“Khalid is not my friend. He is not my enemy, either. He is my king. I remember the boy he was quite fondly… kind, with a bright and inquisitive mind. A wandering soul. The Broken creature he is now  —I’m tired of it. Will you help me fix it, Shahrzad?”
Shahrzad stared back in morose silence, wondering where such blind faith came from.

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(Torment meme) What is the biggest regret you have?

“I, um… definitely having to do with, um… n-not being able to save my mom. I didn’t know, I mean, didn’t really have anything to know about healing at the time, wh-whether my hands or with my aether. I keep t-telling myself I could’ve saved her, th-that she’d still be alive…”

Nes looks up forlornly, lifting one sleeve to wipe at his nose. “I dunno. I tell myself I’d be able to help her if I kn-knew how to heal better. But… I don’t know if I’d ev-ev-ever be able to know that well. I d-don’t know if I could’ve stopped it…”


will be famous…

Wheel of Puns no. 5: Aes Sedai

What would Gitara Moroso’s name be in a rock band? Guitara.

What do you call Gitara at a funeral? Gitara Morose-oh.

Gitara is like a prophet, only More-so.

“Elayne Trakand? More like E-LAME Trakand, amirite?” –Lady Ellorien

You don’t need men, joining the Red Ajah gets you eLAIDa!

Siuan always wants it to storm in Tar Valon because she wants Moiraine (more rain).

It’s a good thing Egwene’s confrontation with Elaida didn’t happen over breakfast, or she’d have been EGGwene’d.

You can tell the Aes Sedai don’t like the division because most of the salidar faction looks pretty blue.

That’s about as far as I want to risk the Tower’s wrath. Next taim, we’ll see if there’s anything to loGain by mocking the Asha'man!

Hide and Seek - A Henry and Ellie story


Ellie walked right into Henry’s study without bothering to knock or being introduced. She slammed the door shut behind her and leaned against it. “Henry!”

He looked up from his papers in surprise at her sudden appearance. “Madame?”


He grinned at her perfectly accented French. It would always be better than his. “Can I help you with something, darling?”

“This is the tenth straight day it has rained without ceasing and I am waterlogged to my very soul.”

He would have laughed if she hadn’t appeared so morose. “I am afraid that I lack the ability to rearrange the clouds to suit your whim, dearest.”

“I am bored.

Henry smiled indulgently as she collapsed onto the chaise lounge she had requisitioned for the study so she would have someplace comfortable to read while he worked. After a wet winter and a wetter spring, Ellie was antsy for the Season and a return to London for a much needed dose of frivolity and enlightenment. Not even commissioning an entirely new wardrobe and planning a new garden had fully kept her occupied this winter. He was not insulted though. At the end of the season she would be just as antsy to return to the peace and serenity of Castle Howard.

“I can bring you a chair and you can go over the ledgers with me.”

“Ledgers require sunshine. They cannot be survived with a waterlogged soul.”

Even when dispirited, she was still the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Perhaps he could bring a bit of joviality to her day. “Not even if I let you muss my cravat while doing so?”

“Don’t make fun.”

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Hi! First of all I just want to tell you that I love your blog! >w< <3 Your stories are so beautiful! *-* Ok, so I was reading the scenario where their s/o dies and then stays for 10 years to remind them that nothing was their fault. Could I have an scenario about the fight they had how they find out that their s/o died afterwards? And could you add Kagami on this one? Thank you!

Hi, thanks anon-chan! <3 I hope I interpreted your ask correctly! If not, you can always send another one! <3 Do enjoy this!


