Spooky Empire | 2012

Day 2

Had to arrive early to help reset up for the long day.  As soon as we were set up, Andy began to work on Thug while Derek did Giggles.  I was told to wait for my artist would arrive later. We had some additional big time artist assisting today, due to the large response our booth was getting.

My artist finally arrived and I was beyond happy when Andy said, “Hey Laura. I am going to put you straight to work on (yeah you guessed it insert my name here) first.” She was told I was normally transformed into a demon that with horns that match my hair. I then asked her if she would zombify the demon, even break a horn off. From there she did her magic, we talked, and she was occasionally stopped for photos from fans. When finished I was amazed at the pure awesomeness that was now my dead face created by Laura. Anytime I was complimented I gave her credit, yet she gave me credit for the broken horn. (Laura if you see this, Thank You again very much. It was a pleasure working with you.)

I have to give a proper update on Giggles and Thug as well. Giggles and Thug went on yet another walk around, which I loved tagging along to due to the a punt of fun they are. Many people enjoyed pictures of all three of us, while others were not so pleased to see them. There was one terrified lady in particular we kept running into and they kept picking on. On our way out of the con we recognized the lady trying out the moving coffin as the same terrified lady. The coffin is closed and has a camera inside connected to a screen so people can see the reactions. Unknowing to her, Giggles and Thug were waiting for her to come out. It was caught on video and pictures were taken, once I find them I will post them.

Today wasn’t over when the doors of the con closed. The MORPHSTORE.COM sponsored their annual zombie party at Adobe Gillas. The Klowns were kind enough to give me a ride (thanks guys). We set up the zombie farm prop house for picture at the front. Not to long after zombies arrived ready to party. Laura attended as well as Derek who came as a zombie. Laura and I had sometime to talk and goof-off taking pictures. Everyone enjoyed themselves to their undead hearts content. A couple of zombies including myself helped ourselves to scaring unsuspecting and confused people. My top two were the two people I chased. One was a young boy I chased for a while and got a way due to some stairs. The other was the lady I chased to another restaurant, I didn’t enter but stared at her from the entrance while she hide behind waiters, cried, and debated reuniting with her friends. The costume competition was won by Giggles and Thug.

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