Mornings suck but

Grab a coffee, eat some nice food, take a warm, comfortable shower and listen to music. Make a list of things due today, make a list of non academic things to do today, complete these tasks. Make a list of things you will (most likely) have to do in the afternoon. Pick the ‘evening reading’ book in the morning. Brush your teeth. Remember to fill up your water bottle. Remember to bring your phone, wallet, keys and earphones. Remember to bring a sweater and tissues. Keep deodorant in your bag. Remember to put deodorant on in the morning. Check that your laptop is fully charged. If it’s not, put your charger in your bag. Bring a phone charger. These are the small reminders to keep you organised in the morning.

Can’t believe I’m up this early myself! Since university started, I’ve been prone to late nights and consequently late morning lie ins, however this morning I decided something needed to change. Since 7:30 I’ve been working on my lab report and managed to fit in a delicious cooked breakfast (see hot chocolate and orange juice on desk). Hope your mornings have all been equally as productive.


“My look is clear like a sunflower.
I walk the usual roads Looking to the right and to the left,And occasionally looking back And what I see every time It’s what I never before had seen, And I know how to understand well I know I have the essential dumbfounded Who has a child at birth Noticing that indeed born. I am born every moment To the eternal newness of the World.”