L’ane vert ecolodge - Tafedna - Morocco

Krista and I were staying a little hostel in the windy town of Essouria on the Atlantic coast of Morocco when we found out about this place and I’m honestly so glad we found it because I can’t imagine my Morocco trip without it!

All we were told was ” it’s a little ecolodge in the middle of no-where and it’s run by a French guy and an Australian girl who makes the best food in all of Morocco ” -And you know what, I agree! L’ane vert is fabulous, incredible, relaxing, comfortable and all round awesome.

It’s a 20 minute walk, through the sticks, from a small fishing port called Tafedna. When you first spot L’ane vert you don’t really think too much of it ( the whole building is still under construction ) but when you walk up the stairs you’ll immediately fall in love!

A cute little living area which overlooks a massive open air veranda out onto the ocean which is just a hop, skip and a jump away. There is in electricity or running water at the moment but who the fuck needs a light when you have beautiful candles setting the mood.

Kara, from Australia cooks the best food I ate in all Morocco. Fresh fish from the port and lots of fusion food with a Moroccan twist. Heaaaaaaven!!!

In the winter time the surf pumps here right outside it’s doorstep and when it’s big you can see Cobras surf spot working while your eating breakfast ;)

When L’ane vert is finished It will have a hamman, private rooms, more dorm tents, a natural filtrated water system and a library below a huge restaurant. All Eco/nature/green friendly. Hell yeah!