Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Kimono version. Fun Fact: Morrigan’s standard version has been a dream costume for me since 2007, which was around the time I bought this wig. So when I pulled this wig out that I’ve been holding onto for almost 8 years, I was amused that it was so thin, non-heat resistant and was from, at the time, highly loved Cosplay Wig on EBay. Made me realize how spoiled we’ve become with wig options the last few years. Lol.
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Really I cannot recommend this book enough. I read it as a kid (it’s a children’s book), again as a teenager and now for the 3rd time as a grown up. If you like fantasy, Celtic mythology, adventures and simply well-written characters and well researched books, you’ll love it. It took Pat O’Shea ten years to write it. It’s amazing. 

Friendly reminder that Morrigan was raised by an authoritarian mother who abused her both emotionally and physically, and taught Morrigan that love was meaningless.

Morrigan challenged those beliefs during Origins, learning to trust and rely on others, to care about them even though she has trouble expressing those feelings because it goes against everything Flemeth taught her.

And if she has a child of her own, Morrigan doesn’t swing to the other extreme and become a permissive parent. Instead she raises Kieran with the perfect balance of warmth and structure. Most importantly, Morrigan ensures that her son knows he’s loved.

Friendly reminder that “I am many things, but I will not be the mother you were to me.”