What Lovers Do: Part 1

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You have a friend with benefits relationship with the Winter Soldier himself: Bucky Barnes. You two have gotten the routine down: wake up, train, mission, come home, have sex, then act like nothing happened. It’s worked for you for a while now. But now that Bucky’s starting to see someone seriously, you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Warnings: implications of smut, ANGST

A/N: I got too excited so I decided to just post the first part today! If you want to be tagged in the series, please send me an ASK. EDIT: Tagging is now CLOSED. 

You and Bucky laid on the bed, naked, sweaty and panting. You just went three rounds of your “bedroom exercises”. You stared at the ceiling still in the post-sex haze.

“I’m seeing someone.” Bucky sais breaking the silence.

You turn your head to look at him, but he continues to stare at the ceiling, “Oh?”

“I think it’s getting serious.”

Your mouth suddenly feels really dry. You knew this would happen eventually, but you figured you’d be the one to break it off. Not Bucky. You wished it was you to find someone. But no. You couldn’t. Not when the guy you just had sex with was the one for you.

“What’s her name?” You looked at him teasingly, trying to hide the pain.

Bucky smiled, “Melissa, but she goes by Mellie.” Bucky turns to you and props his head on his hand, “Y/N, she’s so beautiful, kind, and funny. She knows about my past and she accepts me for who I am. It’s-It’s so amazing. She’s so amazing.”

You have him a small smile, the smile not reaching your eyes, “I’m happy for you, Buck.”

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Vanilla #1

Lance was afraid. He was on a ship with two alphas who already had constant disagreements, and that was on a good day.

There was a bottle that stood by Lances sink, empty, long past empty in fact. His suppressants were long past empty. Lance had gone to Coran many times in the past two weeks, asking initially about Alteans and their hierarchy regarding Alphas, Omegas and Betas, to his disappointment Coran hadn’t the slightest idea what these statuses were. Or maybe it was to his relief, nobody to judge him for his pre-determined role. Coran had made a copy of what was on the bottle and spent every spare minute trying to recreate the medication for Lance, in confidence of course. The blue paladin had made a clear point to the old Altean, pushing for him not to tell a soul about the prescription. Coran obliged, in slight reluctancy.

“Good morning Shiro, Hunk.” Lance walked into the kitchen that morning. He dragged his feet over to the table and sat down and Shiro perked his ears in slight confusion, he turned to Lance and tested the air. Lance froze, he knew the day would come when the suppressants would ware off, he was just surprised it was so soon. Internally he counted the days. 5. It had been 5 days since he had downed he last pill and distress washed over him as he realized that that was about right. It takes a week for suppressants to run through your system and at day 5 smells would leak through and behaviours would start returning.

“Good morning Buddy!” Hunk called from the kitchen as he was whipping up supposed breakfast. Shiro sat stiffly and stared at Lance, scanning him up and down. Making the young man uneasy. His omega reflexes were kicking in as he thought back to health class ‘Basic human instinct is fight or flight, Alphas fight, Omegas Flight.’ It was as simple as that, there was an Alpha staring him down and he wanted to run. He wanted to turn heel and book it down the hallway, Shiro would be hot on his tail because at its basic genetic make up, Omegas were prey and Alphas were predators, and Lance knew this.

“Shiro… Shiro you’re staring.” Shiro shook his head and snapped back into the present, his nostrils stopped flaring and his pupils grew bigger, his animalistic intent gone.

“S-Sorry.” He looked down, the proper etiquette to apologize. He looked back to Lance after his formal apology and became interested in the smell again but in a less ‘I want to hunt you and mount you once you’ve been caught’ and more a ‘this is new and interesting’ kind of way. “You just smell…” he inhaled deeply. “Different.” He grabbed Lances collar of his jacket, desperate to get more of the smell into his lungs, it was familiar but foreign, still Lance but… different. “New cologne?” He asked “or beauty product?” Shiro searched for an answer.

“New body wash… why?” Lance was laughing nervously, Shiro a little too close for his liking and he felt a little too trapped to be calm, his hair stood on end. “Like it?” He smirked cautiously.

