For anyone who has ever wondered what Morpheus’s eyes would look like, were standing in front of you and looking directly at you, it would be a lot like this owl…

His starry eyes are probably due to a vitreous abnormality which is commonly described as vitreous veils or strands. Eyes are filled with a clear gel called vitreous humor, but sometimes cells or strands of the gel can clump together so that they are less transparent than the rest of the gel. Zeus also doesn’t appear to have an iris or lens, so his lack of eyesight means that he can’t be released into the wild. His current home is with Wildlife Learning Center founder Paul Hahn. 

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Matrix Decoded: Power of I AM - Anon I mus


The Matrix

DOP - Bill Pope
Format - Panavision Panaflex, Panastar and Photosonics 200T, 500T, 800T
Lenses - Panavision Primos
Aspect Ratio - 2.35 : 1 
Delivery - 35mm 

Notable Strengths - Symmetry, Iconic Colour Grade, Groundbreaking Special Effects, Action Sequences, World Building, Separate Visual Language in the Matrix and in the Real World,  


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Hypnos: the personification and god of sleep, son of Erebus, the primordial god of darkness, and Nyx, the goddess of the night, and twin brother of Thanatos, the personification and god of death; he was married to Pasithea, personification and goddess of relaxation and meditation; they had three children, the Oneiroi: Morpheus, god of dreams, Phobetor, god of nightmares, and Phantasos, god of surreal dreams; he and his brother resided in the Underworld, in a cave by the river Lethe; he was a calm and gentle god, and owned half of all mortal life