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This is you breaking up with me. Yeah.

“Good Morning!“ said Bilbo, and he meant it. The sun was shining, and the grass was very green. But Gandalf looked at him from under long bushy eyebrows that stuck out further than the brim of his shady hat.

"What do you mean?” he said. “Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

“All of them at once,” said Bilbo. “And a very fine morning for a pipe of tobacco out of doors, into the bargain.“

– from The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien


Summary: The Gallaghers have some insight on how close Ian and Mickey really are. It’s surprising, but they like the idea of them being together.

Word Count: 1047

Notes: This request was in my messages for so long, and I completely forgot about it. Sorry! Here it is :) Also, this is my AU for day 1 of Gallavich Week!

“Is Mickey your boyfriend?” Carl asked Ian, who was on the pull up bar, after finding the Milkovich boy curled up in his brother’s bed.

Ian’s cheeks flushed at the question, but he knew if Mickey woke up he’d probably say something stupid so the redhead responded with a simple, “We hang out.”

The younger Gallagher lightly punched his brother between every pull up. “He’s in your bed,” Carl said and then took a moment to think. The pause was short though. “You love Mickey?”

Ian stopped his movement. Yeah, I do, he thought. “I like how he smells,” he responded to make it seem much more simpler. He wanted to tell Mickey how he felt, but doing it through Carl was not the way.

Raising an eyebrow, Carl was about to speak, but Mickey cut him off. “Whatchu asking stupid fucking questions for?” The older boy shot at him.

“You’re nicer when you’re asleep,” Carl rolled his eyes and walked down the stairs.

Ian let his mind consume his for a little bit. Carl just pretty much told him that he knew of their relationship, and Mickey heard it, and he didn’t care. Mickey didn’t run out. He’s still here.

* * *

Ian and Mickey woke up earlier than the other people in the house. Though Mickey wanted the sleep some more, when the redhead promised to make him some banana pancakes, he couldn’t turn that down.

While the Gallagher boy was a the burner, making the pancakes, Mickey was sitting at the kitchen table, just watching. He couldn’t figure out why he was so scared all these years— this is all he ever wanted, and here it finally is.

After Ian was done making a single plate of food, he went over to where Mickey was sitting. He leaned on the counter so that their faces were in the same direction. “I’m wondering something,” he said so quietly and nervously that it was nearly incoherent.

“What’s that, mumbles?” Mickey stood up, and got so close to his lover that he could feel his breath.

They didn’t realize the whole entire Gallagher clan in the living room. The family was at an angle where they could be nosy and watch the interaction, but Ian and Mickey couldn’t see them.

“Just wondering if we’re a couple or not,” Ian said more assertively as he placed his hands on Mickey’s hips and turned him so that he was pushed up against the counter.

Now Mickey to matters into his own hands. He pushed Ian into the wall that stood next to them, and inches their faces so close together. “Of course we are.”

Ian smiled and kissed him hard. “What would you do if I said something you might not want to hear?” His voice was a bit shaky. Mickey gave him a look that said, go on, tell me. “Please don’t freak out, okay? I just gotta say it. I love you. I really, really love you.” He felt like his heart was in his throat as he spoke, he just didn’t want to hold it in anymore.

Surprising himself and Ian, Mickey grabbed Ian’s cheeks and kissed him even harder than the last time. When their lips separated, they rested their heads together. “I love you too, Gallagher,” the shorter boy responded. Though he’d probably never admit it, he’s always loved that crazy ginger, and it felt fucking nice to admit it.

Ian laughed giddily. Everything was finally falling in place.

“Now, go make me some more fucking pancakes,” Mickey said, and stepped back, giving Ian room to move.

“Yeah, yeah. You got it,” Ian chuckled.

The Gallaghers couldn’t believe what they just saw and heard. Obviously they could tell that something was going on between Ian and Mickey. For fuck’s sake, Carl found Mickey in Ian’s bed, and Lip actually knew they were together. No one expected it to be so serious though. Love is fucking deep.

As Ian was waiting to flip the pancakes, Mickey came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Ian leaned back into it. “Y’know my family doesn’t care, right?”

Mickey’s head was resting on his boyfriend’s shoulder. He nodded. “I know. Makes it a whole lot fucking easier.”