“Very much.” Shiro hardly acknowledged Lance but was so mesmerized by the scent he only snapped back when hunk set plates down on the table, the clanging made him look at the source of the noise. “O-Oh thank you hunk.” He looked back at the jacket, up at Lance, and realized how stupid he must look, smelling Lances jacket while it was still on him, he dropped it and mustered an apologetic smile. Lance looked at Shiro and saw sweat forming in beads on his forehead, Shiro isn’t a sweater, he only sweats after long training sessions or intense missions. “It looks d-delicious” he mumbled, almost before turning back to his food, as if he were almost saying it about Lance… almost. there was a gulp and Shiro tried to shake it off and picked up a fork to start eating what resembled eggs but were slightly thicker and a gross colour of blue, regardless of the look they tasted delicious.

Hunk looked to Lance and sniffed slightly, much less interested in the new smell due to his Beta status, he tilted his head questioningly and Lance answered before the question was asked. “New Body wash.” He smiled and tugged at his collar, feeling the cloth stick to his skin. Hunk nodded and placed the dish in front of Lance.

“Thanks man.”

“Yeah no problem.” In the next two seconds Keith came flying around the corner and ran into the kitchen, Pidge hot on his heels. They stopped in the middle of the room, breathing heavily and Keith smirked slyly at The green paladin who was glaring daggers, if looks could kill he’d be dead on the floor.

“Fine.“she heaved “you win, you’re faster.” Her hands were on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. Keith; not bent over, but still catching his breath, walked over to the table and found a spot beside Lance. Of course he had to be sat between the two alphas. Of course he did. There was a god and it hated him. Keith froze half way through running his fingers through his hair and turned to Lance, giving the same expression that Shiro had. The difference of the two was the Keith snapped himself from it.

“You smell funny.” He stated, blunt as always.

Lance wrinkled his nose in disgust at the pungent scent that attacked his nose. “Oof and you smell oh so pretty.” His face was the epitome of grotesque displeasure and Keith shoved at Lance lightly, smiling gently. Their relationship had been good lately, not strained, still light teasing but no arguments.

“Just got back from training” he stated, shovelling the imposter egg into his mouth. “Why your smell?”

“New body wash, picked it up at the last marketplace we went to.” He hardly looked up, his suave charisma along with his ability to lie was counted as a blessing in those seconds. Keith grunted in acknowledgment, also keeping focus on his plate, he may have seemed not interested but every instinct made him want to investigate Lance and his odour.

“Smells nice.” He mumbled half-mindedly.

“Gasp! What did I just hear? Was that a genuine compliment from Kogane himself?!” He nudged Keith’s shoulders and the red paladin scowled.

“Yeah don’t expect another one for a long time if you’re gonna react like that.” Lance pulled away, realizing the boundaries and laughed it off.

“To be perfectly honest I’m already surprised when you compliment me.” He turned to ask for the salt-like-liquid he used for seasoning his eggs. He’d been so caught up in his conversation with Keith he hadn’t noticed Shiro had moved closer to him and kept glancing out the side of his eye. Lance caught the look and Shiro instantly looked down as if to apologize again and Lance flicked his head up, a non verbal way of saying the apology wasn’t needed; a common action of an Omega. He froze and Shiro let himself look at Lance, confused. Lance played it off and brushed hair behind his ear, looking back to his food. Hunk and Pidge watching their interactions silently, glancing at each other occasionally for non-verbal opinions, the odd nod in telepathic agreement, or look of confusion. They were so in sync it was scary. By the time Lance had finished his food and went to stand up he was almost shoulder to shoulder. With Shiro and Keith had spread his legs slightly so his knee was touching Lances. As soon as he moved to stand Keith stood with him and looked at Lance attentively. He second guessed himself and gave himself a confused look, Lance doubling it. Almost instantly though Shiro also stood up and took a step towards Keith, his shoulders back and head up. The red paladins confusion melted away to a need for dominance. He was small, and several years younger than Shiro but still opted a challenge, they exchanged low growls, hardly audible. Within seconds they were shoving each other’s shoulders lightly, their growls growing.

“Woah! Woah guys!” Hunk stood up from the other side of the table, reaching a hand as if it’d do something. “What’s with the aggression? Why the sudden dominant neediness??” Hunks voice was concerned, like the mother hen he needed to be.

