How A Stolen Backpack In Casablanca Inspired A Novel About Shifting Identity

Immediately upon arriving in Casablanca author Vendela Vida was robbed. Her backpack with her laptop (with a book she was writing) was gone in an instant.

“At first I was so upset. We had just arrived. Everything was gone–this book I had been working on was gone–but while I was sitting there answering all these very irrelevant questions I started thinking about this … idea for this novel I had about the malleability of identity. It’s this novel that has been circling in my head for a few years and I had written passages but I had never known exactly how the book would start, I hadn’t found my way into the book, the entree into it. So while I was sitting there with these detectives I suddenly realized that this was my opening: a woman arriving in Casablanca and having her stuff stolen, and in the case of the protagonist having her passport stolen, and so suddenly I became the happiest person I think the police station had ever seen.”


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On November 6th 1975. The Green March, when 300,000 unarmed Moroccans converged on the southern city of Tarfaya, in order to force Spain to hand over the disputed, autonomous semi-metropolitan Spanish Province of Sahara to Morocco. Initially meeting little response by the Sahrawi Polisario Front, the events quickly escalated into a war between Morocco and the Polisario - the Western Sahara War, which would last for another 16 years, Bruno Barbey.