morphine shot

We aren’t close like that. She’s actually my mom’s uncle’s wife, I just grew up calling them my aunt and uncle too. Everyone was called to say their goodbyes asap, tonight she’s being put on a morphine drip instead of shots every few hours so she will most likely stay asleep most of the time until it’s her time to go. I’ll stop by on the way to work tomorrow to bring a card the kids made but I’m very glad I went today while she was sorta there and could talk a little. I’ll visit as I can until she passes. @whatleighdoesnow

Winchester brothers-Magic Brownies

Title: Magic Brownies

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader, Cas x reader

Word count:1088

Request:I was wondering if for Sister Sunday, you could write one where the reader is the boys’ little sister and accidentally eats brownies with weed in ‘em, and comes back to the bunker all loopy and giggly. One of them says something, in all seriousness and she has a laughing for. The boys call Cas thinking she’s under a spell, but they see her eyes and figure it out. With lots of funny fluff please! 😘 Sorry if it’s super detailed, but thanks! Love your writing!

Sam and Dean both jumped in their seats when you came stumbling through the bunker. You were silently laughing, your hands gripping the handle as you tried to keep yourself up. 

Walking in you plopped next to Sam and Dean in one of the bunker chairs. The brothers shared a glance of confusion/amusement. 

‘’Why you so happy, bug?’’Sam chuckled. He watched you with a grin, you wasn’t always happy so when you was, it really made their day. 

‘’Never mind that, why are you so late?’’Dean asked with a laugh rippling from his lips. He was trying to be serious but seeing how happy you were made him chuckle too. 

‘’Well I tried to walk back to the bunker but I noticed my feet were backwards, so then I decided to walk backwards so I was actually walking forwards, B-but then! I realised, I was walking forwards but heading backwards!’’You laughed, tears falling down your cheek. 

‘’What?’’Dean asked with a frown of confusion. He and Sam shared another look, brows furrowed. 

‘’You’re a weird kid’’Dean mumbled as he shook his head. Sam gave you one last glance before looking down at his book. 


‘’(Y/n), baby why don’t you take a nap, huh?’’Sam coo’d as he struggled with your arms that kept poking his face. He swatted away your prying hand, groaning when you grabbed a handful of his locks. 

Dean looked up from the table, he was having a hard time trying to control himself when he spotted Sam struggling with you. 

‘’Why is she acting like this? She’s been loopy all day’’Dean asked with humour laced in his tone. 

‘’She’s probably just tired, Dean’’Sam hissed as he glared at Dean. 

‘’Doesn’t seem tired to me’’Dean sung as he looked back at the article in his hand. 

‘’Ewww, you have a hairy nose’’You giggled as you prodded at his nose. Sam rolled his eyes, squinting them at you as he tried to keep you up right. 

‘’Thanks, (y/n)’’He muttered sarcastically. 

‘’It’s like a carpet, you could get lost in their, Bubby’’You whispered with wide eyes. 

‘’Bug, no one is going to get lost in my no-You know what? Why don’t we get you something to drink instead?’’He laughed uncomfortably. 

‘’YES!! FOOD!’’You screamed making Sam slip backwards from the sudden noise. Dean looked up from the article with a raised brow. 

‘’(Y/n) watch out for the w-’’Before Dean could warn you you were face first into the wall. ‘’Ouch’’Dean flinched. 

‘’When did that get here?’’You asked as you stumbled getting up. 

‘’It’s always been here, (y/n)..’’Dean said slowly, brows furrowing. 

‘’Oh how rude of me!’’You gasped at yourself. ‘’Hello Ivan’’You giggled, holding your hand out. 

‘’Ivan?…. (Y/n) it’s a wall’’Sam stated as he shared another look with Dean. You turned to look at your brothers you mouth falling into a ‘0′ shape. 

‘’Oh… I get it’’You whispered loudly before looking back at the wall. ‘’Sorry Mr.Wall. I must have gotten you confused with Ivan.. that must be the door then’’You giggled as you slapped your palm to the wall. 

‘’I think he’s shy’’You burst out laughing as you turned back to your brothers. They both scoffed, shaking their heads. 

‘’It’s tragic that she thinks she’s funny’’Dean chuckled. ‘’Hey Sammy’’He said suddenly falling serious. Sam moved his eyes from you trying to talk to the wall and looked at Dean. 

‘’I think we got a case-’’


‘’(Y/n), be quiet!’’Dean snapped as he looked up at you, freezing when you started to do some weird dance. 

‘’Who wants your milkshake, bug?’’Sam growled, his protective side coming over as he cupped your face. In reply you crossed your eyes and did a raspberry. 

‘’Sammy people have died, we need to focus’’Dean yelped as he threw down the article. 

‘’Died! Their dead, completely gone’’You screamed with laughter as you held your stomach. 

‘’What the hell, (y/n).. that’s not funny’’Dean scolded with a pissed expression. 

‘’Ohhh someone’s got their knickers in a twist’’You pouted before laughing again. 

‘’Okay that is it! What is with you!’’Dean snapped, hand slamming on the table.

‘’BONGOS!’’You screamed as you started to dance in a circle, slapping your hands on your knee’s. 


‘’Dean…’’Sam whispered with wide eyes. ‘’That witch we hunted the other day! Remember, (y/n) was unconscious under her! She must have put a spell on her!’’Sam panicked. 

Dean looked over at you before looking back at Sam with the same worried expression. 

‘’There’s no way, (Y/n) would laugh at dead people’’Dean nodded as it all started to fall into place. 