Ian smiled. Everything was so good right now. He then went back to cooking, making sure Mickey

stayed with his arms engulfing him like that.

The Gallaghers were still watching from their hiding spot. It was completely mind boggling to see Mickey look so soft and loving. They wanted to see what would happen in front of people though. Giving each other the same look, they all set foot for the kitchen.

As they walked in, Fiona stepped louder than usual to get their attention. “Morning, guys,” she said enthusiastically.

Ian felt Mickey tense up around his waist. He expected him to unlatch him, but he didn’t— he stayed right there. “Morning. I’m making pancakes,” he said.

Instead of Mickey saying anything, he shoved his face into the back of Ian’s neck. It was only fair to Ian to let the Gallaghers know about their relationship, and though it may be scary right now, it was nothing Mickey couldn’t handle.

“So,” Debbie started. “Are you guys together or something?”

Ian didn’t respond, he didn’t know how, and thankfully Mickey did. “We been together for years,” he scoffed.

“Wait, years?” Fiona raised an eyebrow. Now she was even more amused.

“Three,” Mickey said as he unlatched himself. He then went to stand next to Ian instead. “Fucking going on four though, I think.” He turned his head to Ian.

The redhead nodded. “Yeah, almost four.” He looked at his boyfriend with so much love in his eyes, which was making all the tension Mickey felt go away.

“Holy shit,” Carl and Fiona said simultaneously.

Ian then finished up the food without answering his siblings. He made a plate for himself and Mickey, and then went to the table, giving his brothers and sisters room to get themselves a plate. As the couple sat down, Ian kissed Mickey’s cheek to thank him for being so outward with their relationship.

“Ah,” Lip said. “Young love.” Mickey chucked the finger, but it was in an innocent way. It was love, and now they’re free.

mornings // cancer crew

hi i’m so sorry that this sucks it was rushed lol 

Max: Mornings with Max usually involved you waking up before him, and finding him still asleep. You’d assume he’d been up filming until three in morning, which wasn’t out of character for him. This caused him to sleep in late, usually until noon. By the time he would walk groggily into the living area to find you completely dressed and awake watching some movie, he would be ready for breakfast, or lunch, more appropriately. You’d already have it ready for him as you anticipated his awakening. He’d mumble something along the lines of “You’re too good to me,” or “Thanks, love,” and kiss you on the cheek before joining you on the sofa.

Joji: Joji would usually wake up before you and already have breakfast cooking. On the rare occasion that he was sleeping when you woke up, you’d link your arm around his torso and just lay with him for longer, merely enjoying his presence. When you had to get up early for work, you hoped your alarm or the rustling of the sheets didn’t wake him up. If it did, he would groan and catch your wrist in his hand, trying to pull you back into bed. It would take everything in you not to lay back down with your suddenly cuddly boyfriend. Other than the times when you were forcibly waken, mornings with Joji were calm, peaceful, and something to look forward to. 

Ian: Strangely, Ian was quite productive in the morning. Most days you woke up to him editing, filming, or returning from the post office with boxes loaded with fan mail for his next Bad Unboxing™ video. You didn’t particularly enjoy this, not being a morning person yourself. All you ever wanted to do upon waking up is go back to sleep with Ian by your side. If Ian caught your eye and he saw you were awake, he’d grin and tell you good morning, and sorry if he woke you but he bought some breakfast and you might have to microwave it because it might be cold but he didn’t want to wake you up because you looked so warm and beautiful and sorry if he sounds creepy. Needless to say, mornings to Ian were a time to get things done, and admire your sleeping state in the process.



Roy has a shower and gets dressed and then goes to find his father. He finds he and Douglas in a paddock putting a 5 year old mare through her paces and he stops and watches for a while, admiring Douglas’ horsemanship skills, though he’d rather chop off his dick than tell Douglas that to his face. Ian sees him and gives him the faintest of nods. Roy walks over.

Roy: Hi, Dad. You got  a spare minute?

Ian grunts.

Ian: That’s about all I do have.
Roy: I just rang The Oaks.
Ian: The Oaks?
Roy: It’s the name of the treatment facility I want Bunty to go to. They said they can take her immediately. She can fly to Bridgeport with Sonia and I tomorrow afternoon, and check in first thing Thursday morning.

