Vampire Academy part 2

Genre : fluff / drama / smutt

Vampire school au

Pairing:Mark x reader, Jackson x reader and Yoongi x reader

Plot : At St Vladimir’s Accadamey, you learn how to navigate life as a dhapire, a half-human vampire hybrid and a guardian protector of best friend mark tuan prince of the moroi and last hire to the throne of vampires. You train with mentors to guarantee you're  place as Mark’s guardian. Although you may have to sacrifice everything to protect Mark from enemies both within St. Vladamir’s walls and outside them.

Waking up I was met by Mark staring at me “good morning” he said I smiled at him “morning” I said slowly getting up from my bed “let’s go for a walk” Mark said “but the sun’s out” I said, he shrugged “so” I nodded and we started walking out of my dorm.

Walking over to Vladimir’s statue in the courtyard “come on, over here” I said pulling Mark’s hand “Before the accident, my father used to say that for a Moroi not declaring a magic is like not going through puberty.” Mark said looking up at the statue “Yeah, and he also used to say practice during the day while the world, your world, is sleeping. Let’s make some magic.” I said.

Grabbing a stick that was on the floor. Mark looked at the stick, then the stick court on fire so I dropped it on the floor then water came out of no where then the ground shook causing the stick to bounce off the ground and the air around made it stay there “perfect, water earth fire and air. That’s my Moroi” I said putting my hand up waiting for a high five “Y/N….” Mark said laughing “don’t leave me hanging” I said walking closer “Y/N you know how I feel about high fives”.

At that moment Yugyeom walked over to us “its 11:00 am you both should be in bed. The sun has cleared the trees, and it won’t be kind, Your Highness.” Yugyeom said smirking “shouldn’t you be asleep as well?” I asked “well I was bored so I went for a walk. What are you two up too?” He asked raising an eyebrow at us “if people didn’t know any better that they think you two where on a little date”  he said laughing the both of us laughed with him “yeah yeah whatever” I said rolling my eyes starting to walk off in to the school.

Sitting in the library reading while Mark was across from me. Distracted by the book I was reading Mark finally spoke “what element should I pick?” He asked, putting my book down I looked at him thinking “well what do you want to use more?” I asked. He shrugged “I have no idea”. “You could go for fire with me” Bambam said all a sudden sitting next to me making me jump, I hit his arm “don’t do that God. You almost gave me a heart attack” I said holding my hand to my chest, he laughed “sorry” he said putting his head on my shoulder I push him off “hey why do you let Mark be clingy to you and not me?” He asked “what I don’t let anyone be clingy. What you on about” I said looking at him “just saying anyway did you hear about that rumour” Mark instantly looked at Bambam “what rumour?” I looked at Marks face he looked panicked “oh so apparently Y/N has the name of ‘blood whore’ since you two are so close” Bambam said Mark stood up storming out the door, I looked at Bambam “what was that about, what’s a blood whore?” I asked he shrugged “hopping you knew” he said standing up and leaving so I just went back to my book.

Walking down a corridor I noticed people looking at me i just ignored them. I ended up bumping in to Yoongi “hey” I smiled Yoongi looked at me “blood whore” he said walking away from me i just stared at him shocked.

Today so far was terrible no one talked to me even Mark disappeared for the day, I was getting annoyed with the whispering around me. Getting in class Mark was there with Jackson and Jungkook talking, walking up to them I sat down between Mark and Jackson they both stopped talking and looked at me “what, why are people ignoring me?” I asked Jackson sighed “it’s because your being called a ‘blood whore’ Y/N” Jackson said “what is a 'blood whore’ anyway?” I asked getting annoyed “Y/N a blood whore is when a Moroi drinks the blood of a Dhampir, it’s not right and the fact you and Mark are so close people started to think, even though nothing is going on” Jungkook said “you don’t understand how serious that is Y/N I’ve been in the head masters office trying to convince him that nothing like that actually happened ok” Mark said I looked at them “WHAT!?” I said getting angry “calm Y/N it’s fine it’s done and dusted” Mark said putting a hand on my shoulder. I nodded looking at the teacher that just walked in ready to start the lesson.

The thing that got me worrying is Mark has drunk my blood before after the accident of his family he ran away, I went to look for him and in me comforting him, he bit my neck and and drank my blood, but no one knew unless someone saw us that night, but it still doesn’t explain why now, that was a year ago.

I was stuck in my room when a knock on the door startled me “come in” I said siting up straight, Jackson walked in “hey how are you doing?” He asked sitting down next to me. I sighed leaning my head on Jackson shoulder “well I’m annoyed pissed and going to punch someone, what do you think?” I said Jackson just sighed and put he’s arms around me “I’m sorry about what’s happened today” he said rubbing my arm. I looked up at him “why are you apologising? You didn’t start the rumour” I said feeling more comfortable and safe with him “I know but I’m your friend and I didn’t support you when you needed it” he said kissing the top of my head I sighed breathing in his sent “it’s fine I don’t blame you” I said starting to fall asleep. I felt Jackson chuckle “good night Y/N and …” he said something else but I was to far gone to hear the rest of what he said.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why was Rose the only guardian in the car when it was hit? Lissa's family members must have their own guardians, right? Not only are they Moroi, they are royalty! Where are their guardians?! And in the scene where Lissa gives her cat to Rose to watch while she goes to get blood from the human donors, she just sets him down. Where does the cat go? She just lets him loose inside the building and walks away. Where did she put the cat?
Vampire Academy

I’ll forever be bummed about this.
Vampire Academy had so much potential for being an incredible set of movies. 
But instead it sucked. Why? I don’t get it. Good cast, actually. Maybe the budget was wrong? I don’t know. It’s kind of destroying me though.
In the age of vampires someone just had to fuck up what was probably my favourite Vampire series ever.

I am so sad.
So sad.
Someone fund all the movies. And then the spin off as well.


the signs as Vampire Academy species

MOROI: leo, VIRGO, libra, cancer + pisces

  • the alive, mortal and born vampire species.
  • uncomfortable/weaker in sunlight.
  • elemental wielders - earth, air, fire, water + spirit users. 
  • special abilities such as compulsion.

DHAMPIR: gemini, ARIES, sagittarius + capricorn

  • the half-moroi/half-human (trained as guardians) vampire species.
  • daytime + nighttime walkers.
  • combat reflexes, increased strength and greater endurance.
  • faster metabolism + bound to protect moroi.

STRIGOI : SCORPIO, aquarius + taurus

  • the undead, immortal and made instead of born vampire species.
  • weakness to sunlight (can kill) + silver stake.
  • cannot posses emotions such as dhampir and moroi.
  • immorality, compulsion + superior strength.

So I’m back…. ish. The Comic Con on my country has come and gone and I had great, although really draining, time with a friend, waking up early, going to bed late and walking and walking and walking the con floor for two whole days.

Now I’m trying to come back to the groove of things and trying to get pages done, now that I’m also on Christmas break from the small Marketing course I’m taking. I just realized, at the speed I’m going, it will be a loooooong time until the comic of the Blood Promise volume will be finished. So before I loose them or forget I had made them already, here are the covers I made for Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice, made when I thought things would be easy and not take much time.

Ugh, love these covers to pieces and I’m rarely proud of the stuff I make XD I hope you’ll like them too and that you’ll still be around by the time I start the comics they represent. Although you might be middle aged by then XD

By the way, am I out of the loop where it comes to VA stuff? Are there any news? Because things have been quiet, but for a week now there has been an onslaught of VA posts, every tumblr I fallow has been posting or reblogging new stuff so I was just curious.

Anyway, have a great day/evening/night guys!