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Rhysand deciding how to win Feyre's heart
  • Mor: Just flash her your baby violets - she'll love it. Just be yourself.
  • Rhys: Be myself? Mor, I have one week a month to win over Feyre. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
  • Cassian: Couple of weeks.
  • Azriel: Six months.
  • Amren: Jury's still out.
  • Rhys: See, Mor? Be myself - what kind of garbage advice is that?
How powerful is Morrigan?

So far, we haven’t seen much about Mor’s powers, but I cannot help thinking that she must be unbelievably powerful. Here goes some reasons to sustain my thoughts:

She survived fighting Amren, which is said to have a enormous power, even if their conflict destroyed everything around;

Her father could ‘sell’ her to any High Lord in Prytian and they fought themselves to have her power in their offspring;

She is capable of winnowing four different people at time (when Rhys’ powers were being monitored and they all went to the illyrian camp) and to long distances, even as Feyre describes how hard it was to take Rhys with her for a few meters;

Even the human realm knows her and whatever she did in the war, one of the mortal queens asks in their first meeting “THE Morrigan from war?”;

The king of Hybern, who is said to hold great power, recognizes it in Mor. He said “What a mighty queen you are, what a prize” and seems to devor her with his black gaze. This also makes me think if he sees her as someone who could be apropriated to be at his side and this thought scared me;

So, to finish, Rhys says “Mor is who I’ll call in when the armies fail and Cassian and Azriel are both dead.”