Who Is Morpheus On 'Once Upon A Time'? Giles Matthey Is Gearing Up For A "Dreamy" Role
Most of the time, when I hear a guy say he can make my dreams come true, I usually write it off as a very bad pickup line, but in the case of Giles Matthey, he may actually be telling the truth. The actor, who will play Morpheus on Once Upon a Time's sixth season, is going to prove to be quite the dreamy character — in a very literal sense of the word.

September 25, 2016

anonymous asked:

If the Morpheus/Rumboy theory is true, is it possible the God of Dreams is taking on the image of their son in the future?

That’s what I think, yes: Morpheus is the future image of the unborn Rumbaby. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Morpheus IS him (I don’t think it’s time travel), but that he has taken the child’s adult form as Rumple’s guide through Belle’s dream world and a visual representation of the future.


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a fundamental concept in the Stoic philosophy of Epictetus. It represents the choice involved in giving or withholding assent to impressions.

According to Epictetus, nothing is properly considered either good, or bad, aside from those things that are within our own power to control, and the only thing fully in our power to control is our own volition (prohairesis) which exercises the faculty of choice that we use to judge our impressions.

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Etymology: from Ancient Greek: προαίρεσις; variously translated as “moral character”, “will”, “volition”, “choice”, “intention”, or “moral choice”.

[The Matrix]

mythology aesthetics: morpheus

morpheus is the god of sleep and dreams. he has the ability to send dreams to others. because of this, the drug morphine is named after him–beautiful, reckless, and dreamy. he is known for his hopefulness and the glint in his eyes, rash but praying that the person next to him won’t leave, that he or she will sit and talk and dream with him.

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