moro girl

Tu portami via.
Dalla convinzione di non essere abbastanza forte.
Quando cado contro un mostro più grande di me.
Consapevole che a volte basta prendere la vita così com’è.
Così com’è.
—  Fabrizio Moro - Portami via.

anonymous asked:

Why Moro?

Besides sounding pretty cute and being simple and easy to remember, the name Moro is based off of a character from my favorite movie of all time Princess Mononoke. 

My Moro is kinda too jolly and playful to be anything like that Moro (who is very wise and old) but

they both have a brilliant smile, huh?

(also watch princess mononoke if you haven’t it’s so good but also very violent. Still my favorite movie ever)


Darth Moros’ newest version of her headpiece is holding up great and I am super pleased with it. It was raining during our most recent shoot and i was splashing around in a river and everything was great! I am so happy. I would love to be able to reproduce this for people!

Photos by CourteX Studios


Chloe Chotrani, March 2016.

#UnfairandLovely; A social campaign that celebrates dark skin. A transgression against the belief that fair skin is the most attractive. In response to the advertising around several South Asian countries that promote skin whitening products, leading to people who eventually bleach their skin.

Inspired by a campaign project by Mirusha Yogarajah whom posted a series of images of her South Asian sisters; “promoting colorism and the under-representation of people of color on the media.” Her series “Unfair & Lovely” inspired the hashtag campaign #UnfairandLovely named after the Indian skin-lightening cream Fair and Lovely.

Unfortunately, fair skin has blindly become a yearning for many South Asians. Rather than a focus on complexion; we should commit to blurring the lines of these boundaries that divide people. To dream of a world where people are judged not by color but by their character.

Photography and hair by Inez Moro/ Makeup by Krista Roma/ Assisted by May Valderamma and Grai Alvar