10 Fictional Characters I Would Kiss

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I actually already did this a while back, so I’m going to copy my answers… but add a bit of explanation, since that seems to be the norm this time around.

In no particular order, except as I thought of them:

1. Loki (MCU) – Duh. Have you seen my blog? Or read my fanfic?

2. Dream a.k.a. Morpheus (Neil Gaiman’s Sandman)
Read this in high school, fell completely in love with Neil Gaiman and with the tragically flawed hero. Loves me some tragic heroes, especially tall, skinny ones with pale skin and dark hair…

3. Death (Sandman)
She’s so sassy and wonderful, a lovely down-to-earth counterweight to her broody, temperamental, rule-bound little brother. And their last scene… oh God. I cry every time.

4. Lucifer (Sandman and Lucifer comics) (totally with you, @fuckyeahrichardiii​)
I also loves me some fallen angels – a particular form of tragic/Byronic hero. This guy actually inspired me to read Paradise Lost in high school. I also shipped him pretty hard with Morpheus; the scene at the end of Season of Mists where (spoiler alert!) Morpheus helps him cut off his wings – hnnnggh… True, he doesn’t have a dick, but Morpheus does, and, well, one can always get creative.

5. Simon Tam (Firefly)
So cute, so lost, so clueless… except when he knows what he’s doing and becomes a complete and total badass (I was slobbering through most of “Ariel”). He and Kaylee are pretty adorable, too; in an odd way, she’s more the doctor, because she sees machines as living things, and he’s more the mechanic, because he can look at bodies like very complicated machines. Actually, I would probably kiss both of them. Or watch them kiss.

6. Angel (Buffy, Angel)
So yeah, you know my thing about tall, pale, dark-haired, tortured tragic heroes? I am so fucking predictable. He gets less hot when he does the bad fake Irish accent, though.

7. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire)
Besides being dark-haired, pale, tortured, and tragic (temporarily), Jon Snow is really just a good dude. He took little sister Arya seriously enough as a fighter to give her a sword; he protected and befriended Sam even when he knew it would make Ser Alliser hate him even more; he recognized the humanity in the Free Folk and wanted to protect them even though it made him seriously unpopular with his brothers. But the thing that indicates most clearly that Jon is a good dude is that he just wanted to go down on Ygritte, even though he didn’t know it was something he was supposed to do. Major points.

8. Ygritte (GOT/ASOIAF)
Such a fucking badass, good God. And she and Jon are very hot and cute and funny, and ultimately tragic, together. In the last couple episodes of Season 3 – which included the Red Wedding – one of the things that made me cry the most was her expression when Jon betrayed the wildlings, and when she shot him, but couldn’t bring herself to kill him. Ugh, why does tragedy turn me on?

9. Margaery Tyrell (GOT/ASOIAF)
She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. She takes no shit from anyone (that last episode notwithstanding… and she knew what was up). And it is implied in both the books and the show that she is experienced and very good in bed. (Actually, for a while in Season 3, I was shipping her with Sansa. Lord, could she have taught Sansa a few things…)

10. Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre, esp. as portrayed by Michael Fassbender in the 2011 film)
OK, let’s start by saying that Mr. Rochester is not supposed to be as hot as Michael Fassbender. That said, I was not mad that he was that hot. Again, tall, dark, tortured, tragic, a little gruff, not always the nicest… I definitely have a type.

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For anyone who has ever wondered what Morpheus’s eyes would look like, were standing in front of you and looking directly at you, it would be a lot like this owl…

His starry eyes are probably due to a vitreous abnormality which is commonly described as vitreous veils or strands. Eyes are filled with a clear gel called vitreous humor, but sometimes cells or strands of the gel can clump together so that they are less transparent than the rest of the gel. Zeus also doesn’t appear to have an iris or lens, so his lack of eyesight means that he can’t be released into the wild. His current home is with Wildlife Learning Center founder Paul Hahn. 

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Morpheus; son of Hypnos, leader of the Oneiroi

King Sleep was father of a thousand sons – indeed a tribe – and of them all, the one he chose was Morpheus, who had such skill in miming any human form at will. No other Dream can match his artistry in counterfeiting men: their voice, their gait, their face – their moods; and, too, he imitates their dress precisely and the words they use most frequently. 
But he mimes only men… 


Matrix Decoded: Power of I AM - Anon I mus


The Matrix

DOP - Bill Pope
Format - Panavision Panaflex, Panastar and Photosonics 200T, 500T, 800T
Lenses - Panavision Primos
Aspect Ratio - 2.35 : 1 
Delivery - 35mm 

Notable Strengths - Symmetry, Iconic Colour Grade, Groundbreaking Special Effects, Action Sequences, World Building, Separate Visual Language in the Matrix and in the Real World,  


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