‘’Hmm.. she seems to be fine. No spell or other curse on her’’Cas hummed as he let go of your forehead. 

‘’YAYY!’’You cheered as you jumped off the counter and into Sam’s arms. He caught you with a ‘umph’, shock foregoing his body as he snapped back into place and wrapped his arms around you. 

Sam turned you around and wrapped his arm around your shoulder and the other over your waist so you couldn’t go anywhere. You squirmed and tried to get out before giving up and wrapping your hand around his arms that held your shoulder. 

‘’Then what the hell has her acting so weird?’’Dean breathed out as cas shrugged. 


‘’Not now, (y/n). Be quiet’’Dean groaned. 

‘’WAIT!’’Sam yelled as his head shot up. ‘’Morphine.. Drugs! Dean! drugs!’’Sam yelped as he twisting your around. He struggled at first but finally got you still as he looked in your eyes. 

After a lot of him having to bribe you with food so you would open your eyes he let out a breath. 

‘’She’s high’’Sam chuckled in disbelief. 

‘’Wh-HIGH! How the fuck did she get high?’’Dean growled. 

‘’Dean this is (y/n). I doubt she would purposely get high’’Cas added in your defence, also to calm Dean. 

‘’Oh man..’’Sam groaned as his head fell back. You started to roll your tongue as Sam held you against his chest still. 

‘’What?’’Dean asked frantically.

‘’Dude, those brownies. She ate one.. remember?!’’Sam sighed as he dipped down and picked you up bridal style. 

‘’Okay, 1st we look up a way to calm down a high person, 2.. we go kill those motherfuckers who put them there in the first place’’

Empty Heart [REQUEST]

This request was from ages ago so I hope the person hasn’t forgotten about it! I do love a little bit of Sehun in my life so they was a pleasure to write and I hope you all like it. There is a lot of fluff and it’s quite long.

Jade xo

“I’m sorry Mr Oh,” the doctor started, bowing low to Sehun. “From what we can gather, your fiancé fell down a long flight of concrete stairs. Her leg is broken, as are five of her ribs. Our main concern is your fiancé’s brain. She suffered a major trauma and there may be some damage to her brain. We’re waiting for the results of the scans and then we’ll know more as to the extent of the damage.”

Sehun ran a hand through his hair and let out a long breath. “Thank you for everything doctor. Is it possible to see her now?”

“Yes, but you need to take it slow with her. We don’t know the extent of her trauma, plus she is on a lot of pain medication,” the doctor explained with a smile before bowing out and leaving Sehun standing outside your hospital room.

Knocking lightly, he slowly opened the door and peeked his head inside. You were there, his fiancé, sitting upright in the bed connected to a few machines that beeped steadily,  not to mention the number of tubes coming out of your body. Sehun’s heart dropped as your tired eyes looked up at him and then quickly looked away. One of the nurses had warned him that you may have some memory problems but he didn’t believe you could actually forget him until he saw in the indifference on your face.

You were brought out of your daze by a tall doctor knocking on your door. The first thing you noticed was how handsome he was, his broad shoulders looking like they could carry the world, the features of his face all contributing in a beautiful face. If you weren’t already short of breath from your broken ribs, the man’s handsome appearance would have taken the air right out of your lungs.

“Hello,” you murmured quietly, dipping your head out of respect as he slowly entered your room.

When you spoke, his face pulled down in sadness and you noticed how tired this doctor looked. His eyes were tinted red like he had been crying and were shadowed by dark circles. Almost as a reflex, you wanted to reach out and touch his face, to take his pain away.

But that was crazy. You’d never met this man before.

“How are you feeling?” he asked attentively, sticking to the wall by the door. His bottom lip will pulled into his mouth, which for some reason made you want to reach over and pull it back.

You didn’t understand why you were feeling like this. “Like I fell down a flight of concrete stairs, “ you replied, watching a small smile crawl onto his lips. It lit up his whole face and made you want to see it more. You laughed lightly and instantly regretted it when pain shot up your chest as your ribs dug into your lungs.

“I’m not sure this is the time to be making jokes,” he said quietly, taking a few steps closer so he was just past the foot of your bed. Still too far to reach him. “Do you recognise me at all?”

It was hard not to frown as you tried to work out if he was familiar. The feelings he was making you feel were very familiar and you knew you had seen those lips before but you couldn’t remember anything. “I’m sorry, should I know who you are?”

He gasped and had to hold onto the end of the bed for support. “That’s what you said to me the first day we met,” he said slowly, looking straight into your eyes. The stare was so sad, it broke your heart. “You were a bit more arrogant back then though.”

Back then? Back when? This doctor wasn’t making any sense.

“Why don’t I remember that? Why don’t I remember you?” you asked, growing more and more frantic. The confusion was whirling around in your head and you couldn’t understand what was going on. “Who are you?” All you had were questions threatening to spill out just like the tears in your eyes.

The man pulled up a chair and sat down beside your bed. His hand reached out like he was going to take yours but he quickly pulled it back and held it in his lap. “You hit your head when you fell and the doctors think it damaged your memory. They are running more tests but they seem hopefully,” he explained, his face moving to a sad smile.

“But who are you?” you asked, feeling the tears fall from your face from frustration.

“I’m your fiancé,” he told you quietly, peeking up at your face to gauge your reaction. “My name’s Sehun, we met five years ago, we moved in together two years ago and last December I asked you to marry me.”

