This morning I woke up feeling down, a little hurt and sad. So I made a list of all the great things about myself as a personal reminder that I don't deserve to feel down because of someone else's behaviour.

I am kind to others
I am generous
I make people laugh
I brighten moods
I am caring
I am empathetic
I can sense people’s moods
I am thoughtful
I am helpful
I step up to the plate when no one else does
I take some shit but don’t hang on to it
I am the bigger person
I am friendly and accepting
I am tolerant of things I dislike
I can see both sides of the story
I embrace new things I’ve learned
I try my best to do no harm unto others
I love nature
I love to help people with problems
I am someone people can turn to
I am reliable
I don’t make promises I can’t keep
I am witty
I am gracious
I am forgiving
I go out of my way to make people happy
I am a hard worker
I am deserving of praise and affection
I am a good cook
I am frugal
I am trustworthy
I don’t go back on my word
I am resourceful
I know how to treat myself
I am good at caring for myself
I love my body and all of its quirks
I am open-minded
I have been through some shit and have come out stronger because of it
I am passionate
I am compassionate
I am brave
I am a justice seeker
I believe in equality
I admire myself often
I have good taste
I am loyal to those who treat me with respect and have proven their loyalty to me
I am eager to learn
I am young at heart
I am playful and silly
I have a nice smile
I am relaxed and calm
I am knowledgeable
I am beautiful
I deserve all the love in the world

How to become a morning exerciser

Whilst most people want to spend their mornings in bed, becoming a morning exerciser is a great way to schedule and maintain your training around a hectic lifestyle. There are also a number of other benefits which arise from working out in the mornings. For starters, training in the morning kick-starts your metabolism, meaning it is burning calories from the beginning of the day until the end. 

Becoming a morning exerciser can seem a daunting and difficult task at the out-set. However, by following the simple steps below your body and mind will adjust and training in the morning will feel like the most natural thing in the world! 

Preparation is key to the morning exerciser. By preparing your training clothes, gym bag and refreshments the night before you are making a commitment to train. Better still, if you are working out with a training partner, schedule a meeting time and place which must be kept to. The morning exerciser must eliminate as many factors as possible which may lead to them thinking it is easier to stay in bed than to go and exercise. 

Mindset also plays a massive part in morning exercise. Never go to bed with the mindset of “Ill see how I feel in the morning”. The key is to go to sleep thinking “I will be working out in the morning no matter what!”. A morning exerciser should also always have a positive spin on their training. For example, if a mindset of ‘Im not getting enough sleep’is maintained then their instinct will tell them to stay in bed longer. Alternatively if thoughts such as ‘I wont have to workout after a long day at the office’ or ‘I get to spend more time with my family in the evening’ are actively encouraged, exercising in  the morning will become an attractive option.

Variety should be incorporated into your morning exercises. Boredom will arise from doing any activity the same way day after day, and exercising in the morning is no different. The morning exerciser must regularly change their workouts, set training goals, take part in fitness challenges and generally move things around. Subtle changes such as adding a new playlist to your i-pod or changing your workout clothes can also have a short-term impact and add some variety. The key is to make a change immediately if you feel your training is going stale.

Diet is important to the morning exerciser. You will need to be fuelled for your work-out , but time is not on your side with regard to eating. Ideally aim to be eating fast-release carbohydrates as soon as you get up. This will allow you to train shortly afterwards without feeling ‘bloated’ and with good energy levels. Again, preparation of what you intend to eat for breakfast should be conducted the night before.

Time to adapt is vital to the morning exerciser. The first week will be the most difficult, but stick at it and as the weeks go by you will be surprised at how natural your new get up time feels. 

  • I'm not sorry I hate soldiers. You know, like Doctor Who.
  • Like I hate weapons manufacturers, both with out whom, war and other mass murder would be nearly impossible, unless you own the water supply, a pipe company that uses lead in its parts, or feed the world from a giant immoral corporation made of individuals who invest heavily in medical stocks for some reason... Why everyone needs prolific gardens, better farmers markets not supermarkets.