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“落書き「芦屋メタモルフォーゼ」 音楽を聞いてたら、無性に芦屋が描きたくなり。 描き始めたら、安倍が仕上がりました。 (ワザワキリ) #不機嫌なモノノケ庵”

A doodle. “Ashiya Metamorphose”

When I was listening to music, I had an overwhelming urge to draw Ashiya.

When I began drawing, it ended up being Abeno.

(Wazawa Kiri)


Since you lost your vision, he’s been anxiously sitting there the whole time…..

How can I make up for it…..Fuzzy?

I guess I’ll play ball with you!

thinkmethoughtless  asked:

You say to finish things...but I can't even start. I was a writer as a kid, and I finished and started things constantly. My confidence slowly shattered as a teen. I'm now in my 20s and I'm a nervous wreck. I long to write, but the thought of it makes me so anxious. I've created a legitimate fear. How might I overcome this?

I’d suggest two different ways, very different from each other.

You could tell yourself it doesn’t matter, and start finding out how to write for fun again. Give yourself an hour a day to write in: no phone, no internet, no reading books or talking to people, no Tumblr, just time to write in. And in that time, write whatever you want, or don’t. A poem. A description of someone. A memory. A sea-shanty for seven morose pirates and a raccoon. Anything. Just give yourself time to write and find that writing can be fun again.

Or else…

Join a writing group. The kind of group, online or in real life, where you have to produce work to be read by the other people in the group. Where not writing will have consequences, even if the consequence is that people will be disappointed. So there’s enough external push to conquer the anxiousness on your part.

Mononokean_tv:  【原作】ご挨拶が遅くなりましたが、あけましておめでとうございます!ワザワ先生より許可を頂いたので、私宛てに届いた年賀メール(?)を特別にお見せしますね。先生は「本編の原稿いっぱい描きます!」と言っておりましたので、今年も応援よろしくお願いします!(担当A)



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