I love Morning Glory ever since i was a little kid. Unfortunately I the Morning Glory at my mall closed and moved further away :(
I love their cheap notebooks. Most of them are very thin and very light, about 24-30 pages. I also buy mechanical pencils from there. They are super thin and
light on the hand. Their led sizes varies but I always see 0.5 lead that come in very cute packages, and they are only $1.oo. They also have very cute plush and dolls perfect for a gift to your loved one.


I’ve been buying form CutePencilCase since high school and i’ve always had terrific experience. They have funky looking pencil cases that always make school fun. Even though they have a lot of expencive cases,they have very cute ones for as low as $3.85. It’s okay, even though they have pricey products, they are excelet quality. They also sell writing utencils such as erasers, in all shapes and sizes, pencils and high lighters, desk supplies and more.


They have been opening many Daiso Japan stores lately and I am happy
there is one in my home town :) This is my go to place when I am in need of school supplies because everything is $1.50!!! You can buy stuff
online but I highly recomennd going to the actual store because they have a lot more kawaii products to choose from! They are super high quality and have the cutest of stationary. They have products from Japanese beauty supplies to ceramic cups to underwear to stationary to toys to EVERYTHING. This store has EVERYTHING


Morning Glory is a popular ornamental plant and used in medicine, however it is a toxic plant as it contains many alkaloids. The seeds may cause hallucinations, neurological damage and severe diarrhoea. Ingestion of the seeds can be particular dangerous if the victim has a history of liver disorders.

Morning Glory

Tom was a morning person. As in getting up at five or four am, when the sun was rising, then taking a quick shower, eating breakfast, doing his homework and going for a run. This was his routine during weeks. Weekends he just skipped the homework part. This time he had a brilliant idea. Usually a loner, having now a friend (at least he hoped so) he decided to pull Lewis into this. The boy looked like he needed a bit of a good old fashioned work out. 

He planned on making this a regular thing. Lewis should be thankful.

He jogged to the other boy’s house, waving his goodbye to his care takers, beforehand. 

The air was still mostly stinking with the pollution but it was much cleaner that during the day. It was 6 am and before he got to Lewis’s apartment it was 7 am. He knocked at the doors waiting for them to open.