morrigan nyc


“He drew her under his cloak, and the moment he wished to be on the granite mountain they were both there. The diamonds glittered so on all sides that they were delighted with the sight and picked up the finest. But the old witch made a deep sleep come upon him, and he said to the young lady, ’Let us sit down and rest ourselves a little, I am so tired that I cannot stand any longer.’

So they sat down, and he laid his head in her lap and fell asleep; and whilst he was sleeping on she took the cloak from his shoulders, hung it on her own, picked up the diamonds, and wished herself home again.”

–excerpt from “The Salad” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

bodice: Jane Marple

skirt: Metamorphose

blouse, lace collar, fur headband: antiques, vintage

brown rosette: Morrigan NYC

tapestry reticule: handmade

necklace: Moss Märchen