Roy waits for Ian to say something, swatting at the flies circling his head with increasing irritation. When Ian speaks his voice is weary.

Ian: You know, I’ve spent three decades building a reputation as one of the best horse trainers in the country, Roy. I’m a pillar of the community. But none of that will be worth anything if your mother has to go to rehab. It’s a direct reflection on me. It makes me look like a failure. It makes me feel like a failure.

Roy: Okay. And how did it make you feel when the police found her unconscious in that park, Dad?

Ian stares into the middle distance, and Roy thinks with a fleeting stab of pity how old and defeated he looks.

Roy: Great, that’s settled, then. I’ll ring The Oaks and tell them to expect her on Thursday morning. 


Summary: Ian realizes he doesn’t know Mickey’s full name, so he pesters him until he finds out.

Word Count: 865

Notes: Loved this request!! I’ll be working on few that came through my messages tonight :)

A sudden realization had hit Ian during the night. He was watching his boyfriend sleep, but he noticed that he didn’t know his full name. He knew that ‘Mickey’ was not his birth name so what the hell could it be?

Like usual, Ian woke up a few minutes before Mickey. He was intently staring at his boyfriend once again.  Possible different names that could be Mickey’s were running through his head, but none of them really seemed to match— Michael? Miguel? Micah? Miska? Malachi? Half of those don’t even make sense.

When Mickey finally started to flutter his eyes open, he immediately noticed the redhead had his wonderment face on. “Good mornin,’” Mickey said groggily.

“Morning,” Ian blankly said back. His hand was still on his temple, it looked like his head hurt from thinking so hard.

Mickey raised his eyebrow. “What the fuck are you thinking so hard about, man?” Though he was tired, he was still interested.

“What’s your name?” Ian questioned. He really, really, really wanted to know.

Of course, Mickey snorted. “Um, I’m pretty sure you already fucking know my name.” He said with a face that should an obvious expression.

Ian let out a frustrated groan. “No, Mick. I’m talking about you full name. What is it?” He pleaded.

Red rushed to Mickey’s cheeks. He looked extremely embarrassed. “You don’t gotta know my full name,” he mumbled and lifted himself out of the bed.

Ian was completely taken aback by the fact that Mickey wouldn’t tell him. At first, he just sat their in bafflement, but once Mickey opened the bedroom door, he regained awareness and went to chase after him. “Mickey! Why won’t you tell me?” He asked, but Mickey cut him off by slamming the bathroom door in his face and locking it. “Mick!”

“Fuck off, and let me shower,” Mickey shouted through door. He clearly did not want to speak of this, but Ian refused to let it go.

“Tell me!” Ian shouted once more.

Mickey let out an annoyed groan. “Fuck off, Gallagher. Go make breakfast for something,” he said as he turned on the shower.

Ian groaned once again and then trudged his way to the kitchen. I am going to figure this out, he thought to himself. There was a cocky determination in him right now, and it means he’s going to get what he wants.

Like he was told, Ian made breakfast. When Mickey finally came out from the bathroom, his hair was still a little wet. He looked at Ian guiltily and then proceeded to get food. The expectant stare that his boyfriend was giving him was literally burning his skin.

After a few seconds of nonstop staring, Mickey had had enough. “The fuck you lookin’ at?” Mickey finally asked.

“Just trying to figure it out. I’m pretty sure it’s not Michael. Maybe Micah, maybe Miguelito,” he winked. He was purposely trying to get his boyfriend to admit it by annoying the shit out of him. “Miska-Mooska-Mickey Mouse.”

The dark haired boy choked a bit on his orange juice. “You’re kidding me right now,” he said in agitation.

“Oh I got one! Maybe you were supposed to be a girl so you were names Mickayla— oh or Michelle. McKenna?” He outwardly spoke his thoughts to irk Mickey.

“Shut up, asshole,” Mickey grumbled. “It’s not a fucking girls name.” His vexation was visible in his eyes.

Ian shook his head. Being that the plan of pestering him wasn’t working, he decided to go for the guilt trip. “Just explain to me how we have been together for twelve fucking years and I don’t know your full name. Fucking ridiculous that I don’t know something this simple! Maybe I don’t know you at all,” he shrugged.

“It’s fucking embarrassing, Ian!” Mickey shouted.

“It’s just a name! Tell me, tell me, tell me!” He put his hand together and pleaded.

