Coffee and Creamer

Author’s Note: FINALLY! Thank you for being patient. To the two cupcakes who requested a sequel to The Mistress and to the cupcake who requested a blow job fic, I hope you enjoy!

You’d woken up to the smell of coffee and the faint sunlight peeking through the curtains. You rolled over in bed, tangling yourself in the soft, silk sheets, and looked at the time. He had 08:00 meeting that morning and by the distant sound of his voice, you could tell he was already tired. You knew it wasn’t easy being a CEO and, now that you were dating one, you realized just how much he gave himself to his company.  

You groggily got up and made your way to the bathroom. Pushing your hair out of your way to wash your face and brush your teeth, you tried to make yourself look fresh faced. You slipped into his shirt from the night before and followed the sound of his voice to the living room.

He was sitting hunched over his laptop, his glasses sitting dangerously close to the edge of his nose as he glossed over the multitudes of papers on the table. The voices on the telecom were talking over each other, crunching numbers and organizing deadlines, in what seemed like an overwhelming chaos. Nonetheless, your boyfriend calmly listened, writing notes here and there and interjecting his comments intermittently.

His looked up at you and smiled. You smiled back and, careful to be quiet, walked over to kiss him on the lips.

“Good morning.” You mouthed silently to him.

“Morning” he mouthed back.

You took the empty coffee cup from the table and went into the kitchen. You knew he drank his coffee black, but you couldn’t quite get over the bitterness and opened the refrigerator for some milk. You stopped, staring down at the little bottle of hazelnut coffee creamer in the shelf.  You mentioned how much you liked that particular creamer once days ago and here it was. Even though you’d only been officially dating for a few weeks, he’d already ensured that you had everything you needed when you were over from a toothbrush to feminine hygiene products and now your favorite coffee creamer. You stopped smiling like an idiot and closed the refrigerator, but it reappeared as you poured the coffees and went back to the living room.

He saw you coming with the reinforcements and patted his lap welcomingly. You blushed, placing his mug on the table before seating yourself on his lap.

“You’re the best. I love you.” He said quietly. You were rewarded with a quiet kiss on your shoulder before he regained his professionalism and carried on with his work call.

Despite the fact that you’d been fucking for over a year, these past few weeks felt brand new. You’d exchange shy looks over dinner as if you hadn’t already seen his cum face millions of times before. Simple, lingering touches or cuddles still seemed awkward at first regardless of how many evenings you’d spent bouncing on his dick or sitting on his face. Even quick “I gotta go or I’ll be late” kisses still made your stomach flip. It was all very strange, but you were enjoying it.

You reached over, pulling his face towards yours and kissed him affectionately. His flustered smile made your heart swell. You motioned for him to go back to his call while you busied yourself with checking your own schedule on your phone. He hadn’t been sitting for five minutes before you felt the familiar bulge beneath you. You turned to your boyfriend, who had a cheeky smile on his face, and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“I can’t help it. You’re just so sexy.” He whispered back, his deep voice making goose bumps raise over your skin. He shifted under you, adjusting you between his legs with a groan. “Baby…” he said in a voice you knew all too well.  

“Remember that you’re on a work call.” You murmured as a heat began to ignite in your lower belly. “You should be paying attention.”

“We’re wrapping up anyway.” He said, trailing kisses up your shoulder to the weak spot on your neck. You moaned softly and felt him smile against your skin. He spoke in Korean towards his phone to which another voice answered back. Switching back to English, he turned to you.

“Show Daddy what that pretty mouth can do, hmm?” He knew what to say to you to make you weak. You knew you should leave him alone and let him work. You hesitated, wanting him to maintain his professionalism rather than succumb to his own neediness. The erection pressed against you warned that it was probably too late for that.

“And when you’re whining and moaning my name?” you asked as you stood up from him lap, turning towards him and kneeling down between his legs. “What would your executives think of their CEO then?” you inquired as you pulled the shirt over your head, leaving you in just your panties. He didn’t answer, but the way the thin material of his pajama pants were tenting gave him away. His tongue glided over his lips cautiously as you pulled the edge of his bottoms down and took him in your hand. You kissed the head of his cock lightly, teasing him with feather light touches. You lazily licked at the shaft of his cock, focusing on coating him with your saliva rather than getting him off. You looked up at him, enjoying the strained look on his face. To your surprise, he was maintaining his professionalism quite well. You intended to change that. You pushed his knees further apart, raking your nails along his inner thighs. He sucked in a breath of air, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip.  You gripped his dick and spit on it, using the flick of your wrist to erase any friction as you began to pump him.

“F-f-f-fuck.” He groaned quietly, sliding forward in the chair.

“I haven’t even done anything yet baby.” You teased, placing a kiss to his inner thigh. You playfully bit down on the place you’d just kissed, producing a surprised, throaty moan.

“Mmm, don’t do that sweetheart.” He warned, although it carried almost no threat judging by the way his eyes were glazing over.

“But I like the way it makes your cock twitch in my hand.” You said provocatively. His hand came down to caress your jawline as an airy smile played on his lips.

“I’ll cum too quick if you keep doing that.” he said.

You smirked and slowly took the head of his cock in your mouth. Swirling your tongue over his slit while gently sucking on the tip of him, you wrapped your fingers around his shaft. Even at such an erotic moment, you wanted to make him feel good. You wanted to show him how much you cared about him. You began doing what you knew he liked, pleasuring him as best you could. His breathing turned ragged as he tried to keep quiet.

His booming voice, loud and clear, startled you. He said a few things into his phone while slamming his laptop closed. You’d already forgotten that he was on a conference call, the sound of his executives had become background noise long ago. He said a few more hurried words then pressed the end call button on his phone repeatedly before tossing it across the room and onto the sofa. You would have giggled if not for the lustful, almost carnal, look in his eyes. He reached down for you, grabbing you by the sides of your face and kissed you intensely. You moaned into the kiss as his fingers moved down, gently squeezing around your throat. Just as quickly, he pulled away from you, his teeth pulling at your bottom lip. You let out a small whimper at the loss of contact.