“I DONT KNOW!” Keith’s voice continued to growl, Shiro not backing down.

“I WANT TO FIGHT YOU AND IM NOT SURE WHY.” Shiro yelled back angrily.

“ME TOO.” Keith stood onto his tippy toes, still not close to Shiro’s height.

“THIS IS WEIRD.” Shiro sounded confused within his anger but his face didn’t betray him.

“WHY ARE WE YELLING.” Keith made another attempt to intimidate Shiro but his voice simply couldn’t hit that baritone that Shiros could.

“I DONT KNOW!” They took a step away and bowed their heads. Shiro gripped his temples and Keith crossing his arms in front of his stomach.

“Ooookay.” Lance turned to walk away and both alphas went to follow him, glancing at each other, almost starting another growling fit. “Hey! Guys I’m just putting my plate in the dish disposal.” He shook his head as their expressions turned to confusion. “What’s gotten into you guys.” He asked a question he knew the answer to. Because you see they were alphas, needy, lonely, dominant alphas. And Lance? Lance was an omega, and at that, he was an omega with no mate.

…to be continued… (S/o to mah boi @legendarylangst along with other people for supporting the idea of the omegaverse fic)

reioka  asked:

Sorry you're having a bad day. For you: Maria gave Tony a Bucky Bear when he was a child and when Howard sneered at it she got up in his grill about his attitude toward their TODDLER having a STUFFED ANIMAL so Howard doesn't say another word about it. Tony still has it. It's well worn and soft. An eye and arm have had to be sewn back onto it from all the love its gotten. Steve finds it and Tony sees him holding it and karate chops him to get Bucky Bear back safely. 1/?

Of course Steve’s like wtf Tony you could have just asked for it back is your hand okay? YES it is because he’s holding Bucky Bear with it. Steve is like “all of my whats” but he lets it go and asks about the bear. It doesn’t look like all the other Bucky Bears from back then. And Tony is so proud, his mother stood in line at a toy store for a SPECIAL EDITION Bucky Bear. Only a hundred of them were made. They’re worth thousands in pristine condition. 2/?

Tony’s bear isn’t pristine but he doesn’t care. It’s special to him because his mom waiting in line to get to him. It’s priceless. “Do you still sleep with it?” Steve asks curiously. Tony scoffs at him and says “Absolutely you dolt. Bucky Bear has always been there for me.” Steve melts because that’s so sweet, and he mentions it to Bucky, and Bucky’s like “??? okay buddy I don’t give a fuck about his bear???” And of course Steve snorts and says “He likes the bear better than you.” 3/?

Bucky is v offended by this and creeps into Tony’s room and THERE. THERE IT IS. THE BUCKY BEAR. And Tony is there sleeping too but THE BEAR. He eases it from Tony’s arms and glares at it jealously but then he realizes he is in Tony’s room? Tony’s sleeping? So he sets the Bucky Bear aside and climbs in bed with Tony. Tony wakes up to Bucky instead of his Bucky bear and he says, “I’ve had dreams like this. Where you turned human to protect me.” And Bucky’s just like FUCK MY HEART. 4/?

And so he wraps around Tony and cuddles him and apologizes for taking so long. Tony sighs and tucks his face into Bucky’s chest. (And then he wakes up fully with a squawk and punches Bucky in the stomach with his flailing because WTF ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED YOU CREEP. It’s too late, Bucky knows Tony wanted to be protected by him as a child, so he rolls on top of him and says “I was the bear and now I’m not” but Tony sputters because HE CAN SEE THE BEAR BUCKY WTF. But he likes cuddles so. 5/5

This is so precious I’m squealing!!! Just imagining Maria going at Howard in a Rage over the Bucky Bear is brightening my day. (Especially when I think about how, even a decade later, Howard will not dare to say a word against the bear in question. His mouth twitches once, suspiciously, during dinner when Tony is fourteen and carries the bear with him out of pure spite, but Maria notices and her eyes narrow dangerously. And Howard isn’t always a wise man, but he’s not suicidal, so he gripes about his latest business deal instead.) 

