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Smiler Bunn, Gentleman-Adventurer. Bertram Atkey. New York: Lincoln Mac Veagh, The Dial Press, 1926. First edition. Original dust jacket by Beth Morris. 

“Smiler Bunn - genial, fat, kindly, shrewd, unscrupulous, implacable, successful, - joins the ranks of Sherlock Holmes, Raffles, Rouletabille, Secret-Service Smith, and the rest of that gallant company of intellectuals who live in fiction and subsist on crime. Like Holmes himself, the Smiler is immortal.”

CLO Newsies was everything you could ever wish it to be and more.

I will never fail to be amazed by what a few kids can do with a show on a low budget in just five days.

-first of all it was surreal to see live

-joey was once again incredible as jack

-stephen was precious as can be

-he looked genuinely terrified when he was fighting with the delancey’s and I just wanted to give him a hug

-beth made a beautiful katherine

-they did bring her songs down a key to work better for her voice. interesting choice but I didn’t mind too much

-the ensemble was very well put together despite being different than other productions

-the dancing in the show was less centered on solos and tricks, it was almost all ensemble group choreography, which I appreciated in its own right

-I will never get over danny as crutchie

-his letter from the refuge broke my heart

-and when they dragged him offstage, limp and helpless it tore me apart

-michael james brown all of the perfect comedic timing that race needs

-grant was such a bean as romeo 

-trent was the perfect amount of cute and awkward as dojo/darcy

-matthew, chris, alex, javier, kevin, isaac, vinnie, james, davis, ben, noah and taylor each brought something special to their character and that stage

-there were line flubs and dropped props here and there but nothing they didn’t cover up well

-the girlsies killed it

-two words, sky bennett

-that kid oml

-watching everyone onstage living their dream was the coolest thing to experience


happy closing my friends


Buffy 10 #08Return to Sunnydale, Part One

Publication date: October 22, 2014

A Halloween issue spectacular takes Buffy and crew back to Sunnydale as they follow the stolen Vampyr book, finding a massive magical party at the Hellmouth — and a demon devouring revelers!

  • Guest artist Richard Corben!

Writer: Christos Gage; illustrators: Rebekah Isaacs, Richard Corben; colorists: Dan Jackson, Beth Corben Reed; cover: Steve Morris; variant cover: Rebekah Isaacs, Dan Jackson.