“Baby.” He said breathily. You looked up at him through your eyelashes. He looked gorgeous with his blown pupils and swollen lips. “Take your panties off.” He groaned, “I want you to play with that pussy while you suck my cock.” His words had you soaking through your panties almost instantly. You obeyed, stopping long enough to step out of your panties and kick them aside before squatting back down. You wrapped your lips around the head of his cock again, bobbing your head up and down in a steady rhythm. With newfound fervor, you pleasured him with your mouth while taking your free hand and gingerly touching yourself. You were surprisingly sensitive. Turning him on turned you on. You slowly circled your clit, moaned around his dick at the feeling. He moved his hand to your hair, gathering it up into a pony tail.

“You’re so gorgeous, baby.” He moaned. You relaxed your jaw, taking as much of him as you could. You could feel his hips jerking and knew he was close. You bobbed your head in time with his thrusts, moaning and drooling down his cock until his hips stilled and ropes of hot cum coated your throat. You swallowed around him, causing him to shriek out in pleasure and pain. You leaned back, still dazed, and admired how fucked out he looked.

“Come here.” He said. You stood up and leaned into him, bringing your lips to his hungrily. He kissed your back, tasting himself on your lips. His hands snaked around your thighs, his hands cupping your ass and hoisting you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist instinctively while kissing along his jawline and nipping at his neck. He plopped you down on the table (on top of all his paperwork). He kissed your lips, trailed down to your décolleté, sucking lightly on the skin above your collarbone and down to your breast. Wrapping one of your peaked nipples in his mouth and pinching the other, you threw your head back at the sharp but pleasant feeling. He switched, giving each nipple equal parts of pleasure and pain.

“Babe…” you moaned, trying to urge him to go lower.

“Lean back baby.” He pressed gently. You lay back on the table. “I want your legs up.” He said, pushing your legs up towards your face. You grabbed your calves and held your legs in place for him. “That’s it, baby girl. Just like that.” You moaned at the feeling of his soft lips on your thighs. He bit down, almost exactly where you’d bitten him earlier, and playfully sucked on the soft skin while he massaged your opposite thigh. As good as this felt, you needed him in another place.  

“Baby…” you squirmed. He smiled darkly as he seated himself between your legs.

“You’re so wet for me.” he groaned. He carefully outlined your pussy. His faint touches made you squirm, tickling and tantalizing all at once. He smirked, fully aware of the affect he had, and continued to tease you for what seemed like hours.

“You are so rude!” you yelled out in frustration. He giggled childishly, his face shinning with mischievous joy.

“You like when I play with your pretty pussy, don’t you?” he asked as he began to rub circles into your clit with the pad of his thumb, making you jerk in pleasure. All of his teasing had made your clit hypersensitive.

“Yes, but please…” you urged, trying to relieve some of the pressure building. The more you moved towards him, eager to feel him, the more he pulled away.

“Please what? Tell Daddy what you want.” He teased, punishing you by firmly spanking your clit, sending satisfying shocks up your body. You yelped out, arching your back towards him.

“Fuck me, please.” You moaned out in frustration.

“Hmmm, no…not yet.” He said, “I want you to cum on my tongue first.” You almost screamed when his warm tongue finally brushed over your clit. He circled over your clit before running his tongue up and down your pussy and stopping at your clit again. “You taste so good, so sweet.” He praised, lapping noisily at the arousal pooling at your entrance. You were weak for his praise. You moaned loudly with each trace of his tongue, each lick, each bite. You weren’t going to last very long, every touch bringing you closer and closer to your climax. He flattened his tongue on your clit and shook his head quickly, making your whole body contract.

“Spread your legs.” He said looking up at you, his tone gentle yet firm. You weakly complied, if only enough to keep from suffocating him. He returned to his work, his tongue gliding across your pussy with ease. He didn’t let up, applying the perfect amount of pressure and sloppily making out with your clit. You reached out for his shoulders as your moans turned into screams.

“Don’t stop! You’re gonna make me cum!” you warned. He gripped your thighs tightly as he brought you crashing into a mind blowing orgasm. He guided you through a second orgasm, his tongue never leaving your clit until you couldn’t handle it anymore.

He sat back in the chair and licked his lips. You looked over at him, his mouth slick with your juices. He winked at you as he wiped his mouth with the back on his hand.

“That was so fucking sexy, baby.” He said. He stood up and pushed the chair out of his way. Grabbing your legs, he pulled you to the edge of the table. You watched as he pumped himself in his hand before positioning himself between your legs. You bit your lip in anticipation, but instead of fucking you senseless he began tracing the tip of his cock against your labia with a look of concentration.

“Don’t fucking tease me, please!” you mewled. He groaned deeply, the guttural sound making you wetter (if that was at all possible).

“Really baby?” He taunted as he wiggled his cock against your clit. “After all those times you would tie me up and leave me begging for you to touch me? Don’t tell me you can’t handle a little overstimulation.” Any other time, you would have wiped that smug look off his pretty face, but right now he deserved to gloat. Your pussy was throbbing so hard you thought you’d cum a third time if the wind blew on it.

“Please baby, please just fuck m – OH FUCK” you moaned out in unison as he entered you, the mixture of your slickness and his pre cum allowing him to fill you effortlessly. His grip on your thighs would no doubt leave a bruise, but neither of you cared at the moment. He pulled out completely before slamming back into you, the loud sound of skin on skin and your mutual moans filling the room. He fucked you in earnest, giving you everything he had left in him. You held onto whatever your hands could reach, your eyes rolling in the back of your head in pleasure as his thrusts became jerkier.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He huffed in between ragged breaths. You nodded, words escaping you in favor of moans. “Rub your clit for me, baby.” He said huskily, sweat beginning to pour down his face and onto your stomach.

“B-but, it’s too sensitive.” You squealed. Hearing you disobey, he looked at you with a frown and reached up and grabbed your cheeks gently, tilting your head back.

“Right now.” He ordered, placing a kiss on your lips. Despite the gentleness in his voice, there was a dark dominance behind it that you didn’t dare disobey. You did as you were told, moaning as your body jerked at the sensation. Your orgasm hit you by surprise, making your body convulse in ecstasy.  His (whiny) orgasm was seconds later, your contracting walls milking his orgasm out of him.

He collapsed on top of you, his sweaty body weight comforting you in the aftermath. While you both regained your breaths, he began peppering your face with kisses, stopping frequently to savor the taste of your lips while his fingers gently rubbed soothing circles into your hips. All of his dominance was now replaced with sweetness and gentleness. You held onto him tightly, feeling a fresh wave of affection for him. You could feel his heart beat pounding in his chest. It was calming.

