morrie kuramoto

California, 1942: Japanese-American Mamoru “Morrie” Kuramoto is discharged from the Army, and, according to the later recollections of his daughter, “given the choice of being interned or going to the East coast.” He heads for New York, joins the Art Students League, and eventually begins work at Timely Comics. He continues with Timely until 1957, and then returns in the late 1960s, by which time it’s called Marvel Comics. He remains there until his death in 1985.

Also in California, 1942: These Japanese-American boys are photographed reading comic books in the Tule Lake Relocation Center. The one on the left is reading MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS #34, which contains the stories “Exposed! The Jap Invaders” and “Dr. Watson Makes Monkeys Out of the Japs.”