Victoria Moroles joining Teen Wolf season 5? 

It’s very likely that Victoria Moroles will be joining Teen Wolf season 5 in some sort of capacity. The Texas born actress recently posted a photo of a Teen Wolf call sheet along with the caption reading

@victoriamoroles late night set essentials. might be my second day on some show called @teenwolf but who knows..”

She’s also being followed on Twitter by actor Tom Choi along with MTV casting director Danny Zaccagnino. Of course this doesn’t tell us if she’ll be appearing for five minutes or if we should expect her for five weeks. But we’ll keep you posted and let you know as we learn more. 

(Thanks to notomys for the tip!)

What’s going on in the romance world for your character?
Sprayberry: There’s a new female actress on the show, her name is Victoria Moroles, and we’ll see what happens. I mean, you never know. (x)

In all the news about Hoech, have we talked about this cutie joining the show?

Dark hair and dark eyes, a round face speckled with moles…remind you of someone?

“Perfect combinations are rare in an imperfect world.”

Much ship talk on my dash. My ship predictions for S5:

  • Pydia (”Maybe Pydia could happen;” “I don’t know what her relationship is to Peter at the moment;” “I think the Peter thing’s TBD. We’ll see.” — Holland Roden  )

I’ll give up when Holland does. That ain’t happened.

  • Starrish (”I like you. I’m gonna keep you.” — Stiles)

Who said Parrish is straight? If Hoech doesn’t come back…Starrish.

  • Scira

I think they’ll go the distance, if they can work through the whole Scott stabbing her in the chest. Luckily, it sounds from Arden like that’ll be addressed. Kira’s also due for her dark arc. Drama.

  • Liam and Victoria Moroles’ character

This one’s a given. Scallison/DerekPaige 3.0.

…of course, I’ll always hold out hope for Malira. :x