“I love you” he said. You kissed him again, smiling up at him when he pulled away for air.

“I love you too.”

Morning Light

Filthy smutty smutty smut. That’s all this is.

Please enjoy and send me your feedback! I love hearing your thoughts!


When I woke up, I could feel his breath hot and heavy on the back of my neck; his arms were tightly secured around my waist. My back was pressed to his toned chest; his left thigh was trapped between my own. He was snoring lightly. There was a little light coming through the crack in the curtain. I guessed that it was still pretty early morning.

I rolled over in his arms to face him. There was a beam of light illuminating his face. His eyes were closed, eyelashes fanned across his cheeks. His lips were parted slightly, but there was a trace of a smile there. I petted my knuckles down his jaw line before leaning forward and pressing a light kiss to his soft, pink lips. He stirred in his sleep and his eyes fluttered open slowly. I kissed the corner of his mouth and leaned back again. When I opened my eyes he was regarding me thoughtfully, a sleepy smile spread slowly across his lips. I grinned and nuzzled my nose against his.

“G’morning,” he greeted, his morning voice deep and raspy, vibrating the air around my mouth.


“Sleep well, love,” he asked. I nodded my head.

“Mhmm,” I purred, “How about you,” I whispered as I traced his plump lips with my fingertip.

“Much better now that I’m here with you,” he replied quietly. I looked into his bright green eyes as I smiled again and he smiled back at me. I wrapped my fingers around the back of his neck and pressed my lips to his. The hand on my waist pulled me flush with him. I was wearing a t-shirt and panties but he was fully naked as per usual. I placed my palm on his bare chest as he closed his mouth around my bottom lip, gently sucking before releasing it.

I felt his cock stir against my leg as his hand made its way up my shirt; his fingertips gently ghosting up my stomach. My tongue flicked out and licked at his bottom lip before pressing my mouth back on his. He rolled over on top of me and I welcomed the weight of him, having been too long since I had last felt it.

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sherlock’s list of john’s kisses

  • good morning closed mouth kisses
  • good night kisses
    • quick peck rates at 2/10
    • serious kiss rates at 5/10 
    • forehead rates at 8/10
    • sleepy smear at whatever part of me he can reach rates at 10/10
  • the “I’m interested if you’re interested” kiss
  • the “I’m definitely interested” kiss
  • the “maybe later” kiss
  • the “maybe once you scrape whatever that used to be off the ceiling” kiss
  • the “oh my god I’m so exhausted but keep doing that” kiss
  • the “oh my god I’m so exhausted no thank you” kiss
  • the “ok right now please” kiss
  • the “I just had a nightmare and I’m sorry but I need some space” kiss
  • the “I just had a nightmare and I need you here” kiss
  • the “you just had a nightmare what do you need” kiss
  • the “no one had a nightmare but I woke up in the middle of the night and you look so beautiful I had to do something” kiss
  • stop and pause in the middle of sex kiss
    • because I asked rates at 10/10
    • because we got too close too fast rates at 10/10
    • because he wants to slow down and take his time rates at 10/10
    • because I asked him to speed up and he’s laughing at me rates at 9/10
  • milky tea kisses in the afternoon
    • when it’s raining add +2
  • garlicky kisses after pasta
    • when it’s pasta from angelo’s +2
    • when it’s pasta john made +3
    • when it’s pasta john made when it’s raining +4
  • kisses when john is smiling
    • giggling +4
    • laughing +2
    • pretending to be cross +1
  • at a crime scene kisses
    • because I solved it +2
    • because john solved it +3
    • because someone got flirty with me +3
    • because someone got shirty with me +3
    • because someone got flirty with john +5
  • because he can kisses
  • because he can’t not kisses
  • because I said something he thought was charming
  • because I didn’t say something, for seven years, and almost not at all
  • because it’s christmas
  • because it’s my birthday
  • because it’s his birthday
  • because it’s 29th january
  • because it’s our annivesary
  • because I said yes
It’s My Job

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 6,985 (I don’t know what happened.)

Warnings- A tiny bit of swearing, and a hospital theme throughout. But it’s super fluffy!
It’s set in London (mainly because I’m from the UK and writing things set in my country is easier while I’m just starting!) and it’s also in my dream land where Lin is playing Hamilton in London when it comes. Also, please excuse my basic/mediocre medical knowledge.

A/N- I’ve had this written for a while but I didn’t know when to post it. Especially with An Ocean Away still in full swing. But I’ve bitten the bullet and I’m just going to go for it. It’s a biggie, so I’ve split it with lines in case anyone needs a break in between. I hope you all enjoy it! 


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B99 + Tinder AU: in which Jake and Amy match on Tinder. 
→ set pre-show/early season onewritten after I impulsively downloaded Tinder instead of working on my other AU in progress

In a moment of insanity and slight tipsiness, she lets Kylie download Tinder on her phone. (”Amy, what do you want your Bio to say?” “Ooh, how about how I’m in a nationally-ranked trivia team?” “Nope, none of that.”)

In a moment of four-drink-drunkenness, she swipes right on Jake Peralta. 

She wakes up on Saturday morning with her mouth dry and her head pounding. Groaning, Amy lifts one hand to shield her eyes from the way-too-bright light streaming in through the curtains. With her other hand, she gropes blindly for her phone on the bedside table. When she doesn’t find it immediately, she drags herself out of bed and makes her way toward the kitchen. 

She gets herself a glass of water and fishes her phone out of her purse, which was on the floor just a few paces away from the messy heap of fabric that was her coat and scarf. 

She opens her phone, and her eyebrows scrunch together at the notification on the screen: “Congratulations! You have a new match!

Her eyes flicker to the icon accompanying the message. The small red flame brings back hazy memories of the night before - Kylie taking her phone hostage and downloading the app, Kylie setting up her profile, the two of them cracking up while swiping left and right for an hour. 

She sips from her glass and pulls up the app with a sigh. She taps the screen a few times to check her matches and messages, bracing herself for anything inappropriate and praying she didn’t send out anything too terrible herself. (She doesn’t recall doing any messaging of her own, but she also doesn’t recall getting home and throwing her jacket on the floor, so.) 