Aomine was late again. You stared morosely at the dinner you had set up elaborately and tried not to let the tears escape. Aho-mine! Standing up with a growl, you took all the dishes and dumped the food into the dustbin almost vengefully. A mixture of hurt and anger was swirling in you and it was almost too painful to even cry. You thought he would remember that it was your anniversary. You even texted for him to come home earlier but he forgot, didn’t he? Just as you were washing the dishes, the door opened and Aomine silently crept in. You turned around, rage seething on your face. When he came into the kitchen, he did a double take at your expression and held up his hands in a ‘I surrender so you need to calm down’ motion.
“Where were you?” You asked icily.
He winced before answering.
“Kagami and Tetsu invited me to ball with them.”
Upon hearing that, a laugh escaped you. Basketball? That was what was much more important than you?
“I should have known,” you shook your head, turning back to the dishes.
Tears were already slipping down your cheeks and blurring your vision as you scrubbed viciously at the crockery.
“Baby. I am sorry I didn’t come home early but you don’t need to be so mad,” he placated.
“It was our anniversary!” Your voice cracked as you raised it.
You heard his astounded gasp and he wrapped an arm around your waist.
“I am sorry I forgot,” he whispered.
You turned around, pushed him away and wiped your tears with the back of your hand.
“You forgot? How many time have you forgotten about me just this month alone?” You were close to screaming, only hindered by the fact that you were sobbing violently.
“I just forgot! There is no need to get this worked up!” He defended himself, taking a step back.
“Worked up? You think I have no reason to be worked up? I cooked so many dishes for you, cut myself countless times and now I have dumped it all away because. Of. You!” You jabbed a finger in his direction, anger fueling your words.
All filters were off as both of you glared at each other. The tension was thick enough to be cut with a knife until he broke it.
“It’s nothing. I just forgot. You are making a big deal out of nothing,” he hissed.
Your jaw clenched when you heard those words.
“You know what? I am done. Fuck you and your stupid shit. I am done.”
After saying that, you brushed past him and ran out of your house. He did not stop you and you didn’t stop. Not until it was too late. The headlights of a car blinded you just seconds before it all ended.

Akashi had told you that he would not be home early as he was finishing up work in his office so why do you still feel so empty? You pulled a blanket up to your chin, taking in deep breaths to stop your sudden sadness. Ever since he took over the company a year ago, he hasn’t been accompanying you at all. He leaves home before you wake up and comes home when you are asleep. He doesn’t even return home sometimes. For the first few months, he would promise to make it up to you but he never did. Work always came before everything. Even your birthday and your anniversaries. You were sick and tired of all the broken promises and his absence in your life. You feel like you never see him anymore. An hour passed with you sitting alone in silence. Then two and three ticked by. It was almost 3 a.m. when the front door finally opened and Akashi walked in while loosening his tie.

“You are finally back?” your tone was clipped.

You hated yourself for this surge of insecurity but seeing him just stroll in while you were torturing yourself made a dam break in you. Akashi turned around at the sound of your voice, clearly surprised.

“You are still up?”

“I was waiting for you.”

“I told you I would be back late. You shouldn’t have waited,” he replied, walking past you.

“Do you still love me?”

The question stopped him in his tracks and he looked at you with an incredulous expression on his face.

“What are you talking about?”

You stood up to face him, tears brimming in your eyes.

“Do you still love me, Seijuro?”

He raked a hand through his hair, looking exasperated.

“What’s wrong now? What brought this on? It’s late and I am tired. Can we not do this?”

His words were like sharp knives to your chest and you exploded.

“If we don’t do this now, we will never do it again! Do you know how many times I have seen you this year? Twice! Once on your mother’s anniversary and today! What have I done wrong? Am I so unimportant?”

Emotion was taking hold of you as you raised your voice, staring him straight in the eyes. His eyes turned cold as he stared back at you.

“You know that I was managing the company. I was…”

“Everything is so much more important than me and I am sick and tired of it,” you interrupted.

“You are being unreasonable,” his voice turned upset and you could sense the chill as he spoke.

The chasm between the both of you was widening and there was nothing you could do to stop it.

You laughed dryly and shook your head slowly as you took a step back.

“Unbelievable. You are unbelievable.”

