moronis art

so some really cool peeps invited me into a DnD campaign and I decided to play as a Dragonborn Monk because anyone who knows me knows that I will inevitably go for punching people and being a lizard when given the options.

In the most recent session we went to fight a bunch of bandits and I wound up killing four of them, two with a breath attack and two by being a monk at them.

Now I just gotta draw that time the party’s druid burned a bunch of goblins alive in their kitchen while the rest of us blockaded the door as sad piano music played over their demises.

We’re the good guys, I swear.

Giovan Battista Moroni_The Tailor (Il Tagliapanni)_1565 1570
This is a late work and the most famous of Moroni’s portraits. The colourful costume of the tailor is contrasted with the black material marked with chalk lines that he prepares to cut.  The tailor’s head dominates the painting, the eyes, as in the majority of Moroni’s portraits, looking directly at the spectator with shrewd appraisal.
National Gallery, London

so I kept going. Partially cause I realized I needed shading practice but mostly cause I hated tumblr’s resize for the picture.

So here we are with some slightly different dimensions and some shading practice, I’m tired.