She chuckles at a few of the messages and grimaces at others, but her heart nearly stops, and she almost drops her glass when she scrolls down and sees a very familiar name.

In his tiny profile picture, he’s looking somewhere off camera and has a single eyebrow raised. His lips are drawn into a somewhat half smirk, half smile. For some reason, she can just hear Gina’s voice, giving him directions on how to pose. (”Okay, Jake. Remember, we’re going for sexy, but not like we’re trying too hard. Like, sure, we’re trying, but it’s almost effortless.”) 

There’s a blue star on his photo, and Amy vaguely recalls Kylie telling her this means he swiped up to “Super Like” her. Her ears burn at the idea Jake would ever actually super like her. 

After setting her glass down on her coffee table and taking a seat on her couch (to avoid breaking glassware, falling over, or other potential consequences), she takes a deep breath and opens up his messages. 

santiago’s on tinder?! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!!! were the magic themed singles nights not working out for you? :o

gotta say i’m supes flattered you swiped right

but fyi i’m totally going to bring this up at briefing on monday

the whole world has to know i matched with amy santiago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She rolls her eyebrows but continues reading. 


unless you don’t want me to?? 


k you’re not replying

that tells me you either passed out in shock after matching with me (tbh i get it, nbd) 

or you and kylie are having the craziest night of your life :P 

There’s a new timestamp before the next message, and when she checks, she finds he sent it over half an hour after the prior one.

look i’m only saying this cause you swiped right first but if this wasn’t a joke and you were actually interested, i’d be up for dinner or whatever 

It’s the last of his messages, and it sends her reeling. 

Heart racing and hands shaking, she fumbles with her phone to call her best friend. She figures the woman who got her in this mess should help her out of it.

“H-hello?” Kylie’s voice is hoarse and weak, and this makes Amy feel a teensy bit better about her own hangover. Except she’s still freaking out. 


There’s a laugh on the other line. “Honey, you grabbed your phone from me to swipe right the second his face came on the screen and then yelled at it when he hadn’t responded within 30 seconds. You didn’t even bother reading his bio - although I checked, and it was just full of Die Hard quotes and emojis… Not the best or most creative. Like what does that even mean dating-wise? What does that tell you about him as a potential lover? Nothing, Amy, nothing. The only thing it says is that his ideal date is probably a Die Hard marathon and make out session.“

“Oh, God, can we not analyze Peralta’s Tinder profile right now?” 

You asked about him! Anyway, what’s up, boo? Did your smoking hot partner actually match with you?” 

“Smoking hot?”

“Your words, not mine.” 

Her cheeks flare up at that, and she groans. She combs her free hand through her hair. “He might have… sent me a bunch of messages and said he was up for dinner or whatever if I was actually interested.”

Kylie makes a high-pitched squeal, and Amy has to bring her phone away from her ear for a second. When she brings it back, her best friend’s talking a mile a minute. “So you are going out with him, right? There is no way in hell you are passing this up, Amy. You’ve been into him forever! You know what, I’m ending this call right now. You need to message him back or text him or call him or something. Text me updates ASAP!” 

The line goes silent after that, and Amy’s left with a bigger headache than the one she woke up with. 

After staring at the ceiling for another minute or hour (she can’t tell), she goes back into the app and pulls up his message. Throwing all caution to the wind, she sends: Hey! :) Are you free tonight?

His reply comes almost instantaneously, which is good because she otherwise would have gone insane.

ya! what do you want to do?? i’m up for anything ;)

ps that winky face wasn’t meant to be sexual or anything, we could literally just sit and talk and eat

or something

no pressure 

An increasingly familiar swell of affection rises in her chest. She pauses to consider her response. Die Hard and takeout at my place?

noice. i’ll be there @ 6

can’t wait, ames!!!!!!! ♥

A series of knocks sounding vaguely like the Imperial March announces his arrival later. Amy tucks her hair behind her ears, takes a deep breath, and gets the door. 

Jake has a boyish grin on his face and a spark of amusement in his eyes. “Y’know, Amy, Tinder’s Safety Tips page says you’re always meant to meet someone in public. I hope you don’t invite all your matches to your apartment for movie night. What would Holt say if you got murdered? How would we explain your death to your parents?”

She chuckles and rolls her eyes. Just like that, all the nervousness she felt dissipates. “Come in, Jake.” 

The night ends up going on both of their good date lists. - They order Chinese and fight over the last egg roll. Jake recites half the lines of the movie. (Only half because Amy shushes him at some point). They make out on her couch as the end credits roll over the screen. 

They also delete their Tinder accounts. 


moments unforgettable...

Just a little Saturday morning smutlet…happy weekend!

She’s humming to herself as she scrubs at the remnants of cinnamon stuck in the depths of her mug and doesn’t hear him approach from behind, his bare feet making little sound on the hardwood as he cages her in with his arms. He chuckles at her flinch and she flicks the water from her fingers over her shoulder in retaliation.

“Sorry, love, didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Yes you did.”

He doesn’t respond, instead seeking the soft skin behind her ear with his slightly wet nose, his lips pressing a smile along her neck when he feels her responsive shiver.

“I was getting lonely.”

“I’ve only been over here for a few minutes…”

Who is she kidding? The way their lives are, a few minutes might be all they have before someone comes crashing through their door with a problem that just must be solved.

The grumble he mumbles against her skin sounds like an agreement to her unspoken thought.

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Spring Day

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Request: Could you maybe write some newtxdeaf reader?? Like maybe what living in the newtcase would be like, if he learns sign language or something along those lines? thank you!

Request: Maybe an imagine where the reader is deaf?

A/N: I really like this request! Thank you so much! I was really nervous about writing it because I wanted to make it as loving and realistic as possible; I really hope I did it some justice! xx

You wake up with a gentle touch on your face and as you flutter your eyes open you’re met with soft hazel eyes.

“Good Morning,” Newt mouths and you grin in return. “Good Morning,” you sign back weakly, as your tired limbs lazily move in front of you.

Biting his lip softly, Newt curls up his fingers and taps on his mouth a number of times, slowly. “Breakfast?” he mouths, and you nod back slowly. “Please.” you sign back.

