For anyone who has ever wondered what Morpheus’s eyes would look like, were standing in front of you and looking directly at you, it would be a lot like this owl…

His starry eyes are probably due to a vitreous abnormality which is commonly described as vitreous veils or strands. Eyes are filled with a clear gel called vitreous humor, but sometimes cells or strands of the gel can clump together so that they are less transparent than the rest of the gel. Zeus also doesn’t appear to have an iris or lens, so his lack of eyesight means that he can’t be released into the wild. His current home is with Wildlife Learning Center founder Paul Hahn. 

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Dream a little Dream of illustrations by

01. Gabriele Dell'Otto.

02. Bill Sienkiewicz.

03. Frank Quitely.

04. Jae Lee.

05. Kelley Jones.

06. Chris Bachalo.

07. Jon J. Muth.

08. John T. Totleben.

09. David Aja.

10. Jim Lee.


Morpheus; son of Hypnos, leader of the Oneiroi

King Sleep was father of a thousand sons – indeed a tribe – and of them all, the one he chose was Morpheus, who had such skill in miming any human form at will. No other Dream can match his artistry in counterfeiting men: their voice, their gait, their face – their moods; and, too, he imitates their dress precisely and the words they use most frequently. 
But he mimes only men… 

Modern Mythology: Morpheus

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

A modern Morpheus who breaths shadows into the hearts of men, and by the time they notice the smoke in their lungs, they are too far gone into the dream. There’s a darkness in his bones, it hangs limp on fingertips, where blood stains his fingernails and the men of this world can’t tell if it is his or their own. He only walks on this earth where shadows are seen, behind a veil of smoke, where the lines of his jaw are blurred and it can’t be known if he is real or the flicker of a lost dream, and he fades from the light like water slipping through desperate fingers. And he wishes he was more than vapor in their eyes when the days are long and he can not tell how many years it has been. The most he is known is in dreams, where his face shifts and the only aspect that resembles the god is his eyes, he appears as another human, but the darkness of his eyes are not so easily lost, but it is forgotten as he intoxicates the minds of men, blurring the lines of reality as he appears as those who were lost to this world, and whispers ideas during the dreams, and during the day, one can’t tell if what spills out of their mouths first originated on the tongue of the god, or their own hearts. He is a ghost, no longer waiting for someone to kiss his battered wings. Is it in the man or the god where reality is foreign?


The Matrix (1999) [Requested by: anonymous]

Director(s): The Wachowskis

Director of Photography: Bill Pope

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

morpheus, morpheus, morpheus.

they whisper, plead, beseech.
take me away, free me, let me join you.

he sprawls on a couch with hooded eyes,
purple blue bruises accentuating the intensity of them.
they are bright, but full of longing, pain, suffering.

he hears his worshippers call out,

1am; please i beg of you
2am; what have i done to displease you, tell me
3am; why will you not release me?
4am; does this give you pleasure, my pain?
5am; i hate you.

he can do nothing but hear their requests, he lays on his moth-eaten couch; hands gripping his head, the pain, oh the pain.

—  insomnia, for maturecas || n.s.