5 things to not do when someone tells you they have an autoimmune disease.

1. Pretend like you know what’s best, unless you have a medical degree.

2. Tell them that you hope they don’t die (I’m not kidding, this happened).

3. Parent them. I’m 23, I know my own body, don’t treat me like a kid. I’ve got this.

4. It’s cool to ask me if I’m okay, nice even, but when I say “I’m fine” don’t say “Are you sure? I know you”. If you knew me, you’d know even if I wasn’t fine not to ask me again. If I need to talk, I will. 

5. Try and compare your experience with a chronic cough/flu/urine infection. It’s not the same thing. 

Sometimes I look at my stomach and think "Its not going to look any better, why bother"

I have morphea which is a skin condition doctors don’t know much about. There are a variety of severities in which to get it and luckily mine hasn’t progressed into anything bad so far but its not exactly attractive…

Morphea is a darkening and dimpling of the skin. I have it on the front of my legs from my knee down, those aren’t dimpled because they’re over bone. A patch on my back and a bunch of unsightly ones on my stomach. Even if I lose the weight I don’t know if my skin will still be dimpled and make me look deformed or fat still.

But now, when I think those things, I say to myself, “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway”

My entry for the Ava’s Demon contest! (Everyone go read it and fall in love with the colors) I pumped this one out in less than a day, I’m surprised!

This demon’s name is Nisha Morphea. “Nisha” means night in Hindi while “Morphea” is derived from “Morpheus” the Greek god of dreams and sleep. I wanted to design a demon that has a dreamy and supposedly air headed temperament, but her words are actually sharp and on point. Maybe her race sleeps a ton so they can store years upon years of energy to utilize in danger. WHO KNOWS?

Elements of her design that I tried to incorporate: Cool blues and warm purples and pinks to create a hazy look. The nightgown like dress is inspired by moon flowers (they only grow at night!) The white “stars” are like freckles across her skin. They even glow at night! She has sheep ears, horns, puffy hair, and sheep bells on her dress because haha, counting sheep when you sleep amirite (I’m so sorry).

Good luck to everyone entering the contest! I’ve been checking the tag every few hours because I love seeing other people’s designs.

Late Nights and City Lights || Alice & Morphea

Bells tolled in the Capitol, a typical announcement that a couple was soon to be wed. The Capitol loved weddings and parties and all festive events, Alice Ledoux learned that soon upon her move to the infamous city. The people here were wildly extravagant and hardly had any knowledge of what it meant to waste things. It was just the way things were, and Alice doubted that they were ever going to change. Sighing, she made her way to the giant stage that was housed inside the building for the wedding after party The dress she wore was a simple, sleek, golden dress that was the same color as her hair. In no way did it compare to the insane costumes the bride and groom and even the wedding-goers were wearing, but it suited her, and that’s all she cared about. 

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