Tears clouded your vision and you turned your head into your pillow to hide your crying face. “No,” you repeated in disbelief, your voice muffled as you shook your head and buried it further into your pillow. “No, no, no!”

“It’s going to be ok,” your fiancé tried to reassure, a hand gently soothing your arm. At his touch, you pulled your arm back, more out of surprise than anything else. “The doctors think there’s a good chance this isn’t permanent, all we have to do is jog your memory.”

You lifted your head and wiped your eyes dry, sniffling back the tears. “How can I not remember my own fiancé?” you exclaimed, feeling dizzy with all the confusion. Where was that shot of morphine when you needed it? “You said we’ve been together for five years, why can’t I remember any of it?”

Sehun’s expression was sad as he ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t know,” he murmured, his voice filled with despair. “But I promise you, I will do my best to help you remember. Even if I have to make you fall in love with me all over again, I won’t let you go through this alone.”

It was a week before you were allowed to leave the hospital. Sehun stayed with you the entire time you were in the hospital, telling you about himself and how he met you and everything up until the moment you fell down the stairs. Unfortunately for the pair of you, nothing seemed to jog your memory.

It was strange though, to look at him and listen to him talk about all these amazing things you had done together and had no recollection. He sounded so romantic and before the accident, he probably would have warmed your heart but now, your heart was empty. There wasn’t anything there, just confusion.

When it came time for you to be discharged, you didn’t know what to do. As far as you knew, you lived with Sehun in a one bedroom apartment. It didn’t feel right going home with someone who was essentially a stranger, even if he did claim to be your fiancé. Where else would you go though? It was as much your home as it was his. Sehun offered to go and stay in a hotel but you didn’t want him to do that. Not only did you need his help but you worried if he left if you would ever get your memories back.

In the end, you decided both of you would go home and Sehun would sleep on the sofa.

When Sehun brought you home, he secretly prayed that being in such a memorable environment such as your home, would help bring your memories back. As he supported your side through the door, his eyes were fixed on your face, hoping to see the little light bulb flash up in your head when you suddenly remembered.

But when you walked in the same scared and confused expression you had been wearing since the accident, he knew his prayers were unanswered.

It didn’t stop him from trying though. He’d show you lots of photographs in the hopes that it would help. He took you all around the city showing you all the places you visited together. Nothing seemed to help regain your memory and Sehun was starting to lose hope that it would ever come back, despite what the doctors said.

His band mates had noticed Sehun’s descent into a depressive mood. They were used to their maknae fooling around and playing pranks on his hyungs but now Sehun just came to work, smiled when he was on camera and then sat quietly in the corner of their dressing room. They all wanted to help but weren’t sure how. In the end Chanyeol came up with an idea. They all pooled together their random videos that they had taken on their phones and Chanyeol edited them together in a short film for you and Sehun.

The boys came over one night with chicken and premiered their little movie. Sehun couldn’t watch the videos of what his life used to be like, instead focusing on your face while you watched it. Tears filled up your eyes and his heart lifted in the hope that you were remembering.

But when the short film finished, you looked at Sehun with a sad expression, he knew it hadn’t worked. Yet you were crying. “I’m sorry,” you murmured, quickly wiping your eyes. “I want to remember so bad because it looks like we really loved each other, but I can’t,” you said through your quiet sobs.

“It’s ok,” he told you softly, wishing he could reach out and soothe you. He wanted nothing more than to take the pain away. “It won’t always be like this.”

For the first time since the accident, you reached and wrapped your fingers around his, holding on tight. “Thank you for loving me,” you told him sincerely, the tears building up again. “I may not remember you but I can tell how much you loved me and I’m so glad I had someone like that in my life.”

“You still do!” Sehun insisted quickly, gripping your hand in both of his. While your tears were spilling down your cheeks, his own were gathering in the corners. “I will always love you, I told you so when I asked you to marry me. And even if it takes another five years of showing how much I love you, it’s worth it.”

You wiped the tears off your face and smiled through the sobs. “I don’t need my memories to tell me how lucky I am,” you said with a little laugh.

Sehun wiped the back of his hand across his cheek just as a tear fell. “How about we start again? We’ll wait for your memories to come back and in the meantime, we make some new ones.”

“I like the sound of that,” you giggled, squeezing his hand tight before asking to watch the film again.

It had been three months since the accident and you were mending well, although your memories weren’t back. Your ribs were healed but still sore and tender. However your leg was proving slow to heal; the cast was off but you still had to use a crutch and walk with a limp. Sehun liked to tease you and call you ‘peg leg’.

Things with your fiancé were going well too. He took you on dates whenever he could – to the movies, boat trips down the Han River, the restaurants you used to love. It was different though. He wasn’t trying to jog your memories like before, he was serious about making new ones. The dates felt like they were your first, like you had started dated which essentially you had.

And slowly you started to fall in love with him.

You missed him when he was at rehearsals and couldn’t wait for him to come home. He was still sleeping on the sofa but the level of intimacy was growing; you held hands a lot and cuddled each other but kissing was still a no go. The hardest part was now he was going back on tour, travelling for long periods of time, just when you had gotten used to him being around.

At the moment he was finishing up a little tour of China. He had been gone for only a week but it had been a very long week for you. Every morning he called you up to check on how you were and then he’d call you after his concert to say goodnight. He wouldn’t call tonight however because he was on a plane coming home.

All evening you had tried to distract yourself by cleaning the house. You had vacuumed, mopped, polished and scrubbed every surface in sight. The fridge had been cleaned out and organised. Even the inside of the toilet was spotless. By 11pm, you were exhausted but determined to stay up and wait for Sehun. Moving into the bedroom, you started organising your wardrobe. It was hard to do when you were relying on your crutch so much but you managed about half of it.

