Dragon Age Asks: Warden + Companions

(Note: Many companions in Dragon Age: Origins can be killed, never interacted with or have their attempt for recruitment rejected by the Warden, thus if your Warden never encountered some companions, make sure to specify that in the tags!)

1. How did your Warden react to Zevran’s failed attempt on their life? Were they amused? Angry?
2. Did your Warden match Zevran’s lighthearted attitude or were they more serious? What sort of relationship did they have?
3. What did your Warden know of the Crows before meeting Zevran? What did they think of the Crows afterward?
4. Did Zevran betray your Warden? How did they feel in the aftermath of Zevran’s decision?
5. How well did your Warden keep in contact with Zevran after the Blight? Did they ever see him again?

1. What sort of attachment did your Warden form with Alistair, if any at all? Were they close due to their shared experiences as Grey Wardens?
2. Did Alistair’s parentage surprise your Warden? How did your Warden’s feelings on the nobility affect their relationship with Alistair?
3. Was Alistair reunited with his sister, Goldanna? What did your Warden think of her? Did they relate to Alistair with their own familial struggles?
4. How did your Warden respond to Alistair’s dislike of Loghain? Did they share Alistair’s sentiments or disagree?
5. What became of Alistair after the Landsmeet? How did your Warden feel about their decision of Alistair’s future?

1. What did your Warden think of Wynne’s views on the Circle? Did they have different experiences regarding the Circle?
2. How did your Warden respond to Wynne’s comments if your Warden romanced someone? Did they tell her it was love or that the relationship was purely physical? 
3. How did your Warden feel about the Spirit of Faith within Wynne? Did they see it as possession?
4. Did your Warden go with Wynne to meet Aneirin, her one-time apprentice? What did they think of the encounter?
5. What did Wynne choose to do after the Blight was ended? Did your Warden  stay in touch with her?

1. What was your Warden’s position on the Chantry? Were they wary of Leliana due to their religious beliefs or lack thereof?
2. Was your Warden curious about bards? If they had the opportunity, would they choose to become one?
3. If your Warden received Leliana’s personal quest, what did they choose to do with Marjolaine and why?
4. Did your Warden believe that Leliana was telling the truth about her vision from the Maker or were they skeptical? 
5. How well did your Warden get along with Leliana? What was their relationship like?

1. Had your Warden ever met a Qunari before Sten? What did they expect?
2. What did your Warden think of Sten’s beliefs that people’s roles are determined at birth? Did they agree?
3. Did your Warden retrieve Sten’s sword? Did your Warden’s choice to give it to him or withhold it affect their relationship with Sten at all?
4. How did your Warden speak to Sten? Did they fight with him often or were they more humorous in their responses?
5. Was your Warden amused by Sten’s love of cookies?

1. What did your Warden think of Orzammer? Were they impressed or did they become disillusioned with the city, like Oghren did?
2. What were your Warden’s feelings on berserkers? Were they frightened of them? Were they a berserker themselves?
3. What was the fate of Branka? If she was killed, was your Warden regretful? How did they act around Oghren afterwards?
4. What was the relationship between your Warden and Oghren? Were they friendly or merely reluctant companions?
5. Did your Warden stay on good terms with Oghren after the Blight? If Oghren got back together with Felsi, did your Warden ever go to meet Oghren’s child, who was named after the Warden?

1. What was your Warden’s first impression of Morrigan? Did they trust her or were they cautious around her?
2. Did your Warden agree to help Morrigan kill Flemeth? Why or why not?
3. How close was your Warden to Morrigan? Did your Warden respect her abilities as a witch of the wilds?
4. Did your Warden attempt to find Morrigan after the Blight? Did they ever succeed in meeting her again?
5. Was Morrigan’s ritual completed? What persuaded your Warden to go through with it or what caused them to refuse it?

1. Did your Warden respect Loghain’s experience as a warrior, if not as a ruler?
2. How did your Warden react to Loghain’s fierce love for his daughter? Did they share a strong sense of loyalty to their own family?
3. What did your Warden think of Loghain’s suspicion and dislike of Orlesians? Did they consider it to be ill-founded or accurate? 
4. What was your Warden’s opinion on Loghain’s decision to abandon King Cailan and the Grey Wardens at Ostagar? What did they think of Loghain afterwards?
5. Did Loghain survive the Landsmeet? If he did, why did your Warden choose to let him live?

