yes, there is such a thing as vampires. it all began centuries ago in romania, with an ancient race - the moroi. gentle, noble, magical. each could control one of the four elements; fire, earth, water or air. our peaceful race lived in secret harmony with the humans, but some moroi went too far, draining the human during feeding. an evil act that transformed the moroi into a soulless and immortal beast - a strigoi. the bad vampires of all your legends and nightmares. the strigoi numbers grew, and they tried to destroy the delicate moroi. but a third race emerged - the dhampir. the offspring of moroi and human mating, these natural warriors fought back and found ways to make the immortal strigoi mortal. the three vampire races have survived for centuries, and their battles rage in the shadows to this day.

the signs as Vampire Academy species

MOROI: leo, VIRGO, libra, cancer + pisces

  • the alive, mortal and born vampire species.
  • uncomfortable/weaker in sunlight.
  • elemental wielders - earth, air, fire, water + spirit users. 
  • special abilities such as compulsion.

DHAMPIR: gemini, ARIES, sagittarius + capricorn

  • the half-moroi/half-human (trained as guardians) vampire species.
  • daytime + nighttime walkers.
  • combat reflexes, increased strength and greater endurance.
  • faster metabolism + bound to protect moroi.

STRIGOI : SCORPIO, aquarius + taurus

  • the undead, immortal and made instead of born vampire species.
  • weakness to sunlight (can kill) + silver stake.
  • cannot posses emotions such as dhampir and moroi.
  • immorality, compulsion + superior strength.