“Bloody hell,” you sighed to yourself, limping back to your bed. You propped your crutch up beside you but it slid off the bed to the floor. When you reached for it, you ended up falling off the bed with a bump to the head. “Ow!” you cried out, huffing and puffing as you wearily tried to right yourself.

Under the bed, a little white box caught your attention. You had only seen it once, a couple of weeks ago. Sehun was rooting through it but when you came into the room, he packed it up and you didn’t see it again. Until now. You pulled it out from under the bed and sat with it on your lap, lifting up the lid slowly. Inside were lots of letters tied together in their envelopes.

At random, you picked one out and ran your hand across the handwriting. It was addressed to Sehun and felt oddly familiar, which probably meant it was your letter to him. Unfolding the envelope, you pulled out the letter and read. As you did, the tears started to fall. It was a letter from when you were in school and he was a trainee about to debut. You could remember being in your dormitory writing the very same letter, spraying it with a little bit of perfume and then sealing the envelope with a kiss.

You could remember…

It was as if someone had turned the light on and everything suddenly made sense. In a blind panic, you read another letter and more memories can back to you. You remembered your fiancé, remembered how he asked you to marry him, how it felt for him to be completely yours. The emotion overwhelmed you and left you sobbing on the floor of your bedroom, tears practically pouring out of your eyes.

“I remember,” you murmured to yourself in shock, shaking your head in disbelief. The fact that your letters had been the thing to bring back your memory made you laugh through your crying as you hugged the box into your chest.

At that moment, you heard the lock of the door turn along with the distinct sound of suitcases hitting the floor. You remembered the sound from all the nights you had sat up waiting for Sehun over the years. Leaving the box on the bed, you grabbed your crutch and hoisted yourself to your feet, limping slowly to the front door. You were still crying and your face was probably red and puffy but you didn’t care, you just had to get to Sehun.

When you came round the corner and saw him taking his shoes off like he had a hundred times before, you couldn’t stop yourself. You tried to run to him, forgetting your injury, and as a result ended up on the floor.

In a flash Sehun was by your side, cradling your face and repeatedly saying your name. “What’s wrong honey? Tell me what’s wrong!” His hands were frantic, searching your face, wiping the tears away and moving your hair behind your ears. “Please tell me,” he murmured, his fingertips running down the side of your face. He used to do that when you couldn’t sleep; stroke your face until you fell asleep.

You tried to sniff back the tears and look up at him. “I remember,” you murmured, holding his face so you could look into his eyes. “I remember it all.”

Instantly Sehun eyes filled up with tears as he cradled your face and looked at you in confusion. “Everything?” he asked, his voice cautious and shocked like he didn’t want to believe it was true. He must have spent so much time hoping.

“I remember you,” you told him, looking him dead on in the eye. And if that wasn’t enough to convince him, you leaned forward and pressed your lips against his for a kiss.

He quickly pulled away, staring at you with a finger on his lip like he couldn’t believe you just kissed him. “Please tell me this isn’t a joke,” he pleaded, those tears in his eyes threatening to spill.

“It’s not a joke baby,” you told him, giggling through your own tears of happiness. “I remember it all!”

Sehun was quick to react, pulling you swiftly onto his lap and covering your mouth with his lips. His fingers reached up to where your hair was tied back and he pulled it out, tangling his fingers in the waves as they fell around your face.

“Everything right?” he asked, pulling back just to check.

You sighed and ran your hands down his chest. “Yes, it’s back. Now can we please get up off the floor because my leg is killing me?” Instead of helping you to your feet with your crutch like he had done the last few months, he lifted you straight up into his arms and carried you to the sofa, setting you down and then joining you with the blanket he had been sleeping with. It was only then you realised how respectful he had been while your memories had been missing.

“This is amazing,” he exclaimed when he sat down, quickly wrapping you up in the blanket and cradling you into his side. “How did it happen? When did it happen? Did it come back whilst I was in China?”

“Slow down baby,” you assured him, putting a hand on his neck and rubbing his softly like you knew he liked. “I found the box of all my letters under the bed and as I was reading them, everything just seemed to click into place. I can’t explain it properly but it was like the cloud of confusion in my head had been lifted.”

His mouth fell open in shock, his long fingers caressing your cheek with his gentle touch. “I told you it would come back,” he said with a hint of arrogance in his voice.

“I’m sorry it took so long,” you murmured, snuggling up into his side and breathing in his strong aftershave.

He laughed lightly and kissed the top of your head. “It’s my fault. I thought if you saw them, it would have done more damage than good,” he explained, dotting little kisses along your forehead.

“Then I wouldn’t have seen how amazing my future husband was,” you replied, reaching up to dot his lips with a kiss. “What’s the time?”

He showed you the watch on his arm. It was 00.04, officially past midnight. You looked up at him with a smile on your face. “Happy birthday baby,” you told him, loving that you could remember. Something had been nibbling your mind all day and you knew what it was now, your fiancé’s birthday.

“It’s already the best birthday in the world,” he whispered, leaning down for a kiss. “My wish has already come true.”

“What did you wish for?” you asked curiously.

“The Chinese staff brought out a cake last night and the whole stadium sang. It was amazing but all I could think about was you. I wanted your memories back.” He smiled down at you with his cocky grin.