As Newt bends down to give you a soft peck on your forehead and stands up, you can’t help but smile to yourself and close your eyes. Living in silence used to be a nightmare for you, you often felt like you were living inside a bubble.

Always able to see but never participate.

Of course, you were thankful for what you had, but your heart always seemed to break just a tiny bit whenever you would see children laughing or someone walking with their headphones in, head bobbing to the beat of the song.

You had been deaf for as long as you could remember and although it wasn’t easy to learn both sign language and english it kept you occupied enough to not notice what you were missing out on.

Everything really changed when you met Newt, in fact, you could recall it as easily as if it was yesterday.

Being alone was always a preference of yours really, it never bothered you to be out by yourself, truth be told, that was exactly how you would entertain yourself.

Although it’s true you couldn’t hear, you were fully convinced that sounds were nothing but a distraction at times. There were loads of things you could do if one simply observed- and because that’s all you did, you were the absolute best at it.

Your thoughts were proven correct when you felt someone bump into you.

Immediately, you retreated and turned, only to come face to face with one of the softest faces you had ever seen. “Sorry,” you saw the man say and in return you shyly smiled before looking down.

It was only seconds later before you looked back up, but by the time you did, the man was already ten steps ahead of you; walking calmly away.

However just as you were about to go off on your merry way, you felt your foot step on something hard, and as you looked down, your eyes focused on what looked like a fancy wooden stick. You bent down and carefully picked up the strange object, perplexed by its magnificent structure.

Seconds passed by before you connected two and two together and before you knew it, you were running after the strange man with soft eyes. You couldn’t help but nearly run into him as you approached him, causing him to widen his eyes in alarm.

You saw him mutter something that was just way too quick for you to decipher as he steadied you, but in reply you merely held up the wooden stick, causing his eyes to widen the size of dinner plates.

“Where did you get this?” you saw him ask and you signed in reply- but as soon as your hands started moving, his eyes met yours with a worried expression. “I’m sorry.”  you saw him say and your hopes fell.

Your eyes lit up as an idea popped into your head and slowly you pointed towards the stick and then quickly to the floor, you bit your lip hoping he understood. “I dropped it?” he asked and you nodded furiously, happy that he understood what you were trying to say.

You couldn’t help but sigh to yourself as he walked away slowly after thanking you numerous times, but before you could walk away, you saw him turn to look at you before turning away quickly once his eyes met yours.

Flush coated your cheeks as your hand found its way to your chest only to realize that your heart was practically skipping beats. Shaking your head, you decided that you had enough adventure for one day and began your way home.

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Happy (Not) Valentines Day

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: Something fun for Valentines day, for those of you who are celebrating, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! For those who don’t, HAPPY TUESDAY!

→ A Lavender rose, like its color conveys enchantment. It also expresses “love at first sight”, while purple lilac symbolizes first love.

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Okay, so I wrote another thing (I’ve been writing things, guys) and I’m happy with how it came out. Granted, there are going to be mistakes but this is just something that I thought would help exit me from my bad mood. And it did!

We’ve been talking about Tony in yoga pants and crop tops because how can we not? And @thegoldenavenger drew this incredibly piece  and I’ve been screaming ever since. So please enjoy pining!Steve and him not handling how wonderful Tony looks in crop tops and yoga pants. 

If there could only be one thing said about Tony Stark, it would be that he was spontaneous. No one knew what was running through that mind of his and it was difficult to predict what he would do next.

Most people liked to think to Tony only enjoyed one thing and that was invent. It was easy to see why as he spent most of his time holed up in his workshop. It was easy to think that Tony was a person who only enjoyed inventing and creating, sketching out new ideas and bringing them to life.

But that wasn’t the case, it wasn’t the case at all.

Tony did enjoy more than one thing and the team knew most of them.

He was a fan of going paintballing, he loved playing the piano because it reminded him of wonderful times with his mother, and he enjoyed cooking and was really good at it. These were just to name a few but another one of Tony’s favourite past-times were revealed one early Thursday.

Steve had just came back from his usual early morning jog and he was busy guzzling down a big bottle of water. The sun had been ruthless today, its heat making him sweat more than he did and the inside of his mouth dry. He could hear Sam’s annoying voice telling him, “It’s important to bring a bottle of water with you at all times, man,” and there was the unmistakable urge to punch something followed by a gentle, “Don’t worry, he’s never going to find out,” and Steve didn’t know if he was going a little crazy or not.

No one else was awake as yesterday had been rather eventful due to a random villain that decided attacking New York would be great. The guy wasn’t all that experienced, called himself ‘The Maniac’ and had a laugh so high pitched that it could have rivalled an excited toddler’s. His plan for evil was to simply unleash a gas that would trigger a chemical imbalance within the brain. The explanation got a little more complicated for there and the weather was hot, the team was pissed and all they wanted to do was defeat this guy and go home.

Luckily enough, it was surprisingly quick but stressful and the guy was now locked up, leaving all the citizens to go about their daily lives.

So it had been a tiring day and once debriefing was over, dinner was eaten and goodnights were said before everyone headed off to bed.

Steve had almost finished his water when he heard the sounds of footsteps walking towards the kitchen. He turned to see who was entering the kitchen, lowering the bottle from his mouth to bid them a good morning, when his mouth suddenly went dry…again.

Tony waltzed into the kitchen, a towel wrapped around his neck, and headed towards the coffee machine. He was definitely awake which was a rare enough sight because Tony wasn’t usually up this early or he was but in the depths of his workshop. But that wasn’t what surprised Steve, seeing Tony in the morning was always a pleasant sight. It was how Tony was dressed that made words fail to come out from his mouth.

Tony was dressed in some of the tightest pair of pants that Steve had ever seen, the material hugging to every curve that it was torture. It also brought more emphasis to the already famous bubble butt and Steve found himself staring at it in all its round and plush glory. He had had thoughts about that butt before and what he would do to it if he ever got his hands on it.

But that wasn’t where it ended and Steve didn’t know who decided that today would be a good day to test Steve’s restraint.

Not only was Tony wearing the tightest pants that Steve had never seen but he was also wearing a crop top. A crop top that showed off a muscled stomach and strong arms that could surely hold their own in a fight. The crop top was the colour red with hints of gold and Steve’s lips quirked upwards at the sight of the familiar colour and the pants were black with the Stark Industries lettering on them. The arc reactor shone bright and blue from the middle of Tony’s chest and looking that somehow always made Steve feel like home.

