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I don’t think I ever really intended Carmen to be very much.

Sure, she’s a main character. But so is Chrias, Blix, Fèi Lín, etc. Carmen was just a character from a previous venture I brought on because I like chameleons.

But so far, most the artists who have drawn her (like 4 out of 6 at this point), have told me that she’s an incredibly fun character to draw. So I thought, hey! Carmen appreciation post!

Carmen was originally Carmine, a character from my previous attempt at anthro lit Phylum who was introduced mostly for the purpose of hooking up with the great white character in that story, Mako (golly Gage you sure are good with names). Unlike Carmen as we know her, Carmine was not some stealth specialist agent. She was just a person, a resident of Phylum city. Much like the Carmen we know and love, though, she had a tendency to make good use of her chameleon eyes and had a habit of snatching bugs out of the air with her tongue.

When she was initially brought over into Morphkind, Carmen didn’t have much of a backstory. But hey, neither did anyone else, really. Once I started getting truly serious with the series did her backstory and character traits come forward. The story developed and her naive, optimistic nature developed right along with it. Ever polite and punctual, she is the first to arrive at every meeting. The only thing that would seem to break her otherwise good-hearted nature is the womanizing ways of Blix, though coming from a background as the only child of a single mother has that effect.

When on a mission, Carmen generally tries to avoid lethal strikes. She seeks to incapacitate her opponents through less violent means. If she has a problem with her teammates taking such measures, she’s never voiced it.

Carmen is good friends with Fèi Lín, has worked with Royce and Vince on several occasions after they joined the MPA, and has a big sister-little sister relationship with Juni, despite the fact that Juni could potentially be three times Carmen’s age.

In her personal life, Carmen lives alone in her own apartment. She’s a big sci-fi fan and is a big fan in particular of the Star Fox film series, even the second one that, in her words, “kind of sucks” (while some view this series as an example of morphsploitation, others respect it as the first all-morph cast in film). She has a large library of sci-fi literature, both pre- and post-morph.

(Various depictions of Carmen by AudioErf, DarkIron, K-JAG, Miss-Chimera, Kirbopher, and Nekophoenix.)

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A couple of commissions I got from my friend Zack of Popular Morphkind Characters Chrias and Carmen done up in the style of his Godhunter universe, with Chrias as a member of the Artifactoid race and Carmen as a human. The amount of effort Zack puts into the worldbuilding and lore of this universe is mindblowing and I’d been meaning to get these two done up in that style for some time!