reblog if ur a teen and on summer break, you sleep/chill in bed till after noon

my mom thinks no teen in america does this except my sis and i, so if yall can do this, id appreciate it. reblog so i can prove a point to my mom.


poetry files: ep 2 - Astrid Rosero Curet

Poetry Files is a video series that highlights the work of Latinxs/Latin Americans/Xicanxs that write poetry.

In this second installment Astrid shows us around her place on a relaxing Sunday morning. We cook alcapurrias together and visit her favorite thrift store as she recites some of her work.

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doctor-nut  asked:

Yoooo can I get a headcanon request in? Cuz I just finished working an 8 hour shift and I have another shift in less than 5 hours but I honestly can't get my ass to sleep whoopsss. That all being said, how would Reaper, Genji, and Lucio help an s/o go to bed and what are their morning routines with their s/o?

Reaper (Overwatch)

Going to bed: He’d just pick you up and put you in the bed, and make you lay there.

Morning Routine: He lets you get in the bathroom first, unless he wakes up way before you normally do.

Genji (Overwatch)

Going to bed: He’d more gently force you to bed. Gets you warm drinks to try and soothe you into a more relaxed state.

Morning Routine: Like Reaper, he lets you go get ready first.

Lucio (Overwatch)

Going to bed: He’d play lullabies (or sing them) for you. He wouldn’t make you go to bed, just have you sit with him and try to relax.

Morning Routine: He hogs the mirror a bit, but makes sure you have your space needed. He likes taking morning showers with you.

new position at work has been sucking the life out of me… you will see me on here less now… this training process is just.. 

so… much… online courses… and reading… fmllll

anonymous asked:

what is your general study schedule? how many hours a day do you study//do school work?:D

ooh ok so i’ve been receiving these a lot so i’m gonna make this rather detailed bc i never thought it would be such an faq!


  • if my afternoons are free, i’ll
    • go for a run / to the gym
    • do my homework
  • i normally study in the evenings, from 8 to 11-ish
    • so i guess that’s about 3 hours?
    • i do my homework
    • + revise for the week’s tests
    • + write notes if i have free time
    • + work on practice papers / problems


  • i reserve my mornings for shows and relaxing lol
  • i normally start studying around 1 til 9 at night
    • i guess 7+ hours per day?
    • i try to finish my hw on sat afternoons
    • and ofc i eat dinner too
    • the rest of sat night + sunday is for revision + studying + notes
  • if i have a lot of work / catching up to do, i might start @ 10-ish tbh
    • and maybe end at 10 pm
    • so 10+ hours if i take out my lunch + dinner time

maybe this will give you a little insight HAHAHA but tbh who actually cares about my schedule, i’d rly like to know.