Your heart took over logic at that moment and you ran out of the door. Reaching a hand up to your cheeks, you realized that it came away wet. You were finally crying. Without even thinking, you dashed across the dark road.

Blaring horns, shining lights and loud shouting were the last thing that ever made sense to you.


“I will be out with the guys tonight. Aomine-kun asked for a basketball session.”

The text was simple and short, the way Kuroko always wrote them. You closed your eyes when you received the message, sighing as you sank back into the sofa. It was your birthday and you cannot believe he had actually forgot about it. Nigou came over at this point, snuffling his wet nose at your ankle. Reaching down with a sad smile, you ruffled his head.

“Thanks, Nigou. You are the only one who remembered,” you laughed as the dog looked up at you with his wide baby blues that reminded you so much of Kuroko.

Carrying him into your arms, you snuggled with Nigou and accidentally fell asleep. When you finally woke up with a crick in your neck, you glanced at the time.

11.48 p.m.

Kuroko wasn’t home yet and somehow that fact wormed into your heart and made a crack. Nigou had squirmed his way out of your arms when you were sleeping and when you woke, he trotted to you with the leash in his mouth.

“You want to go out?” you asked softly, patting his head.

He gave a little whine and nodded. You quickly looped the leash around his neck and just as you stood up, the door opened. Kuroko walked in while carrying a basketball under his arm.

“Hi, I am home,” he said, placing the basketball down and walking past you.

“Did you forget?” your voice rang out clearly and he stopped in his tracks.

“Forget? Forget what?” He asked, a confused look on his face.

“You did. Is basketball so important?” you asked, unable to help the hurt that is shown clearly in your expression.

“(f/n)-chan, what are you talking about?” he made no move to approach you, simply standing there looking confused.

“You know what? Fine. It’s okay. I expected you to forget my birthday anyway.”

His eyes widened as you spilt the information and he took a step towards you. You held your hand out, stopping him.

“No. Don’t.”

Without another look at him, you grabbed Nigou and stormed out of the house. In your rage, you ignored the red man and crossed the road. A warning loud horn alerted you of the car but it was too late by then.

All too late.


“Oha Asa says that our signs are not compatible tomorrow so I can’t be around you tomorrow,” Midorima said between chews.

Your head shot up, an incredulous expression on your face.

“Excuse me? You promised me that we are going out on a date tomorrow. You were the one who promised me? Don’t tell me you are going to ditch me just because of Oha Asa.”

“Of course I am following Oha Asa. It is always right,” he frowned, looking at you.

Anger boiled up in you at that statement and you stood up, pushing your chair back harshly.

“Oha Asa. Is that all you can think of? How am I less important than some… horoscope telling program?”

He placed his fork down almost impatiently and looked up at you, almost like he was pacifying a young child throwing a tantrum.

“I thought you understood how important Oha Asa is to me.”

You gave an unbelievable shake of your head.

“Okay, just answer me this. Are you going on the date with me tomorrow or not?”

“I told you I can’t be with you tomorrow already.”

Your jaw clenched at his answer and you took a step towards the door.

“Fine. Oha Asa says we are not compatible at all so fuck off, Shintaro,” you hissed before running out of the door.

You ran out of the house without heeding the traffic and by the time you noticed the car that was rushing headlong for you, it was too late for regrets.


You were poring over the travel brochures when Kise walked in.

“(f/n)-cchi, I have something to tell you,” he stated.

You looked up at him, grinning until you saw his serious expression.

“Yes, Kise?” you asked, turning your full attention onto him.

“I can’t go on the trip with you anymore. The company said that I have to go to some overseas event on the same day.”

The moment you heard that, your happy mood crashed and you frowned down at your brochures.

“But we have planned this for so long,” you whined.

“Yeah, I got this information last minute,” he sighed.

“Can’t you not go? I really want to go on this trip with you,” you pleaded.

“I can’t. This is crucial to my work and… I am sorry.”

Your eyes brimmed over with tears and you wiped them away awkwardly.

