Style: Basic
Zone: Extended upper, strong middle, weak lower
Spacing: Normal to wide
Size: Medium
i-dot: To the right
t-bar: Normal, middle
Speed: Quick
PPI: Right-leaning, straight
Baseline: Slightly wavy
Angle: Upright to slight right
Connections: Evidence of angles
Other notes: overuse of exclamation points, dissenting signature, notes of atypical control

The writer does not need the validation of others to understand and accept his or herself, the extended caps and large, unreadable signature suggest that they wish the exude an air of unquestionable confidence and an impatience to explain their ideas repeatedly.

The angles suggest that he or she is driven and hard-working, though somewhat reluctant to change since he or she likes to touch the details of a project once and move on. Not the type of person who would enjoy planning a large event with “challenging” people, but definitely the type of person whose critique you would want.

Focused, realistic, unapologetic.