“I guess your wish came true!”


avengersaremyforte  asked:

So I got this from captainjamestkirk au list and I think it fits Bones and Kirk! Except Bones being a doctor instead of nurse. "I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) trainee nurse” AU

  • Jim’s no stranger to hospitals, alright. Over the last few years he’s seen the inside of San Fran Medical many times, and his bills are through the roof. Luckily, most accidents happen at work, and they’re paid by the government, otherwise Jim might have as well just been living on the streets. And in all of those hospital visits, his gaze often wanders to the nurse who often assists him. He takes Jim’s blood quietly. He listens to Jim talk about his day. He registers all of Jim’s necessary vitals, he brings Jim a cup of coffee when he needs it, and he stitches up those nasty cuts he sometimes gets. 
  • So saving the lives of innocent citizens, Jim gets hurt a lot. But getting shot is a first. He crumples down to the ground and he doesn’t know how much time passes until he’s picked up and placed on a stretcher. 
  • By the time he wakes up, he’s in a soft hospital bed. It feels like he’s floating on a giant marshmallow. His body feels completely weightless, his head is fuzzy, but he’s not in pain. He just thinks he would really like some cheeseburgers, but that’s about as much as he really thinks. 
  • Leonard walks in and Jim’s eyes just light up instantly. He remembers the grumpy nurse’s face, and how he’s always there when Jim’s hurt, and Leonard’s just quietly talking to him, and Jim’s just barely registering his words. “Seems like you’re getting in trouble an awful lot, huh?” Leonard says, and he’s checking Jim’s IV fluids and writing down the results. Jim just looks at him and he reaches out an arm lazily, his hand brushing over Leonard’s arm and the nurse looks a little surprised. “Can we have burgers?” Jim asks, and Leonard smiles. “I don’t think you should be eating just yet,” Leonard replies. “But I like when we have burgers.” “We?” “Yes,” And Jim keeps a hand wrapped around Leonard’s arm. “I just like it when we have long days at work and you’re tired and grumpy but I make it all good with burgers and kisses.” Leonard looks lost. “I think you mean someone else.” “No, you.”
  • Jim’s so high on morphine that day, and Leonard doesn’t know what to do. When he visits him again next morning he’s not high and he’s just groaning and miserable, and Leonard doesn’t understand why he’s not getting a higher dose of morphine, because Jim got shot in his chest just yesterday. And so after getting approval, he makes sure Jim gets that extra dose of painkiller he so needs. But when he goes and check up on him, that same dopey smile is back on his face. “How are you doing, darlin’?” Leonard asks, and Jim just grins at him stupidly. “When are we going home?” Jim asks. “We are not going anywhere. You might be going in a few days if you res well,” Leonard says, stopping Jim from sitting up straight by pressing a hand on his shoulder. Jim’s hand finds his arm again. “Can you call my mom and tell her I’m fine?” and Leonard hesitates, but then he agrees and he briefly talks to his mother on the phone before handing it to Jim, and Jim’s all like: “Yeah mom I’m fine. I got shot, but I was a total hero, and anyway my boyfriend’s here anyway to look after me.” and he’s holding on to Leonard weakly and Leonard just freezes because is that what Jim’s thinking
  • And he obviously does. Every time he’s high, when he’s just waking up from his nap and Leonard checks up on him, he’s all sweet talk and goofy smiles and Leonard doesn’t have the heart to tell him off. So he just smiles and brushes Jim’s hair out of his face, and he actually does show up with a hamburger from McDonalds. Jim gasps and smiles so wide and though he only eats half of it, he cherishes every bite.
  • And Leonard calls him “sweetheart” with that perfect accent of his and Jim groans when he does. Leonard brings him crackers or some fruit from the market, and he sits with Jim for a few minutes while the boy rambles on about his day, sometimes missing his mouth completely with a cracker - depending on how high on painkillers he is, and Leonard just wipes the crumbs off him afterwards. “Kiss me,” Jim says, and he’s making pouty lips at him, and Leonard snorts. “No,” he says, and Jim looks genuinely hurt. “But why not?” “Because,” Leonard starts, and he knows it’s because they’re not even dating, but instead he says: “because it’s not good for you when you’re sick.” and Jim nods slowly. “Okay. When I’m better, then?” “Yes, when you’re better,” Leonard agrees, plucking crumbs off Jim’s chest and throwing them in the trash.
  • Slowly, Jim’s recovering, and when Leonard’s there to discharge him, he’s kind of avoiding eye contact. And Jim clears his throat. “I’m sorry for making your life difficult here,” he says, and Leonard shrugs a little. “I don’t mind,” he says, “you were insufferable, but it was kind of endearing.” Jim chuckles, running a hand through his hair, and though he’s free to go, it seems like he’s stalling a little. “What is it?” Leonard asks. “I mean, I was promised a kiss…” Jim starts, and Leonard raises his eyebrows. “No,” he says, and Jim makes that same hurt expression as he had just before, so Leonard sighs. “There’s a burger place around the corner.” “Larry’s?” Jim asks. “Yeah.” “That’s my favorite burger place.” Jim says. “Mine, too.” Leonard replies. “So, I’ll pick you up at six?” “One condition,” Leonard says, and he’s watching Jim grin widely, and oh God, what is he getting himself into? “Please don’t get shot again. In fact, stay out of my workplace in general. I’d sleep a lot better if you stopped getting hurt.” Jim laughs, and he reaches out to fix a wrinkle on Leonard’s shoulder. “Deal.”

anonymous asked:

Angela goes into labor and Fareeha turns into a big ball of concern

This is really not very well done I am so sorry for that.

