Bedside Manner - Moriel (fluff/angst)

The armchair was plush and inviting yet the occupant sat stiff and prim upon it, reneging the option of settling fully and comfortably into the cushioning so as to keep a more watchful eye over the scene before her.

The bedroom curtains had been dragged open again, several times by now, in protest of the enchantments keeping house. It may well be four am but they needed to see the sky. He would need to see the sky. It would need to be one of the very first things his eyes beheld, ‘after me,’ she thought whilst reaching to fuss with the doona tucked around his body. The deep navy engulfing the sleeper – she could almost convince herself that he was just sleeping – as the crisp white linen against his bare skin made evident how much colour he’d lost along with the blood.

Mor scooted the chair closer still towards the bed whilst her fingers kept fussing. She’d barely sat still more than 5 minutes since they’d landed, hands constantly tending to injuries and brushing back hair from the foreheads of the wounded. The blood had caked beneath her nails, drying so that she couldn’t scrape it out, yet she couldn’t bring herself to stop what she was doing. The icy sick feeling in her stomach flared whenever she stilled for too long, fearing that her inactivity would be their downfall, and causing her to flit around the room, keeping the environment appropriate, before returning her hands to any part of him within reach.

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dragon age charms ✨ i wanted to do the remaining 10+ LIs plus varric but alas there is no time

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“Mother, look! It’s a frog!”
“Oh, yes, dear. It is.”
“Could you change into a frog?”
“I could, If I wanted to change into one, but you already have one and I suppose that is enough.”

I gave myself a liberty to finally finish this picture I started in July and kind of didn’t feel like colouring it. Till now. Finally finished! So happy! <3 It was a great practice! I so wanted to paint something with Skyhold gardens. And lots of plants. Yeah, I started this picture when I bought some plants to my flat and got kind of obsessed.