It’s this intriguing combination adorable and funny and slightly creepy (you don’t just climb into other people’s beds while they’re sleeping, Bucky, what even?!) and I love it. I can just imagine Bucky’s indignant face when Steve Dares To Insinuate that Tony prefers some toy to him lol. Thank you so much for cheering me up!!!

Of course now I can’t stop thinking about a tiny Tony clinging to his precious Bucky Bear, the one toy Howard would never dare to take from him, crying silently into it’s fur, begging it to please protect him and tell his father that he isn’t stupid and–

Yeah okay, I stop before I ruin it with angst haha. Lets focus instead on how, after all the well-deserved Tony-cuddling that morning ends, Bucky drags Tony down to the gym because that punch will not do if someone other than Bucky tries to sneak into his bedroom, not at all. Tony is less than impressed.

In the background, Clint loudly complains because “Bucky pulls an Edward Cullen and then actually gets into Tony’s bed and cuddles him while he’s asleep and it’s freaky cute but when I listen in on your margarita nights from the vents it’s creepy, what the hell???”

Natasha doesn’t look up from where she’s sorting her smarties by their colours. “Nobody disturbs margarita nights, Clint.”



(Clint is slightly appeased when only one Bucky Bear is allowed to join the next margarita night, and it’s not the fleshy one)

The Meaning Of Sunshine

Victor likes to cuddle in the dark, Yuuri notices. He likes to embrace in the silence of their shared mornings off with nothing but Makkachin on the end of their bed and the sound of their hearts beating in tandem.

He never turns a lamp on, he never checks his phone to send light blaring into the room to interrupt their quiet peace, he never gets up to let the new day in before he has to. Victor likes to drag their mornings in the dark out as long as possible. And Yuuri knows it’s because as soon as the light hits them the day isn’t theirs alone anymore. There’s always training, and coaching, and traveling, and worrying about all of the above.

So they cuddle in their room that’s as pitch as night with their blackout curtains, and only a small promise of day and all the responsibilities it brings creeps in from around the edges.

Yuuri notices too; that Victor always wakes up first. And on those mornings when he wakes up Yuuri is already gathered into Victor’s arms and held tight against his chest. There’s always warm kisses in his hair and the quiet humming to a tune that sounds a lot like happily ever after.

It takes a long time for Yuuri to understand. But eventually: he does. In the dark with their dog at the end of the bed and their unspoken good mornings, with the heavy thump of healed hearts and the tune of Victor’s happiness: Yuuri understands. He understands the heat of the kisses in his hair, the spark of Victor’s skin on his.

Yuuri finally understands the warmth of the sun on his back and the true embrace of daylight. And Yuuri knows why Victor doesn’t open the curtains or turn on the lights.

Neither of them need those things to see.

On their mornings off with no alarms to rouse them and no where else he’d rather be: Yuuri wakes up second, but he’s always the first one to speak. He doesn’t turn around, he simply whispers to the dark knowing that Victor can hear him, that Victor is waiting.

“Good morning, moyo Solnyshko.”

And it’s always like dawn breaking even in the darkness as Victor squeezes Yuuri tighter in his arms and smiles against the back of Yuuri’s neck. Victor’s answer is always the same too. He was the one who knew the meaning of it first, the one who taught Yuuri after all.

“Good morning to you too, my Sunshine.”

Birthday Girl (NSFW)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Sorry this took so long birthday anons! I know it’s long past your birthdays but I hope you still enjoy the fic anyway! Also since these requests were so similar I decided to combine them.

You woke up early that morning as you prepared for the long day ahead. Seb had promised to take you shopping and to lunch for your birthday and your friends had planned an elaborate girls’ night out. You stood there making pancakes as you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist and hot breath fan over the back of your neck.

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Summary: Frank needs you close.

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Word Count: 1,469

A/N: I got this idea stuck in my head after staring at gifs of bearded Jon, so enjoy! My love for Frank knows no bounds. | masterlist

Originally posted by bernthalus-christ

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East of Nowhere - Year Five

Master Post Here

Sam x Female Reader

Summary: You and Sam are strangers trapped in a desolate mountain town where you live, isolated from the outside world, for five years.

Part six of a seven part series, each chapter detailing the events of one year.

Author’s Notes: Beta’d by the goddess divine: @elliewinchesterr

If you’d like to be added to the tags just drop me an ask.

