Meera “Val” Valora | 19 | Weather Manipulation, Telekinesis | Loyalty: Neutral | Emily DiDonato | Taken

Lovely, isn’t she? Call her Val. Anyone looking at Val would have to blind to not see how gorgeous she is. People often expect her to act stuck up and spoiled, using her looks to get whatever she wants. They couldn’t be more wrong. She’s fiery and fun. Val accepts and befriends anybody she can. She’s always looking for her next adventure, always on the move. She’s a wild child that enjoys living on the edge. Sometimes she can be a bit of a flirt, but she never takes it too far. She’s actually quite the romantic and wants to find true love. Val has yet to choose a side in the war. While she hates that the humans have brought trouble to her planet, she doesn’t see any reason to kick them out. They’re on Morpheus Two, and the Morpheans might as well help them. It’s best to just go with the flow.

James Harker | 33 | Weather Manipulation, Telepathy | Loyalty: Neutral | Benedict Cumberbatch | Taken

Ever the intellectual, James sees no reason to choose between the High Council and the Alliance. He prefers staying loyal only to himself. He sees merit in both opinions. He supports peace on his planet, but he doesn’t necessarily think the Council is working fast enough to make that happen. Whenever he meets a human, he asks as many questions as possible. James has an obsession with learning and knowing as much as he possibly can about everything he possibly can. He’s a firm believer that knowledge is indeed power, and he does his best to gain as much power as he can. He’s always thinking of new ways to settle the coming war. Some of them can be absolutely ridiculous, but what more can be expected from an inventor with a genius-level IQ? 

Virgil Scarlett | 29 | Super Strength, Empathy | Loyalty: High Council | Henry Cavill | Taken

If you’re looking for the strong, silent type then look no further. Virgil is your guy. As the older of the two Scarlett siblings, Virgil has always been the wiser. Unlike his sister, Seraphina, he always tried to stay out of the public eye while he was growing up. He’s always been one to keep to himself. He blames himself for Seraphina joining the Alliance. He thinks that he should have done a better job protecting her when they were younger. Although he was named one of the city’s most eligible bachelors, it’s almost unheard of to see Virgil out with a woman. Being able to feel the emotions of others is hard on him, and he doesn’t want to drag anyone down with him. He just wants to bring his sister back to his side and live a peaceful life. 

Luke Clearwater | 23 | Mind Control | Loyalty: Alliance | Sean O'Pry | Open

Luke is the perfect definition of a playboy. He sees girls as nothing more than playthings. He amuses himself by getting girls to fall for him then breaking their hearts. Exploiting emotions is fun to him. He sees love as a weakness and feels it has no place in life at all. He’s charming and isn’t afraid to use his ability to get what he wants, and he always gets what he wants one way or another. Luke is the kind of person that believes there are no rules for him. He does what he wants when he wants and pays no attention to consequences. He knows that he can wiggle his way out of them later. His regard for others and their emotions is practically nonexistent. There’s really no redeeming quality about Luke. Still, there’s something oddly alluring about him that keeps people coming back to him.

Artemis Elwes | 29 | Venomous Bite, Poisonous Blood | Loyalty: Alliance | Kate Beckinsale | Taken

It isn’t the nicest thing to call someone a whore, but that’s just what Artemis is. It’s plain to see that she’s beautiful, and she uses that. She’s Cole’s favorite assassin for when he doesn’t feel like killing someone himself. She uses her looks, her body, to get close enough to kill, and she loves it. The thrill of the hunt is everything to Artemis. She loves going after and getting what she wants. She may be more than a little cocky, but how could she not be? She has men falling at her feet and can milk them for anything. It’s hard for anyone to define Artemis’ personality. She puts on a different face for everyone she talks to. She’s a true chameleon, and she adapts to every situation. Underneath it all, Artemis is just as venomous as her bite. She’s determined to climb as high as she possibly can within the Alliance, and she’ll get rid of anyone that stands in her way.