He realized that he had been staring for too long and his gaze had come to land on Tony’s slightly worried face, Tony standing right in front of him. The two of them looked at each other for a moment, standing so close that Steve only had to reach out and his hands would meet warm and bare skin. It was tempting, especially with how Tony looked at him with those brown eyes, eyebrows furrowed as if he was trying to see what Steve was thinking.

“Are you okay there, Cap?” Tony asked, and Steve was quick to nod. “You sure?” he asked again before pointing to the bottle in Steve’s hand.

Steve glanced down and his cheeks heated up so fast at the sight of the bottle crushed in his hand. Tony seemed quite amused, lips pursed as if he was trying to contain his laughter, in a way of allowing Steve to keep some of his dignity.

“I’m fine,” he replied, his voice sounding rough and dry to his ears, and he mentally face-palmed. “I guess I’m just tired for the morning run.”

“You, tired from running?” Tony questioned, an eyebrow raised in disbelief as he leaned against the counter with his coffee in hand. Steve took a deep breath as he nodded, trying to his eyes ahead of him instead of the sight that Tony made.

“Yeah, it was hot outside today and I forget my water so,” Steve trailed off, now trying to figure out an escape route of some sort.

Tony eyed him for a second before softly going, “Uh huh,”, and took a sip from his mug before his lips curved into a smile. “You know, you can join me for yoga if you want.” He offered and Steve’s brain almost short circuited.

“Yo-yoga?” He stuttered, thanking Thor that Tony didn’t notice as he nodded enthusiastically.

“Yeah, Nat introduced it to me and it’s so relaxing,” Tony said, placing the mug in the sink next to him. “It just makes you feel so loose and pliant, just so releases all tension from your muscles.” He made a show to roll his shoulders back, expression going blissful at the thought. “Yeah, you should try it with us sometime.”

Steve only caught about half of what Tony told him because his imagination was already running wild. Tony doing yoga meant that Tony was relatively flexible, bending over with that ass in the air, lifting his legs over shoulders and all that muscle straining-

Coolly, he shifted until the bulge in his pants wasn’t as noticeable.

“Yeah, I’ll join you guys sometime.” Steve said, his smile slightly strained and Tony was pleased with his answer, sporting a huge grin which was always a beautiful sight to behold.

“Awesome,” he replied happily before looking down at his clock and giving a slight grimace. “It’s almost time for today’s session but I’ll talk to you later,” Tony said, still grinning as he ran a hand down Steve’s arm before making his way towards the door.

Steve didn’t know why but he had to look and when he did, he was greeted by the sight of Tony’s gently swaying hips and once again, that ass in those pants.

It was then that Tony turned back to look at him, his lips curved into a sly smile before he gave a knowing wink.

Steve’s brain blue screened and he finally crashed.

I’ve Fallen for You - Tom Redwood

Synopsis: It’s not meant to be a secret. Written as a birthday gift for the one and only @radycat <3.

Pairing: Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler

It’s not meant to be a secret, because it’s not meant to be anything. They find each other as the sun is rising, one morning when they both have time off. Angela looks tired, like a week’s worth of sleep would be too short, but her eyes are wide open, watery and blue in the gray-white light that streams in through the common room window. Fareeha is, and has been, leaning against one of the windows, one leg slung over the extended sill, half-sitting, half-perching, her arms crossed and her eyes on the horizon.

“Why is it always you?” Angela says, and Fareeha has to smile. The dimple in her left cheek shows. Angela stares at it, at Fareeha’s profile, cradled softly by the imminent dawn. She has a strong jaw, high cheekbones, soft-looking wet lips, long eyelashes.

“I could say the same of you.”

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hey ya’ll!!  if any of you requested to be tagged and i’ve missed you, it’s because i’m a dodo and i’m not good of keeping track of things, so just holla at me again and i’ll make sure i tag you!  i appreciate your guys’s comments/reblogs/messages soooo much.  i wish i could put into words the joy it brings me when i see you guys enjoy my writing.  :)

also i said this was gonna come out later this weekend/early next week, but i had the whole day off yesterday and was inspired by the 5 chick flics i watched.

title: homecoming, pt. 5 (or, battle of st. elizabeth)
     ( part one, part two, part three, part four )
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 4267
tagged: @notalwaysfair @hamiltrash-life @aeichajoanes @polymath-pain-in-the-ass @blueco16 @yehummno @ask-aph-belarusian-figure-skater @robotic-space @iconic-sentiments @nadialinett14 @maybeterrance @noluckmonday @theresnofandomforthis @inimitabledaveed

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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Slipped Through His Grasp

Title: Slipped Through His Grasp

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky x Reader 

Genre: Slight angst, Slight fluff

Summary: Steve didn’t know what he had, until it slipped away from him, right into Bucky’s arms. 

Peggy’s death hit him hard. It was one of those moments where it hits him right in his face; the ugly truth that even though he was this high and mighty super soldier, he could not stop all deaths. Some just slip right through his grasp.

But there she was, standing beside him, her small but comforting hand atop of his. She was Steve’s best friend. A tiny girl with a heart big enough to accept all his flaws, staying by him no matter what.

A year after Peggy’s passing, Steve began to move on. He started to loosen up when someone introduced him to a lady, he started to give small smiles and could even muster some harmless flirting here and there.

But there she was, still standing by him, a small, pained smile hung on her lips. Eyes downcast, as she heaved yet another sigh. She’ll never be on the receiving end of Steve’s flirting or his lingering gaze. She’ll always just be his “best doll”.

“(Y/N)!” he called out as he walked into the kitchen, wearing a pair of dark navy sweatpants, white shirt clinging onto him, damp with perspiration.

She was preparing his breakfast as he was walking in. She knew by heart what time his finished his morning jog, how he preferred his eggs on his toast, how he drank his coffee; all these little bits and pieces of information she picked up only served to make her love for him grow.

Burying those thoughts to the back of her mind, she turned to face him, both their breakfasts in hand, she gave him a smile and said, “Morning Cap. Breakfast?”

He circled over to grab the plates from her and replied with a chuckle, “You really are my best girl, doll.”

