quick $6 eShop commission of @sane_intolerant’s character Andréa!! wow what a babe!!! sorry this took me a bit longer than i would have liked gage :c

interested in your own commission like this AND supporting my stupid eShop coveting habit?? only $6!! slots are extremely limited since I’m working so often. send me a note through my deviantart ( and i’ll see what i can do for you!

don’t forget my bro dave ( is also always open for static art AND animation commissions!!

Are you 3DS friends with me? If you’re not, then this is the kind of QUALITY you are missing.

I’ve been sending out dumb swapnote things pretty much every night the last few nights and they have been very well received due to how completely ridiculous they are.

so you should like give me your friend code and junk


After posting the opening of Breaking Down 10 the other day, I ended up talking a whole bunch about Morphkind and its characters on my Twitter and sorta came to realize I never actually posted all of these pictures with any explanation. These were the first actual pictures of the Morphkind characters made, all done by my friend thecrobot. The first was a reward for a kiriban that someone got super mad about me winning, while the rest were all commissions. Since prior to these there weren’t really any other visual aides for the characters of Morphkind, thecrobot basically ended up doing all the initial designs of the characters themselves.

Obviously some of these characters have undergone some small-to-radical changes over the years, Fèi Lín and Carmen especially, but these initial designs still hold a special place in Morphkind’s history as being what basically jumpstarted me taking this story as seriously as I do.