Shale (N/A if The Stone Prisoner DLC was not played)
1. Was your Warden interested in golems upon meeting Shale? Did they think of golems as weapons or sentient beings?
2. Did the realization that Shale was once a living dwarf surprise your Warden? How did that change their views on golems?
3. Did your Warden aid Branka or Caridin? Did their choice affect their relationship with Shale?
4. How did your Warden’s relationship with Shale change during the Blight? Was their relationship maintained after the Blight?
5. What did your Warden make of Shale’s “bird issues”?

1. Who’s a good boy?!

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43 for Alistair/warden bb 👉 😎 👉

#43: ‘“She’s my best friend. That hasn’t changed.” “It’s clear your feelings for her has.”’ Hope you like! ᕦ⁞ ✿ ᵒ̌ ᴥ ᵒ̌ ✿ ⁞ᕤ 

Such relief in his throat, tearing words from his tongue, “thank the Maker.” Finally she is awake. She blinks once, twice, as though surprise to find he cares she lives. Closing the space between them, his hands hard on her arms as he examines her. In the pond behind him, frogs croak and cattails rustle amongst the reeds. Alistair thinks he might hear Flemeth chuckling, but he pays it no mind. Without hesitation, he pulls her into a deep hug. Her surprise again, stiffness that slowly eases, her hands patting at his back.

It’s a feeling that doesn’t fade. After every battle, he looks for her and when he finds her standing – the relief. Crushing through bone and blood, a kick to his gut. She pulls an arrow from the darkspawn, blackened blood dripping down wood and metal, and a loose strand of hair curls at her cheek. She doesn’t know the look he casts at her back, shoulders and spine, the shuddering breaths he takes. He tells himself it’s because they are the last Grey Wardens of Ferelden. Alistair tells himself it’s because he couldn’t do this alone.  

She crosses her arms and throws her head back, laughs at something Zevran tells her. The elf is grinning, pleased with her laughter, continues speaking. The smile remains on her face as she replies, and he watches as a hand slips loose. She always talks with her hands. Alistair turns his face away when her gaze settles on him momentarily. He fights the threatening blush, the heat at the back of his neck. He looks back once the laughter returns, continues dragging the sharpening stone down his blade. Each pass earns a deeper glare in Zevran’s direction.

The next battle is a mess. Barely able to hear her shouted instructions, unable to see further than what is just over his shield. Striking out, pulling in. A bash against a breastplate, charging forward. He stands breathless at the end of the hallway, the darkspawn dead behind him. Looking around, looking for her. Zevran and Wynne by his side but she – everything inside him tightens. Lungs squeezing, heart pounding. Running back down the hallway, finding her leaning against a wall.

Closing the space between them, his hands hard on her arms as he examines her. In the hallway behind him, blood settles and bodies slump. Alistair thinks he might hear Zevran chuckling, but he pays it no mind. Without hesitation, he pulls her into a deep hug. She returns it in full, holding him tightly, closing her eyes.

“Careful,” Wynne warns him by the fire, “you’re changing. She’s changing. It will be dangerous for you both.”

“She’s my best friend,” Alistair tells her, “that hasn’t changed.”

“It’s clear your feelings for her have.” Alistair looks over the fire, sees her speaking with Morrigan. Explaining something clearly, hands dancing in midair. The smile eases on his face as he looks at her, her gushing enthusiasm, the way her eyes light up and the way she looks against the fire. He tells himself it’s because they are the last Grey Wardens of Ferelden. Alistair tells himself it’s because he couldn’t do this alone. He knows he can’t do it without her.


Ultimate Dragon Age Meme: Five mages - Morrigan | Shapeshifter

Men are always willing to believe two things about a woman: one, that she is weak, and two, that she finds him attractive.

Morrigan is the daughter of Flemeth, the legendary Witch of the Wilds who has reputedly given birth to scores of daughters and has lived for centuries, though Morrigan is unwilling or unable to confirm Flemeth’s true origins. Whatever Flemeth’s history, Morrigan was raised by her in isolation from civilization. Flemeth instilled a distrust of humankind in Morrigan, strictly forbidding her from venturing out into settlements. As such, Morrigan sought solace among nature and the animals of the Korcari Wilds, into whose forms she would often shapeshift.

When she reached a sufficient age, Morrigan would occasionally assist Flemeth in eliminating threats to them. If templars hunted the pair, Morrigan would often play the part of the innocent girl in fear for her life, while in reality leading the men to her mother, and thus to their doom.


I want to have dragon age inquisition illustrated as for a childrens book, because I want to write a story to it to read for my nephews and nieces, and maybe for you to read for your child!
Is there any artists out there willing to help?