Ok so was it coldtomyflash coldflashtrash coldflashcw (you three confuse the heck out of me sowwi for mass tagging) granvas crimsondomingo or daughterofscotland that had that headcannon where Barry asks Len to grow his hair out so he can pull it (during the smexy times oolala) but Len says a criminal with an afro is not intimidating and Barry cracks up laughing? I mean…it’s not a ‘fro but now all of Barry’s wishes can come true! #what happens when you peruse the internet at 1am 

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YOU TAKE THAT BACK! i am a holy and virginal child of the lord! i pray every day before going to bed and every day after waking up! i have a shrine dedicated to our lord and savior jesus christ that i carved by hand out of the most expensive wood i could find! i spent nine months repenting in an abandoned church in peru blessed by the most renowned priest, i don’t deserve this slander!

wisdom teeth update (for anyone who cares)

i had my surgery at 9 am this morning and my mouth (mainly my bottom lip) is still really numb. so far (and knock on wood this will continue) i haven’t experienced much pain or swelling but i have been bleeding a lot.  i’m on a lot of pain meds but i haven’t really been loopy or anything, i feel pretty normal. i’ve pretty much just spent the day napping, eating ice cream, and watching bobs burgers so so far things are okay     

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if the empire took over my school what would happen

The Empire has taken over many planets. Most of the time they leave the day to day running of things like schools and hospitals to local government though. I suspect the only thing that would change would be you’d have to salute a picture of the Emperor in the morning, and if you mouthed off too much about how bad the Empire was, you’d be disappeared one night, never to return.

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“A Higgs boson goes into a church and the priest says, ‘We don’t allow Higgs bosons here.’ And the Higgs boson says, ‘But without me, there is no mass.'”


                    “ stop.