Ok controversial positivity post, but honestly? Shoutout to all the straight siblings and parents and best friends who never considered someone they loved might be queer but are still trying so hard to be the best ally they can be, especially the ones that have no earthly idea where to begin supporting their queer loved one but still do their absolute best and it shows. Shoutout to all the conservative families who do the right thing and choose their child over their beliefs, because for all it’s only right and should be the only option, it’s still hard to do, and lots still don’t. Shoutout to all the people who might have been surprised or blindsided by a coming out, because it isn’t always obvious and it isn’t always easy, but still choose to love and accept, even when they’re completely lost or overcoming a lot of prejudice, because it matters. Support should be something we can take for granted, but it isn’t, and it’s really clear who’s trying and who’s not, and I just really appreciate all the straight-ally loved ones who might fuck up, but make the genuine and serious effort to be supportive of their queer loved ones whenever they can, because it really does matter, and it really does make a difference.

Internal Medicine Day 4

6:40 am: Wake up! I am so tired, but I fumble out of bed and get dressed. I pack my breakfast and Lara Bar on my bag and start walking to the hospital.

7:20 am: Start pre-rounds. At this point I’m only managing one patient, a very sweet lady who’s been at the hospital for a week. Since she is my only patient, I decide to give her the extra minutes of sleep by starting the morning looking through her chart, checking for any overnight events, her vitals overnight.

7:40 am: I start my note. I do this by leaving the Subjective and Physical Exam sections empty for now, but I like to fill in the overnight events, vitals, new labs, results of studies that came back, update her Problem List, and create a plan for the day.

7:50 am: Get new patient assigned. Find out he is an inmate. Get a little bit nervous, because I haven’t dealt with inmates much. 

8:00 am: Wake up my patient, ask her how she is doing, tell her a little bit about her BPs overnight. I conduct a very focused physical exam (mostly looking for signs of fluid overload). 

8:15 am: Briefly introduce myself to my newly assigned patient and security guards. Tell him I’ll be coming back later to talk to him. Super nice guy. Remind myself not to judge people before I’ve met them.

8:20 am: Fill in the Subjective and Physical Exam sections of my note, pend it, and print it.

8:30 am: Start rounds! For us, this means briefly talking about every patient outside the room and updating the team on the plans for the day. Then, we go into the patient’s room, examine them as a team with the attending and inform the patient on how they are doing and what the plan is.

12:10 pm: Consider going to noon conference. Clerkship Buddy and I decide that we are exhausted, there is little food left, and the topic was just too much and that we needed a break. Go to hospital cafeteria instead and eat a delicious overpriced salad.

1 pm: Start working on patient’s discharge summary. Type a handout for her to learn more about her new drug regimen, about hypertension and diabetes.

1:30 pm: Work briefly on her discharge summary. Get my patient’s PCP phone number and plan to talk to her later about my patient’s stay in the hospital and things to follow up on. 

2:00 pm: Go to my patient’s room. Sit with her for an hour teaching her about blood pressure management and her new drug regimen. I’m very excited that she has many questions and that I have time to answer them before her discharge at 3-4 pm. I feel satisfied that she has learned and has a few handouts to refer to if she has any lingering questions before her PCP appointment. 

3:00 pm: Walk my patient and then measure her BP before we officially discharge her. Uh-oh. It’s really high. 

3:05 pm: Assume that I did something wrong and that I probably don’t know how to measure blood pressures. Um. It’s still really really high.

3:07 pm: Assume machine is faulty. Get nurse to try with another machine. Nope. It really is very high. Aye. 

3:10 pm: Notify team. Decide we can’t discharge her after all. Aye.

3:15 pm: I have to notify my patient. I feel like crap because we’ve already told her 3 times that TODAY IS THE DAY. Unsure about how she is going to react.

3:20 pm: Sit down. Rip the Band Aid by just telling her. “I’m so sorry, it’s not safe to go home today.” but pleasantly surprised she took it really well.

3:30 pm: We all meet back at the resident room. Resident was attacked by delusional patient. 

3:25 pm: As a team we decide the best way to move forward after this incident is to go and get ice cream sandwiches.

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3:30 pm: Find out ice cream sandwich has 500 calories.

3:31 pm: Try to erase calorie content from my mind.

4:00 pm: Meeting with the attending about med student expectations and rounds expectations.

4:30 pm: Suddenly all our patients start becoming sicker or have findings that are more emergent than their original chief complaint. 

4:31 pm: Brief moment of chaos in the team’s room

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4:32 pm: Table rounds, where we go over any updates for the day on the patients and just make sure the plan for the night is the right one. 

5:30 pm: Sign my note, now that I can verify that the assessment and plan hasn’t changed with the attending. 

5:31 pm: Go talk to new patient finally. Full history and targeted physical.

6:00 pm: Write H&P note for new patient.

6:30 pm: GO HOME!

6:40 pm: Facetime Boyf, who is currently on vacation in Ireland for 10 minutes, because I’m exhausted and the time difference is ridiculous.

and now the rest of the day I’m going to cook, shower, and study!

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Golden delight! A spectacular sunrise over #Brisbane earlier this week. Captured on Tuesday morning at #Sandgate, looking east towards the #Shorncliffe pier. In the distance lies our old home #MoretonIsland (you can just see the silhouette on the horizon). Happy Friday everyone!

The Scroll of Thoth website has comments for some reason. I never read them, mostly due to the fact they are almost entirely spam. For some reason I looked this morning and one caught my eye. So, for the person who asked this question.

“Help me I new and I’ve never Simmons a demon can u help me to summon one”

tillimfree replied to your post:i googled john laurens this morning ( look trying…

listen i’m here for this…. alex, laf, herc, john, and aaron could be called “the revolutionary set” and then there could be drama bc aaron leaves to join jefferson and madison’s group lmfao