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Lali Puna - Silver Light - Safe Tomorrow (Odd Nosdam Remix)


to anyone new in the icelandic music fandom this year, every christmas season we always get really excited because the cool-ass folks over at Morr Music make an insanely adorable christmas video featuring all of our lovely favourites. 

this is last years, and here’s 2011’s. 

we’re eagerly looking forwards to 2013’s!


#17 - Surf City - Free The City

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who knows my love of all things New Zealand and specifically Flying Nun Records to see this placing so high, given their self-titled EP back in 2008 is the closest we have today of a modern day The Clean (in their prime, i know theyre still going and were one of the most fun bands I saw this you massive indie pedantics). Honestly do think that this EP is the strongest four-white-bros-with-guitars-playing-unrevolutionary-indie-rock record of the decade and holds it’s own against the pop sensibilities of all of classic Flying Nun bands 30 years ago, if not wildly delving from their formula.

Take the closer, Free The City, an epic five and a half minute pop jam, the purely instrumental latter half is euphorically reminiscent of The Clean’s rare forays away from ‘the pop song’; Point That Thing Somewhere Else, for example.

While i’m totally aware that for a good few years guitar music has neither been at it’s most creative or exciting, thank god the Surf City EP serves as one completely perfect diamond in the rough.



Pascal Pinonが日本に来るんだって。やったね!


I wrote down in my diary article 2 yrs ago, I really love their voice & melody.
I heard they will come to Japan, I’m looking forward to meeting them.


FM Belfast - Stripes

Album “Don’t Want to Sleep” / Morr Music / June 2011


tune of the day: sin fang | slowlights (non album version)


I see my pretty face in his old eyes
I listen to our blood run side by side
I throw my hands to you and run away
It´s so cold so dangerous that I can’t stay