Fareeha has just loaded the overnight bag into the car and turned around for her wife when she hears her calling. She sprints in, eyes widening as she finds Angela on the floor, gripping her stomach and face contorted in pain. Her heart hammers in her chest, any and all training going out the window as she gazes down at her wife and child. Angela breathes deeply, and when she sees Fareeha has returned, speaks as if she’s in a surgical ward rather lying on the floor with wet pants.

“She’s coming now. We can’t wait. Get my pants off.”

Fareeha blinks, frozen in worry. A home birth? What if something goes wrong, what if she messes up, what if–

“Darling,” Angela says, breaking Fareeha from her thoughts. She holds out a hand towards her wife. “I need you.”

That spurs Fareeha into action. She falls to the floor and works to get Angela’s shoes and pants off. Angela continues to groan and hiss at the contractions that went from eight minutes apart to constant but once she feels Fareeha’s hand on her bare knee, she relaxes slightly.

“Do you see anything?”

“Not yet. Remember to breathe.”

Angela nods and takes deep breaths in between cries of pain. She has half a mind to send Fareeha for her doctor’s bag that has a shot of morphine in it, but it wouldn’t be fair. Judging by Fareeha’s pale cheeks, she’d need it more than herself, anyway. Fareeha continues to rub her knees, reminding Angela to breathe and takes breaks as she’s learned from lamaze classes. She leaves Angela for just a moment to return with some towels and something to cut the cord, and when she comes back she can’t help but smile.

“I see the head.”

Angela can’t respond. The pillows Fareeha placed behind her help support her as she sits up and pushes, an overwhelming desire. Fareeha waits, hands gloved and ready, praising and encouraging Angela on autopilot. She can’t stop staring at the head. A crown of thick, black hair like her own, skin a dusky blend of hers and Angela’s beneath the blood. This is it. She’s finally here. Angela cries out again, and the head is in her hands. Fareeha’s mouth falls open as another push sends her entirely into her waiting hands. Angela falls back onto the pillows, panting, and Fareeha watches this small, bloody face crinkle up and let out a wail. It’s a relief to them both and Fareeha is spurred into cleaning her off and placing her in Angela’s arms.

Ever the physician, Angela inspects every inch of their daughter before locking eyes with Fareeha. “She’s perfect.”

Fareeha knows this, knew it before she saw her, but it’s still a relief. When the placenta comes a few minutes later, Angela inspects it for signs of complications or infections, and gives Fareeha the okay to cut the cord.

Now that everything is clean and finished, ambulance called, Fareeha sits next to Angela, kissing her sweaty forehead as one hand gently massages over her uterus. Angela moans a bit at that, knowing that it’s necessary as it is painful, but even the pain is dulled by the little girl in her arms. She’s feeding, eagerly, and when her eyes open for just a moment, they’re blue. Angela tells Fareeha that they may change, but Fareeha hopes it isn’t true. She’d love nothing more than for those beautiful blue eyes of her wife to be carried on into their daughter.

“You did it,” Fareeha breathes into blonde hair, kissing it between words.

“We did it.”

Fareeha scoffs. “I stood there like a statue while you did all the work.”

Angela laughs. “You didn’t pass out. That’s a plus.”

The baby coos around her mother’s breast and they’re both silenced, eyes drawn to the little, little life they helped create.

God has been torn off like a useless bandage and the wound has stayed raw. The bandage may have prevented the wound from healing, but it justified suffering, it gave it a meaning well worth a few shots of morphine. Now suffering has no justification whatsoever and morphine is far from cheap. Separation has become concrete. Anyone at all can put their finger on it, and the only answer cybernetic society has to offer us is to become spectators of the gangrene and decay, spectators of survival.
—  Raoul Vaneigem, ‘Basic Banalities’ (1963)

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Liam’s POV

Not to sound like a stalker or anything… But I may have followed the new girl out to the lacrosse field. I mean come on, she’s new and it’s Beacon Hills. I was thinking about her safety.

Which is why I’m strategically hidden in this position so she won’t see me- I mean so her potential attackers won’t see me. My being here has nothing to do with the short shorts she’s wearing. I mean come on, I didn’t even notice them, I mean she has on a banging pair of Nikes. Those Nikes were only noticed because she was kicking footballs, not because I was checking out her legs. Because I wasn’t.

She’s pretty small height wise so she’ll be a good addition. And her legs aren’t as skinny as the other girls so it’ll be harder for her to fall over. Not that I go around checking out girls’ legs or anything.

I watched her practise flawlessly for a while before she doubled over in pain, clutching her ankle. She either sprained it, broke it or just twisted it. Either way, it’s wicked painful I know this because I’ve had a broken ankle that didn’t heal instantly.

I decided that stopping her tears was more important than hiding, I left my hiding spot and walked over to her.

Your POV

So there you were, on the grass clutching your ankle as excruciating pain shot through it. I mean, you had no idea how the hell you were going to move from that spot, you kinda required your ankle to move and all.

Then all of a sudden, this freaking blonde-haired, blue-eyed freaking all- American high school movie cliche guy appears out of nowhere.

“Hey, relax,” he said taking your hands from your ankle.

“You try relaxing when the freaking hounds of hell have latched on to your leg.”

“Believe me, I’ve broken my ankle before. I know what you’re going through.”

“Gee, I suppose going to ankles anonymous will help the healing process but I really don’t need a support group. I need a couple shots of morphine.”