Mickey’s face was softening but it was still full of embarrassment. He anxiously put his head in his hands. “Ian—”

If nothing was going to work, Ian knew what he needed to do— threaten. “I won’t blow you for a week if you don’t tell me,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Fuck you!” Mickey said without any seriousness. “Fucking fine though,” he shook his head. “Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich,” he mumbled.

“What was that?” Ian asked.

Mickey rolled his eyes. “Don’t make me say it again, dickhead,” he spat.

Ian nodded and inched himself closer to his boyfriend. “Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich. It’s beautiful,” he said in a starstruck voice. He was definitely not lying, it truly was the most beautiful name that he had ever heard.

“Fuck off,” Mickey shook his head. “No it’s not.”

Ian placed a sweet kiss on Mickey’s cheek. “So fuckin’ beautiful. I love it,” he said in sincerity. “And I love you, so something as simple as your name shouldn’t be enough to make you so embarrassed in front of me.”

The dark haired boy nodded because he knew Ian was right, it’s just no one else other than his family knows his full name— but Ian is his family. A slight grin plastered across his face. “I love you too.”

Goodnight kiss(Gallavich)

Prompt: Mickey and Ian return from a date and Mickey kisses him goodnight
Words: 572
Pairing: Ian and Mickey


Micky was never one for dates, he wasn’t Romantic, he didn’t share feelings, he wasn’t some mushy fag. Until he met Ian, faste than Mickey even realized, he had started to wanted everything with Ian. Mushy dates, morning cuddles, all of it.

Ian was never one for days, not that he didn’t like them, but they just never felt right, he felt like he couldn’t be himself on them. Until he met Mickey. Mickey allowed him to be himself, to laugh a real laugh, to feel comfortable with him. Ian often felt uncomfortable in a lot of situations, but never did he feel as uncomfortable if Mickey was standing next to him, he realized quickly that he wanted Mickey to be by his side through everything.

Tonight was Friday, which was date night, Mickey had brought food and told Ian to meet him at the dugout. It was a little mushy for Mickey but he knew that Ian would be all smiley about it and that meant it was all worth it.

“ I know this was kinda mushy for you, but thank you” Ian smiled at Mickey, as they walked hand and hand back to the Gallagher house.

“No, I liked it” He told the younger boy.

“But if you tell anyone that then I’ll rip your tongue out” he Grinned.

“ I wouldn’t expect anything less Mikhailo”

The rest of the walk was silent, but very comfortable, both just enjoying the fact that they were together. Happy and in love and honestly neither of them thinking it could get better.

As they walked up to the steps of Ian’s house, both of them frowned. Not wanting this night to end, not wanting to watch Mickey walk away, not wanting to wake up tomorrow without the other.

Ian and Mickey weren’t sure what changed, but tonight it felt different. Like they just had so much love and lust, both of them just felt like running away and showing each other nothing but love and affection.

“I don’t really want you to leave” Ian told Mickey, as they had stood on the porch. Eyes locked.

“I don’t want to go”

Ian smiled at this, unable to hide his feelings, they had spent some time not knowing where they stood and now they were finally on the same page.

Ian’s stupidly big smile was all it took for Mickey to lean in, placing his lips on the taller boys.

This kiss was different, there was so much love in it, this kiss sent shivers down his spine and butterflies in his stomach. Although they had only been going out for 5 months they didn’t kiss often, and none of their kisses had never been this, this amazing.

Mickey pulled away, out of breath, a large smile speeding across his face.

“Are you sure you can’t stay?” Ian asked, taking Mickey’s jacket in his hands, pulling them even closer.

“I wish, but I have to be there when Mandy wakes up” Mickey said sadly, pulling Ian back in for one more kiss. Still as amazing as the one only seconds ago. When Mickey pulled away he said a sweet goodnight and then walked away, leaving the red head speechless.

When he got inside he brought his finger to his lip, leaning against the wooden door. A smile falling into his puffy swollen lips.

If kissing Mickey made him feel this way then he needed to do them more often.

Sleepy Mickey

Summary: When Mickey’s tired he blabbers about his feelings, and doesn’t remember what he said the next morning.

Word Count: 1301

Notes: This was so cute!!!