“Can’t you just go with me once? This is really important to me too.”

“Can you stop being selfish? I told you this event is crucial to me,” he suddenly snapped and you looked up at him in shock.

You scrambled to your feet, hurt overflowing.

“Fine! Baka Kise! Baka!” you shouted before rushing out the door and into the chilly night.

Before you even had time to react, a car started sounding its horn really loudly and just as you stood there, it came skidding towards you. You didn’t even have time to scream before it all ended.


You stared at the sweets you have made and sighed, burying your head in your hands. Today was both of your anniversary and you had wanted to end it off by spoiling Murasakibara with all the sweets you have made for him. Before you could wallow in your sorrow, the front door opened and the purple headed titan walked in.

“Ne, (f/n)-chin,” he said as a form of greeting, his hand in a chip bag.

“Where did you go, Mukkun?” you asked, irritation clear in your tone.

“Huh? I went to buy some chilli chips from the other town,” he replied, eyes zoning in on the sweets on the table.

“Did you forget about our anniversary? I told you to come back early today,” you huffed exasperatedly.

He wasn’t taking you seriously at all when he sat down at the table and began sampling all the sweets.

“Uh, it is not that important,” he drawled, stuffing a piece of cake into his mouth.

“Not important? Am I not important to you anymore?” you demanded, anger fueling your actions.

He looked up at you, shocked at your response.

“What are you talking about? Stop bothering me, (f/n)-chin.”

Tears spilled over your cheeks when you heard that.

“Fine. I get it. Fine. Enjoy your sweets, Mukkun,” you spat bitterly before storming out of the door.

You rubbed at your cheeks roughly before running straight with no regard for where you were going. By the time you noticed that something was wrong, the car was already headed straight for you.


Kagami, where are you?” you asked, hand on the phone.

He was still not home despite your various pleading messages for him to be home early throughout the day.

“Huh? I am playing ball with Aomine-kun,” he replied.

The answer somehow made you clench your fist in irritation.

“Playing basketball? Have you forgotten about me asking you to come home early? I prepared dinner!”

“Just put it in the fridge. I can heat it up myself later,” he said nonchalantly.

“Heat it up? I want to eat it with you! What is wrong with you? I told you to come home early already!” you hissed.

“Why are you so mad? This is not a big matter and you are blowing it out of proportion,” he sounded annoyed and you could almost see his bushy eyebrows coming together in a frown.

“Fine! You can eat your stupid basketball along with Aomine! Have fun playing your stupid basketball!” you huffed before you ended the call.

You were seething with rage as you stomped towards the door and yanked it open. Slamming it close satisfied a tiny bit of the anger but it wasn’t enough. Before you could finish locking the door, the most horrible screeching sound came from behind you. Your eyes widened as you quickly turned around just in time to see a car skidding towards you. It all went dark.

askthepompadourghost asked:

*Lewis walked by the familiar house hold, sighing a little. How long had in been since he'd dropped by to say hello...? The answer was too long... But he was afraid Vivi wouldn't exactly want to talk to him. However, he shook his head and walked a little closer, knocking the door.*

Vivi wasn’t in the mood to answer the door. Rather she was curled up on the couch, browsing the internet on her phone as she ignored the knocking. Vic sighed at her attitude and got up, hurrying to the door as their guest knocked a second time. The bluenette blinked at the sight of the ghost at their door.

“Hey Lewis. Um…you here for Vivi? She’s…she’s not in the best of moods.” Vic stepped aside and allowed the ghost to see in to the living room area. From the door you could see the curled form of a morose Vivi, idly scrolling the blogging site she frequented.

gunnolflyall asked:

"Did you break your wand?" ((Hogwarts au fuck yeah!))

“… Maybe.” Cecil murmurs, staring down at the two snapped halves morosely. He won’t tell Gunnolf one of the older Gryffindors did it - he doesn’t want him to get mad. It was his own fault anyway.