately offers to take the boy in as a ward while the Warden is recruiting, and he is rather hard to convince to let the boy walk out of Redcliffe and into danger again. He admires the Warden for protecting the boy as much as they can, however, and he is happy to help if they ever need it. 

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So I read that you played Dragon Age... Who would Otabek and Yuri be in the series? I kinda like to imagine Yuri as Morrigan xD

omg actually give me mage! yuri and templar! otabek because i’m a slut for that

(but also if yuri was morrigan would that make viktor flemeth because i’m HOWLING) 


This was my first time playing this scene, never played DAI with a world state where Morrigan had Kieran and it was amazing to see a whole other side to her. Morrigan, the mother. Her whole demeanour changed, the way she spoke changed. Her voice was deep and full of anguish. Once upon a time Kieran was a means to an end, just the vessel for an old soul, and I don’t think she expected to love him so much. He thawed her. And what interested me was how genuinely gutted Flemeth looked when Morrigan said she’d never be the mother she was. I think, in her own way, Flemeth does love her daughter but is just too full of bitterness and rage to express it properly… Brilliant scene.

Confession: I find it interesting, in the trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition, Morrigan is seen speaking with undoubtedly Flemeth’s voice. It makes me question what the fate of the Archdemon child is in the third game. (Assuming that you chose that route in Dragon Age Origins) Also not to mention, in Dragon Age 2 when speaking to Flemeth she mentions she only put a small part of herself in the amulet you bring to the alter. This makes me question how many places Flemeth is at one time.