Mickey was falling asleep on Ian’s shoulder as all the Gallaghers were watching television in the living room. “Hey,” Ian poked at him. “You tired?” The sound of his voices made all the other look at the pair.

Mickey nodded. “Yes. Come up to bed with me,” he said sweetly. It made the other Gallaghers smile, hearing him so innocent.

Ian smirked. “Go on up. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He kissed his boyfriend’s hair and started to give him a leeway to stand up, but Mickey wasn’t having it.

He grabbed Ian’s waist tighter. “No. Can’t sleep without you. Need you to fucking hold me for me to sleep, you know that. I only sleep when I’m fucking koala bearing you and you’re playing with my hair.”

Fiona had to put a hand to her mouth, she was so shocked. So was everyone else, with wide eyes and dropped jaws. They didn’t think it was possible for a Milkovich to be so soft. They also didn’t know if this was new, but from Ian’s facial expression, he’s seen it all before.

“Alright, we’ll go up in a little bit,” Ian said to his sleepy boyfriend.

“You’re too good,” Mickey mumbled, “way too fuckin’ good to me,” his eyes were shut as he nuzzled his head into Ian’s neck.

The Gallaghers all looked from Mickey to Ian with sad eyes, but Ian seemed to know just what to do. “Shut the fuck up, Mick. You got the roles reversed there,” he chuckled. “I love you, y’know?”

Mickey smiled. “I love you too.”

“What do you love about him?” Debbie pitched in. Out of all their years together, the Gallagher clan had only heard the two boys profess their love for each other a few times.

“Well because he’s fucking nice to me, for one. He’s the only person who would doesn’t only see me as a piece of Southside trash. He always fights for us, that’s nice. He’s really fucking hot too. I mean, Jesus Christ, have you looked at the boy? He looks like a fucking ginger god. Oh, and what he can do with that dick—”

“Okay, Mick,” Ian laughed, cutting him off from his next words. His family did not have to hear about his dick. He sloppily kissed Mickey’s head once again, knowing that that always seemed to calm and silence him.

Lip chuckled. “You really don’t like any other human being on this earth besides Ian, do you?”

“Hmm,” Mickey’s voice sounded like it was drifting away. “I like Liam, he’s my favorite. Carl’s a nut, but he’s cool too, and Debs reminds me of Ian, so I like her. Fiona’s like the older sister I never had, so I can deal. You though, Phillip, you suck,” he shrugged. He was so out of it he barely felt Ian chuckle. “You guys are my family though, so,” he started once again but lost in through his exhaustion.

Ian watched his siblings. He had to hold back his chuckle at their amazed faces. It’s totally clear they’ve never seen him so outward with his thoughts, it’s definitely not a first for Ian though.

Mickey shifted a little, making Ian turn his gaze back to him. “Ready to go up?”

“Mhm,” the tired boy mumbled. He got up with the help of Ian, and they headed to the stairs. All of his body weight was on the redhead, he clearly had no clue what was going on. “Can you make me banana pancakes in the morning? You’re the best cook ever.”

Ian nodded and led him up to the bedroom. “Yeah, Mick, I will.” Before going out of sight, he turned to his siblings. “Nights, guys.”

The two boys were then out of vision for the Gallaghers. “Wow,” is all Debbie said.

With wide eyes, Carl snorted. “What the hell was that?”

* * *

In the morning, Ian woke up first. He unlatched himself from his boyfriend and got dressed to go downstairs to make the breakfast he promised Mickey. Before leaving his room, he gave one last loving glancing at Mickey.

The left the room and trudged down the stairs. When he got in the kitchen, he was met with his family all staring at him. Their eyes started to crinkle into a laughed so he waved his hands. “Okay, okay. What?” He asked as he maneuvered around the kitchen.

“What was up with Mickey last night?” Fiona asked, and everyone else gave him the same wondering look.

Ian shrugged and grinned. “He was really tired. When he gets like that he just spouts off, like his mouth is finally speaking all the shit that’s in the crowded brain of his,” he informed them.

“It was funny as fuck, man,” Lip laughed and poured some coffee in a few cups. Once he was finished he realized that he poured just enough for his siblings, and then left one next to the pot for Mickey. How the hell did he get so settled into our life?

“He doesn’t even remember what he said the next morning.” Ian shook his head and started finishing up a few pancakes. His heart was welling at all the things Mickey said though; he was so fucking cute.