“I’m Liam,”

“I’m Y/N, the girl who’s in intense pain at the moment.”

“Right, I heard human contact helps pain,”

“Yea, I’m not sleeping with you. But good try,”

“No,” he chuckled before taking your arm.

“Gee, hand holding how- oh wow,” you gasped when you felt the pain subsiding.

“I’ll help you to the nurse, it’d be a shame if you missed try-outs.” he said helping you up and supporting your weight.

“Just so you know, as twisted as this is, I knew you were watching,”

I was not,”

“Please, you were practically burning a hole into my ass.”

“Gee, I’d hate to do that,” he smirked. “But I’d love to take you out sometime,”

“If I can walk by Saturday you can call it a date.”

“I guess we’re gonna go see that new horror movie on Saturday.”

“I’ve been dying to see that, it’s supposed to be even better than the original.”

“You’ve seen the original?” he asked sounding shocked.

I have the entire trilogy on blu-ray,” you smirked.

“Oh we’re definitely going out this Saturday,” Liam said knowing he’d found a keeper.

It’s truly astounding how someone so far away can have such a big impact on your life. They touch your soul in an unforgettable way, and they give you something to look forward to every single day. When everything around you is crashing down, they’re your escape because the connection you share with them is more than strong enough to pull you out of the rubble from thousands of miles away. A simple text from them feels like a shot of morphine directly into your bloodstream, and all the pain just fades away. You’ll never be able to get them off your mind, and you’ll miss them all the time, but that’s what makes it so great because you’ll only want to talk to them more. Their voice will become your new favorite song that you’ll never grow tired of hearing. All of these things are beyond amazing, but they will not impact you nearly as hard as losing them will. The light of your life will cease to exist, and you’ll be left alone in the dark. Everything around you will crumble because they kept your world from falling apart. Where they once touched your soul will become an empty hole that, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to fill again. You won’t be able to look at pictures of them without bawling your eyes out. Their voice will haunt your dreams. They completed you, and once they’re gone, you will wander this earth aimlessly in search of anything to give you that feeling of being whole again, but such a thing simply doesn’t exist. You’ll go through old pictures and screenshots, and you’ll long for them to tell you the things they used to, but they never will. Losing a long distance lover will seriously fuck you up.
—  I miss you everyday
Who’s There (An Emerald City Fanfic)

A spec fic of what would happen if Lucas was forced to send Dorothy back to Kansas after she’s badly hurt but first manages to record her a message to explain and remind her that everything was real.

Here you go, @fairytalesandtimetravel​! Your plot bunny actualized! It’s not exactly the same at the end but I hope it pleases you anyways. This was really fun to write. Also, can someone tag @spartanguard because my tumblr won’t let me and they wanted to be tagged!

Winds whipped around the city square, picking up debris and slamming it against the stone facades of the surrounding buildings. Somewhere in the distance a woman screamed, a remnant of the fear the Beast Forever had created within Emerald City still holding strong, but the streets were too dark to see anyone who may have made the noise. Not that Lucas cared.

Not when Dorothy laid nearly lifeless in his lap. Fading in and out of consciousness and altering the weather with her responses. A gash cut deep into her gut, the Beast Forever’s final stand before Dorothy blasted it into nothingness in a last show of power.

“She can’t stay here,” Mistress West shouted into his ear from where she stood beside him, studying the swirling clouds above them. West had stood with Dorothy against the Beast Forever, reclaiming the magic she’d dulled with opium for decades, after the Wizard proved completely useless and Glinda shadier than an oak tree. The battle had been relatively short once Dorothy and West began but it had been violent. Too violent for Lucas to do much but survive.

Lucas didn’t need to ask what West meant. Not when she was so carefully watching the tornado Dorothy had called on as a side effect of her untrained power. No. He couldn’t lose Dorothy. Not when she was the only one who’d found him. The one who’d saved him and stayed with him. And now he was powerless to save her, to contain the slowly draining life and return it to her. See those eyes roll and those lips smirk one more time.

Useless. He was damn useless.

Even though he’d told Dorothy he wasn’t normally so useless, one of the first things he’d ever said to her.

He was a liar too then.

“Can’t you do something?” Lucas asked, feeling that desperation quell up in him as he held Dorothy tighter against his chest.

West shook her head, turning from the clouds to examine the widening pool of blood under Dorothy that would surely stain the cobblestones for weeks. “Nothing I could guarantee. I’m not that kind of Witch. Not after years of not using magic. And the Wizard took all of Glinda’s girls- no way we could get to the dungeon in time and still save Dorothy.” West almost sounded sorry, features twisting a bit as her hooded eyes once again looked to the swirling clouds and debris filled winds. “But since she already called the tornado- I can bring it down so it can catch her, send her back. It should take her to Kansas since it brought her here. Spells have a sort of memory with that. Her people can save her.”

Memory. And Lucas was not a part of that memory. Lucas was from Oz, had never seen Kansas, even if he carried one of it’s towns name. Lucas might throw it off. Reduce the chance of the plan’s success. Of Dorothy’s survival.

There was no question then. Lucas heaved himself to his feet, holding Dorothy’s limp body against his chest. Wetness seeped through his own clothing as he did so but he tried not to concentrate on how much he was covered in Dorothy’s life.

“Set her down over there,” West instructed, pointing at a space that was away from them.

Every step felt like his own gut was being opened. He hated himself for how much he didn’t want to lay Dorothy into the tornado and send her back. How much he wanted to keep her with him, even as her ruby red blood dripped from his fingers. How much he didn’t say to her. How much he should have. Consequences be damned.

