Finding Unique Character Traits || Part 4

Exercise –
Take a character. Describe their hair in various states.

Hair changes. Hair is not a perpetual state of being. Various factors can alter the appearance of hair such as weather, physical health, the last opportunity to bathe, or even the well-known “bad hair day”. The color and texture and length of hair can all be important, but there’s a lot more to the appearance of hair.

Goal –
Think about your character’s specific type of hair. Does it turn frizzy on humid days? Does it collect static on dry, windy days? Or is it a mess from finger-wringing, sweat, or sleep? Hair usually doesn’t stay perfect for long, no matter the amount of product, and no matter how many Hollywood movies might pretend it does.

In your descriptions, think about the texture and overall weight of the hair, but don’t outright tell this – show it in how it flows or how it responds to movement, physical contact, hair product, rain, etc. Think about what affects it most and why. If your character uses unnatural hair color, keep in mind the various stages dyed hair will go through. If you need additional help, check out how to describe hair.

If you’re up to the challenge, describe the character’s hair from the viewpoints of other characters, OR write a scene where the character’s hair slowly changes because of the environment. (Double challenge: do both.)

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