For this week’s photo, Ayachan shared a picture she took with Yaguchi Mari! Yaguchi Mari is a former member of Morning Musume, and she’s currently the host of Tuesday TheNIGHT. They appeared together at the AbemaTV 1st Anniversary press conference last week, and Yaguchi-san was really nice to Ayachan and even wanted to take a picture with her!

This made Ayachan really happy, since she was a fan of Yaguchi-san during her time in Morning Musume and Minimoni. Ayachan was in elementary school at the time, and this was a really tough time for her. She was nerdy and didn’t have any friends, and she was even bullied. She hated going to school, but it was thanks to Morning Musume that she kept on going and doing her best! She said that it’s probably because of Morning Musume that she ever wanted to become an idol in the first place, and when she was young she actually wished that she could be a part of Minimoni!

Ayachan said that Yaguchi-san was so kind, that it reminded her of something. She said “The person I like was so kind. The happy times have increased.” That’s a line from Morning Musume’s classic song “ThePeace!”

There’s a rumor in Japanese MM fandom someone might be announcing grad soon because the girls have been acting weird and not one member except Haachin updated their blog today. I know grad rumors out of nowhere are usually bull, but with so many older members now (4 are 20 and up, 7 are 18 and up), so many changes lately, you never know, and the wota notice things better than we do… :/            


36 :名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/:2017/04/22(土) 13:28:54.89

I think it’s a great achievement of 13th Gen to have blown away that cheerless atmosphere which had caught up Morning Musume ever since Sayashi graduated. And it’s also a big surprise to me that it’s Kaga who has made it.


 I would love to see 10ki performing Seishun Domannaka for a last time together, just like 9ki at Rihoriho’s graduation.            


There are many forms of “being helpful to people”… but from now on, I feel strongly that I want to help people in another way, I want to make people smile, I want to make them happy.

- Suzuki Kanon : 9th GenerationJanuary 2, 2011 - May 31, 2016

Your time in Morning Musume wasn’t necessarily a walk in the park, and while I definitely believe you deserved more than you got, I’m happy you were a member of Morning Musume. You’re deserving of a happy future. Thank you for everything!


Shabadado: The Origin of Life Sexy’s Catchphrase…


Apparently Akiko Morishima, the Yuri Kuma Arashi mangaka, is a notoriously huge fan of Sayumi Michishige of Morning Musume, who recently graduated from being the leader. Morishima stated on her twitter in October 2014 that she is moved to tears every time she watches this video…


JunJun’s weibo translation


I am not sure how to express my feeling now…

Between 2013 and 2014, I lost my earliest email address password.

Since then, I lost contact with all the members.

Before, we could still contact each other through email…

And the last email was around when Aichan and I met in Beijing…

Later, I got an instagram account , 

through different method, I communicated with Aichan and Koharu for a few times

And one time I contacted Reina Senpai.

But since Instagram was not as convenient as Weico ( in her location) 

I could only get member’s update from MM fans’ comments or news from the internet…

Today my house got a new internet provider , and I signed up for an Ameba account and followed Rabbit Senpai. I could not send direct message to her , so I could only leave a comment. I wonder if she saw it.

At last, due to the inconvenience , I pushed myself to buy a VPN. 

Finally I contacted Koharu through Instagram today ,

and then I got her line account.

And for the whole afternoon, I tried to figure out how to install line app in iphone( Line app is not in the app store in her location ) 

At last , thanks my husband for helping me to settle it. 

And now I am ready !!

I was not sure how to express this, I felt happy, and looking forward to communicate with the other members. 

My husband said that I was so silly that whenever I watched those original video I would cry. I told him, “ I cried because I cannot see them”