The duo settled into a comfortable silence until Steve looked up and said “So… I met this girl…”, voice laced with a bit of embarrassment with matching flushed cheeks.

Hearing those words, she felt a hard tug at her heart and the breakfast she was eating suddenly tasted like cardboard. She swallowed her food, tried to push her tears back and gave him the same pained smile on her lips as she whispered “That’s great Steve! I’m… I’m sure she’s amazing.”

Three months passed after the breakfast conversation, Steve and his girlfriend are cuddled on the cozy couch in the compound’s entertainment room as a movie played in the background. (Y/N) walked into the room, took in the sight and hastily turned back to the corridor leading to her bedroom.

Tears of frustration started pooling in her eyes, her eyebrows furrowed and her footsteps heavy. In the haze of her anger, she didn’t notice the figure coming out from the gym. The figure had his eyes trained on her back, a sense of longing seeping through as he sees her turn into the comfort of her room.

Bucky was mostly a quiet soul. Partly from his assassin training, partly because he didn’t know how to fit into a group that used to hate his guts. Most of the Avengers were more than okay with leaving him to his privacy, all of them but (Y/N).

When Steve finally found Bucky, cleared up all the Civil War mess and brought him back to the compound, Bucky couldn’t bring himself to look at anyone in the eye, let alone speak to them. Most of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents were wary of him, and the Avengers left him on his own and pretended he didn’t exist.

(Y/N), though, understood his need for silence. But she also never let him forgot he belonged. She started making an extra big serving of breakfast for him when she prepared hers and Steve’s. She also made sure to include old 40’s films when it was her turn to pick for movie night. She knew Bucky wouldn’t join them, but she tried anyway. She just wanted him to know someone cared.

Another three months has passed, Steve was still with the pretty S.H.I.E.L.D agent. This was the longest relationship he’s had since he came out of ice. (Y/N) and Bucky’s friendship has also blossomed into something neither of them expected. They found solace in each other’s silence and comfort in each other’s gaze.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)? Doll? You here?” Bucky called out, hesitantly pushing her bedroom door open.

(Y/N) was huddled in her thick blanket, sniffles could be heard coming from under.

Hearing that, Bucky hastily closed the door and settled himself on her bed as he quietly wrapped a strong arm over the lump of her covered in the blanket. They stayed in the position in silence for a good long while until (Y/N) poked her head out from under, her face red from sobbing.

She took a few deep breaths and gave the worried soldier a shaky smile.

“I’m okay. I’m sorry I scared you,” she said, her voice hoarse.

Bucky circled his arm around her waist and hoisted her over to him, placing the girl in between his legs. She leaned back into him and snuggled into his warm form.

“Doll? Will you… will you tell me what’s wrong? I’m worried for you. This is the third time I’ve found you like this in the past month.” he whispered as he placed his stubbled chin on her head.

After a short moment of silence, she let out a resigned sigh and closed her eyes. “It’s… it’s Steve,” she said, her voice small and shaky.

“He’s canceled six times on me in half a year. We were supposed to go for the WWII exhibition in town today, but he’s gone with his girlfriend instead,” she said.

Letting out a self-depreciating smile, she continued on, “I mean, it sounds kind of petty doesn’t it? Forget what I said, I’m just a little on edge recently.”.

Bucky’s arms tightened around her waist, wanting to provide her with any amount of comfort, no matter how little.

“Hey, doll… Do you want to go for the exhibition with me tomorrow? I’d have you know I was a respectable sergeant of that time!” Bucky asked, chuckling into her shoulder.

From that day on, Bucky and (Y/N) not only found solace and comfort in each other, they found a sense of belonging, a load of fun and laughter as they spent most of their waking time with one another.

The two were enjoying breakfast over playful banter as Steve walked into the kitchen. He furrowed at the sight, a slight pang of anger hitting him as he sees Bucky wiping a spot off the corner of (Y/N) mouth.

“Morning,” Steve mumbled out as he took his seat next to (Y/N). The flash of surprise on the two’s faces did not escape Steve’s eyes as his annoyance bubbled seeing the coordinated expression on his two friends’ faces.

“Hey, Steve! I didn’t know you’re joining us for breakfast! I’ll go prepare yours now. Just give me a moment alright!” (Y/N) said, hopping off her chair.

“Doll, let me help. I’m almost done with breakfast.” Bucky offered, following her.

Steve’s frown deepened at the nickname Bucky called his best friend.

“You’re usually having breakfast with Jeanette at this time, aren’t you? Where’s she? Should I prepare hers as well?” (Y/N) asked, rummaging through the fridge.

“No. She’s off for a spa appointment with her friends. Again.” Steve grumbled, eye still not leaving the pair standing side by side preparing his breakfast.

It took a whole month till Steve realized what was wrong. Why his heart clenched as he saw Bucky and (Y/N) together doing some mundane day to day activity. He didn’t want Bucky to be the one standing next to (Y/N), he didn’t want Bucky to be the one helping her grab the plates from the highest shelves, he didn’t want her to be wearing Bucky’s shirts, he didn’t want Bucky to be who she screamed for when she spots a spider in her room. He wants it to be him. Steve Rogers.

But as he looked over at her, a huge smile hung on her face, her tiny body engulfed in Bucky’s gray sweater, her hair splayed over his chest, giggling as Bucky whispered something in her ears, he realized, all he could do was wish.

There was once he thought even as a super soldier he couldn’t control what slipped through his grasp. And that hurt. Now, knowing that he let something so precious slip through his grasp, something his efforts could have helped salvage, his heart felt like it broke into a million pieces over and over again.

He let the best thing he had slip right through his grasp.

Tagging @itsanerdlife - the sweetest person I’ve met on tumblr so far. 

Quiet; Prologue

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy Thirst Party Saturday, everyone! Been working on this prologue for a little bit. Tagging our usual suspects, @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, @hardcorewwetrash and @writergrrrl29. Enjoy!

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Pebbles (NSFW)

Sixpenceee Stories Contest (September - October 2016) Second Place Winner

Story by Sixpenceee user UnsettlingStories; Tumblr

We thought we were having a hell of a hailstorm when we woke up in the middle of the night to a peal of thunder and the sound of our cabin being pelted. It went on for about a minute, then it stopped. There wasn’t any rain, which was strange. We went back to sleep, faintly aware of the smell of something burning. I figured it was probably from a lightning strike somewhere else.