Debbie couldn’t believe that. He seemed well aware of his actions, to her at least. “Seriously?”

“That can’t be true,” Carl protested as well.

Then Mickey all of a sudden came walking down the stairs in just his boxers and a t-shirt. Like usual, he didn’t even look at anyone besides Ian. Surprisingly though, he did scrunch Liam’s hair when he walked past him. “Hey,” Mickey said as he saw what was on the stovetop. “You’re making banana pancakes.”

Ian chuckled and kissed him on the cheek. “Yep. Almost done.”

Mickey went to go pour himself a cup of coffee, and smirked when the cup was already out for him. He’s really part of their routine now, and he knows it. He looked up to see all the Gallagher siblings staring at him. “The fuck are you looking at?”

Fiona chuckled and grabbed at Lip’s arm. “Have you ever looked at Ian? He’s the fucking ginger god,” she mocked.

“I can only sleep when I’m koala bearing my seven foot tall boyfriend,” Lip teased just as Fiona did. “And you were talking about his dick! I mean, what the fuck?” He cackled.

Mickey raised his eyebrows in a horrified manner. He truly had no clue what they were alluding to though. He turned to Ian in hopes for an explanation. “What the fuck is going on?”

“You were falling asleep last night on the couch,” Ian shrugged guiltily.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck,” Mickey shook his head. Ian’s told him of how he blabbers when he’s tired, and he would never want to do that around anyone other than Ian. “I didn’t say anything else, did I?”

Liam was laughing. “Love, love, love!”

Debbie nodded at her youngest brother. “You love Ian a lot,” she winked. “But you pretty much said you love all of us because we’re your family.”

“You guys fucking suck,” Mickey said as he prepared for more teasing.

Fiona got up to put some of the freshly made pancakes on her plate. “We are your fucking family, so get used to this shit.” She kissed his cheek, knowing that it’d make him uncomfortable, but not caring. “Now eat the banana pancakes that you made the greatest cook in the world make you.”

Mickey rolled his eyes and looked at his boyfriend. Just then Ian wrapped his arm around Mickey’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, I love my sleepy Mickey.”

“You fucking better,” Mickey pecked him on the lips and the grabbed a pancake. He took a big bite of it. “They’re good fucking pancakes.”

paperboy: an au

Ian Murray was always on time. He had the same routine every single morning since he was ten:

4:45 AM: Hit snooze.

4:47 AM: Hit snooze again.

4:50 AM: Turn the alarm off, due to yells of frustration from his mother in the other room.

5:00 AM: Shower, quickly.

5:15 AM: Change, brush teeth, and hope to God that he didn’t put his shirt on inside out.

5:20 AM: Head down the stairs, helmet in hand. Grabs a banana from the basket of fruit on the table.

5:25 AM: Run into his Uncle Jamie in the study, of whom informs his nephew that his shirt is, indeed, inside out. Again.

5:26 AM: Turning his shirt the right way, he thanks his uncle and heads for his bike.

Everything after this is subject to change.

Between 5:30 AM and 5:45 AM: Ian Murray turns the corner from his home to the shop where the newspapers are printed. Geordie, the printer, hands him the bag of twine-tied papers.

“Don’t do nothin’ stupid, mind,” He tells the young lad, every single day. “These papers here be expensive.”

“Of course, Mr. Geordie, sir,” Came young Ian’s reply.

Between 6:00 AM and 6:45 AM: You can find him riding his bright orange bike around the neighborhoods and subdivisions of Boone, N.C., delivering papers to those on the street. He passes a few dog-walkers here-and-there, a couple of kids getting into their cars for school. Some old men watering their plants or wives kissing their husbands as they headed for work. On the rare occasion he’d find a smiling face, he would smile back. Sometimes he’d even be offered a to-go cup of coffee or a muffin or a bottle of water. He always loved those people–the ones who didn’t see him as invisible.

7:00 AM: He heads for the subdivision called Simon’s Landing–the nicer of most of the subdivisions he has the pleasure of riding through–and delivers his papers to all of the houses.

7:30 AM: Ian, sure all his papers had been delivered, heads back for home, a 45-minute ride from his current location.

It’s here that our story changes, on the dawn of the twentieth of December 1982

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