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Lost Kingdom of Africa

Four-part series in which British art historian Dr Gus Casely-Hayford explores the pre-colonial history of some of Africa’s most important kingdoms. The African continent is home to nearly a billion people. It has an incredible diversity of communities and cultures, yet we know less of its history than almost anywhere else on earth.

But that is beginning to change. In the last few decades, researchers and archaeologists have begun to uncover a range of histories as impressive and extraordinary as anywhere else in the world.

The series reveals that Africa’s stories are preserved for us in its treasures, statues and ancient buildings - in the culture, art and legends of the people.

The first episode looks at Nubia, in what is now northern Sudan, a kingdom that dominated a vast area of the eastern Sahara for thousands of years. Its people were described as barbarians and mercenaries, and yet Nubia has left us with some of the most spectacular monuments in the world.

Casely-Hayford traces the origins of this fascinating kingdom back to 10,000 BC. He explores how it developed and what happened to it and its people, discovering that its kings once ruled Ancient Egypt and that it was defeated not by its rivals but by its environment.

Season 2


Queen Maxima’s foreign visits → Morocco, 2005

In 2005, less than 5 months after giving birth to her second daughter, Maxima made a tour to Morocco alongside her husband. The visit coincided with the 400th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Morocco and plenty of exciting events were planned for the trip. Part of the tour was designed to focus on developing relations between the country: Maxima met with Lalla Salma, watched an intercultural display, and visited cultural sites such as a Koran School and the Musee Dar Si Said which was showing an exhibition of modern Dutch art. The couple were also accompanied by 12 young people- 6 from the Netherlands and 6 with Moroccan roots- in an effort to connect the two groups. The rest of the visit focused on Maxima’s charitable efforts as she attended the Women’s World Banking Conference. Maxima is an international advocate for microcredit and financial inclusivity and has visited countries across the world to promote accessible banking. 


1st May – Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Lady Sarah Chatto
2nd May – Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
3rd MayAutumn Phillips and Princess Haya bint Al Hussein of Jordan
4th MayPauline Ducruet and Prince Henrik of Denmark
10th May – Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco
13th May – Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland
14th May – The Honourable Margarita Armstrong-Jones
15th MayZara Phillips Tindall
17th MayQueen Máxima of the Netherlands
20th MayPavlos, Crown Prince of Greece
25th May – Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands and Princess Viktoria of Bourbon-Parma
26th May – Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark


Royal palaces/ official residences of various royal families around the world (as requested by averymonster)


Queens, Empress, Grand Duchess and Princesses - The day they became Monarchs or Consorts edition

Three Products for 3c/4a Hair

(See below for a submitted product review)

So, I’ve used these three products and they all sorta have a different effect on my hair, but they’re all good (depending on how exactly you’d like your hair)

1. Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls 

So this one is my favorite. The way I put it is, diving my hair by two parts and applying a dime-size of product on each side. My curls come out pronounced but not too volumized, just more how my actual curls look. Another bonus is noooooo frizz. My curls will last, at most, three days and then I have to reapply the curl product with some water and whatever. The only thing that some may not like is how the curls look a little more dry, but I like that because the curls don’t feel as weighed down and they “move” more. You know, like when each curl strand can just dance whenever you move your head.

2. Royal Moroccan Moisturizing Curl Cream 

This one is actually good as well. I put it on the same way, two halves, dime size each. My curls come out pronounced, not weighed down. However, they kinda have that crunch feel to them. I thought I was a playing too much product, but then if i would apply less the curls don’t look as defined. SO, I just stick with the dime size on each side. Now, the second day is when your hair looks amazing. It almost looks like how it would look if you used Miss Jessie’s, but it will be much more shiny. The third day you will need to reapply. 

3. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Cream

This one is the cheaper options, but works just as well. My hair looks really good, and really moisturized, the first day. The second day, curls may still be there but not look as nice. SO by the second day, you need to reapply.

To see the effects of all these products, I washed my hair and applied them. Just I could start on a clean slate. I also avoided using any leave-conditioners or oils on top in in order to really see how each product works. And that’s about it. I didn’t include prices because sometimes prices vary, but I know that option 3’s price is usually less than the other two. 


Explosion of Gorgeousness. Sheikha Mozah looks divine in caftan inspired dress with spectacular cape.


The courtyard of the Royal Palace in Fes, Morocco.

Finally uploading my pictures from my visit to Morocco! I was in Fez earlier this year, and we got to go to the grounds of the King’s Palace in the city, where we got to see and touch Golden Gates. Can’t express the amount of fun I had in this beautiful country, everywhere you go, you see the people’s love for the King and his family. Contrary to what everyone told me about the trip, I felt safe and everyone was so helpful and friendly. If you get the opportunity to go visit, please do!