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Before the Dawn (Part 3/?)

Summary: The Avengers are called to destroy a HYDRA weapon, but when they arrive at it’s location, they find you there. Bucky knows you’re highly dangerous, your powers even more so, but he can’t help but get closer to you.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (slower burn)

Word Count: ~2500

Warnings: Language, angst, and food/starvation tw!! (nothing is majorly detailed, but it is mentioned/is a theme!)

A/N: Apologies for this update taking so long, but school has been kicking my butt, and obviously, that comes first. Still, I hope you all continue to enjoy this series! (Also, I’m putting a Wanda GIF because I love her & she’s a bigger character in this part.)

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the bed-sharing adventures of sherlock “never shared a bed in his life” holmes and john “kind of crazy in love with sherlock” watson:

  • sherlock lying awake the first few nights, trying not to cross over too much into john’s space, counting his breaths
  • john waking up at four in the morning and stumbling out of bed to use the toilet and coming back and finding sherlock awake, mm hey, you all right? and sherlock croaking back yes, and john is all sleepy and affectionate and hauls sherlock close to him and falls asleep with one arm wrapped around his waist and finally sherlock relaxes and falls asleep
  • “we need new sheets.” “what? why?” “oh my god? sleeping with you is like sleeping with a furnace, we could at least get something more breathable. do they make sheets with moisture-wicking?” 
  • the face sherlock makes the first time he inadvertently tastes john’s morning mouth. 2/10: repulsive but still john’s mouth, so. 
  • sherlock: slept in the middle of the bed for thirty years. sherlock: somehow still always ends up in the middle of the bed. john: kind of likes the weight of him against his side and therefore is allowing it.
  • the nightmares are less immediate now. less vivid. dampened and smoothed away by a soft shhh, shh, hey you’re okay, wake up now, wake up, and after, the trembling, the gasping, eased back into calm and safety by warm hands and familiar voice and kisses on temples and do you want to talk about it?
  • some things can only be talked about at night, in the dark. some things can only be said in the cocoon of the blankets, in the half-way space between dream and reality. some things sherlock has never said to anyone. but with john, quiet and understanding and loving him across the pillows, he can say them now
  • sometimes when he wakes him, sherlock finds john watching him, and they’re quiet but john reaches over and brushes his fringe back, fingers lingering, and sherlock knows what he means without words, and he kisses john’s fingertips and the center of his palm and means it back 
  • but there’s laughter now too, the absolute joy of feeling john’s body shaking with it against his, of feeling it resounding through john’s chest and back into his own, the way laughter can make everything closer, the way john’s eyes crinkle when he’s still chuckling as he leans down to kiss sherlock, the way laughter and sex and fun can get all mixed up and sherlock’s never laughed so much or been happier in his whole life
  • incidentally, waking up with a hard-on at two a.m. suddenly gets a lot more interesting
  • soft mornings, slow and sweet like toffee, kisses on the nape of his neck and whispered plans about what they’re going to do today and love you love you love you. you beautiful nutter. come here.
Road Trip

“Why are we doing this again?” Beca asked as the fourth hour of their forty three hour road trip from New York to California.

“Because Aubrey asked us to,” the redhead chirped, as if it were obvious and not at all completely out of the way.

“When did that become a valid reason to do anything?” The brunette glared at Chloe, adjusting her hands on the steering wheel.

Chloe and Beca had moved to LA together after Barden, only seeing the blonde, who lived in New York, a few times each year. As their totally platonic relationship progressed, you know, with being roommates and all, the pair found themselves frequently visiting all the other Bellas together more and more often, as well as even accompanying each other to their parents’ homes.

“You know Aubrey’s cousin Roger lives in LA,” Chloe stated, eyes moving from the passenger window to Beca, “we had to bring his mini van to LA.”

Beca was silent for a moment and Chloe had assumed she’d taken that as a good enough answer.

“But why did he even leave his car in New York?”

Chloe assumed wrong.

“Because he was visiting Aubrey and Aubrey’s older brother but his wife Catherine went into labor and he had to immediately fly out. God, don’t you pay any attention?”

“No, I had only assumed your twenty something, single ex-roommate and not-as-best-as-I-am friend had gone off the deep end and bought a mini van and wanted us to drive it to LA because she’s insane,” Beca said, causing Chloe to smack her arm and Beca to recoil in pain.

“Hush, you. Keep your eyes on the road.”

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Today, 19 April 17, is my off day. Daddy decided to go to work late. So this is my morning breakfast. My mouth is full but my petals feels very juicy wet but feels so bare. Wish someone could cover it with soft lips and wet tongue….

anonymous asked:

since you're taking prompts, totally platonic spooning for bellarke?

this spiraled into a 4k fic of FEELINGS ok? and i’m not even the least bit sorry.


Bellamy starts sleeping with Clarke out of necessity, okay? It’s something that they both need, something that helps them get through the bad nights and serve as a reminder that there are still good things left out there in the world. There’s nothing like human comfort to drive the darkness out, and that’s something that they both accept.

(And if he likes the feel of her pressed against him in the tiny beds, the way her hair almost always finds itself in his mouth on mornings, her kitten snores, and everything else in between, well, that’s his own damn problem.)


The first time it happens is because Clarke fucking fainted in the middle of Arcadia, effectively taking at least ten years off his life and sending his heart into a sprint.

“I didn’t faint,” she grumbles, trying to shove her mother away as she comes near with the IV, “I just-”

“Fainted,” he says flatly. “Other words included pass out, lose consciousness, and blackout. There’s a vast majority of them, all of which say the same thing: you fucking fainted.”

She glares at him, and he replies with a glower of his own.

“Mom,” she says, turning her attention to Abby who is still trying valiantly to insert the port in her arm, “Tell Bellamy that I’m fine, please.”

“You’re not fine,” she says promptly, to which Clarke mumbles, “Traitor,” under her breath while Bellamy throws another glare at her and says, “I told you so.”

“You’re not fine, and you’re either going to sit here and take the saline for half an hour, or I keep you for observation for the rest of the day,” says Abby, pulling away to stare at her sternly, “Your pick.”

“I think she should do both, for the record,” interjects Bellamy, and Clarke aims a kick at his ankles.

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