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After Business Hours

It’s late but here is my addition for the July GIEPP. I struggled a little but I hope you guys like it!


“Son of a bitch! Sam drive faster.” Dean winced, clutching his leg that was bleeding at a rate he didn’t want to admit made him nervous.

“I don’t think we’re going to make it to the bunker in time to fix you up Dean.” Sam stole a glance towards the passenger seat. “Is there somewhere closer on the way?”

“That pharmacy a couple hours out. There’s a clinic inside. Remember? That hot doctor has a crush on you.”

“First of all, no she doesn’t.” Dean just smirked and tightened the belt wrapped around his leg. “Second, it’s 2 a.m., Dean. I doubt some mom and pop pharmacy is going to be open right now.”

“We’ll break in.” Dean shrugged. “I’ve looked around when we were there. The only part of the store that has any real security is the back where the medications are. Standard alarm system otherwise.”

Sam just nodded and pressed harder on the accelerator. He could bypass that easily enough, but they needed to get there fast before Dean lost any more blood.


You trudged up the stairs after a long day of patients and paperwork. You’d only stopped because the coffee ran out and your eyes were starting to cross. All you wanted was sleep. So when a sudden crash from the back of the building stopped you in your tracks, you were more irritated than scared. Despite being dead tired, you turned and headed back down the stairs to see what had caused the commotion keeping you from your bed.

As you entered the pharmacy through a side door, you once again stopped in your tracks when you heard voices. You had been expecting to see the display the new kid had put together that day scattered across the floor, not someone breaking in. You crept as quietly as you could to the register and reached into the drawer underneath. You were the only one who knew about the gun kept there and you thanked your lucky stars you had taken a class to learn how to use it.

“Dean, just sit down for a minute and let me look around.”

You dropped below the edge of the counter looking at the gun in your hand. You’d never shot anybody before, and possibly having to do so now made your stomach churn, but this place was everything to you. You weren’t about to let a couple of assholes break in to do God knows what to your life’s work. Taking a deep breath, you forced yourself to stand pointing the gun with much more confidence than you felt. You cocked it, a sound the man seemed to know all too well because he didn’t move an inch.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You demanded. The man was tall. Very tall.  When he spun around with his hands raised, his eyes met yours and you faltered slightly.

You knew him. Well, you didn’t know him but he had been to the clinic before. You had stitched him and his brother up a couple of months ago. Dog attack is what they had told the receptionist, but you could tell the slashes had come from a blade of some kind.  Still, you had taken care of them and sent them on their way. You hadn’t forgotten them because on the way out the tall one smiled and said thank you, flashing you dimples that made your knees knock together. His brother had been equally charming sending you a wink and a thanks sweetheart before they disappeared around the corner. You hadn’t counted on seeing them again, much less in a situation like this.

“Hey, hey, it’s OK. I’m not here to hurt you.” He leaned forward a little, his hands now in front of him. “I’m Sam. Do you remember me?”

“I remember you came during business hours last time.” You held the gun steady when he took a step closer. “Why are you breaking in here? I keep the medicine locked up and there’s no money in the register if that’s what you’re after.”

Sam was shaking his head before you even finished talking. “No I swear! We’re not here to rob you. It’s my brother. He’s hurt pretty bad.”

“Ever hear of a hospital?”

“Yeah…they ask a lot of questions there and -”

“Fuck Sammy, quit flirting and let’s get this show on the road!”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Not helping Dean!” He called over his shoulder. With his focus back on you, he took one more step closer. “Look, we’re only here so I can stitch my brother up. We weren’t expecting anyone to be here.”

“I live upstairs.” Wow probably shouldn’t have told him that. “I own this place.”

“Wow I didn’t realize - ”

“SAM!” Dean was obviously getting impatient.

“Uh, right.” Sam motioned to the gun you still had pointed at his chest. “You want to maybe put that down? I just need to fix him up then we’ll be gone.”

You dropped the gun to your side but didn’t put it down. You motioned for Sam to walk in front of you. “Let me take a look at him.”


If you had feared the two men before, you definitely didn’t now. Dean had spent most of the time simultaneously flirting with you and making fun of Sam for flirting with you. Sam had in turn smiled apologetically and told Dean to shut the hell up. They told you stories that you figured were only half true but, given the injuries you’d seen, maybe not.

“She’s way better than you at this Sam.” Dean grinned as you finished up the last stitch in his calf.

“Hey be nice.” You pinched his good leg. “He might remember that next time he has to do this.”

“Yeah.” Sam agreed, happy to have someone on his side. “Or I’ll just bring you back here and tell her not to go easy on you.”

“OK Dean, I can give you a shot of morphine and you can sleep it off. There’s a couch in my office that’s comfortable if you like.”

“No we really should be getting home,” Sam insisted, “it’s just a few hours away.”

“Sam it’s fine. Your brother really shouldn’t walk on that leg for awhile and you look exhausted” You looked back at Dean, who was now asleep on the narrow exam table. “Looks like you’re staying for awhile.”

You and Sam wound up with a bottle of cheap red wine from the rack in the back of the pharmacy. You passed it back and forth sitting on the couch in your office until the wine was gone and sleep overcame you. When you woke up the next day they were gone but Sam had left a note that said he would be back to thank you properly.

The whiskey he brought was way better than the crap wine you had shared the night before and since Dean had stayed at the bunker, you also made great use of the exam table…and the front counter…and the stairs leading up to your apartment….