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, gore and explicit sexual content.

Word Count: 4600+

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Four Years, Six Weeks

Sometimes you stand naked in from the full length mirror in the bathroom and look at the shiny pink scar on your stomach that bears a stunning similarity to a washed up fish bone. Running the pads of your fingers over the raised skin you think about Sam, as if you’re rubbing a locket that reminds you of his unwavering love. A different version of yourself would be bothered by it, the tough, mangled flesh that healed without concern for aesthetics. But you feel grateful for Sam and, in a strange way, appreciative that Shadow Hill exists.

You’re lucky to be alive, this is your daily reminder.

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Domme - Requested

Requested by anons: –Can I request a fic with sherlock and the reader where he lets the reader take control in the bedroom and he’s kinda nervous but she’s totally up for it and he ends up really liking it??
–Sherlock x Reader where the reader and Sherlock play wrestle? (It can end in smut or something idk just do whatever comes to your mind lol)
–Some Sherlock smutt/fluff where the reader rides Sherlock and is really nervous but he makes her feel better?
–I don’t know if you mind, but can you please write a Sherlock x Dom!reader smut? I always see dominant Sherlock and I would like to see dominant reader for once.

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word count: 2.242

Warnings: Smut - femdom, dirty talk, slapping, hair pulling, light bondage, unprotected, submissive Sherlock -, bit of fluff at the beginning.

A/N: I am not proud of my browser’s seach history now…


Originally posted by bethereinagiphy

Sherlock was on his seat, reading a newspaper and ignoring (Y/N). They had just finished a case, and so they were resting until Mycroft crossed the door with brand new information that would, invariably, lead the to another case – Sherlock deduced that it would happen three days after – and so the two detectives decided to rest.

(Y/N) expected to have Sherlock’s full attention during his break; however, Sherlock remained to be himself nonetheless.

She wanted to spend quality time with her boyfriend and he… “Antwerp…” He was solving the newspaper’s crossword. She rolled her eyes and groaned slightly, catching Sherlock’s attention. “Don’t you think it’s Thibodaux?”

“I don’t know, Sher.” She sighed. Sherlock understood exactly what she wanted from him. He sighed heavily as well, putting the newspaper away and mentally preparing himself to play the nice boyfriend.

“Come here.” He commanded. (Y/N)’s eyes instantly lightened, knowing that she would get some attention, and so she obeyed, sitting on his lap right away. “Would you… Want to do those strange things regular couples do?”

(Y/N) giggled. “I’m not trying to force you to be someone you are not.” She reminded him and Sherlock nodded, acting like he didn’t care when, in fact, he enjoyed playing the nice boyfriend.

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Dating Kai/Jongin

-Always telling you that you’re beautiful and perfect 

-  Spending lots of time playing and walking the pups

- Having the honor of watching Jongin practice dancing because it’s a beautiful sight 

- Chicken would be a staple in your meals with him but you still won’t admit to him that you think fried chicken is absolutely delicious

- Setting his laugh as your ringtone because it’s the most adorable sound in the world

- Lovemaking would be sensual 

- The two of you were close friends before one day he finally asked you out

- He took you ice skating for your first date which included lots of falls and laughs

- You were telling him about your day until he suddenly gently kissed you for the first time because he thought you looked too kissable 

- The first “i love you” was shouted after the first fight which was quickly forgotten 

- Your first time with him would be on your one year anniversary together 

- Cuddling together while watching tv and Kai laying soft kisses everywhere

 -Fights over his occasional moodiness but he would always apologize first with chocolates and sincereness

- Being very protective but not possessive of you

- In the mornings, you try to drag him out of bed but he’ll just pull you closer and sleepily mutter “Just a bit longer”

- Wearing his clothes and having his scent envelop you when you miss him because he’s on tour

- Watching him blush and pout when his noonas tells embarrassing stories about his childhood

- Shyly but firmly holding your hand in public

- Going on dates that involved animals like the aquarium, the zoo, the nearby petting zoo, and etc

- His members always teasing the two of you for being so adorable together

- But you’re not always going to be his girlfriend because one day he’ll ask you to be his wife. 

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Becoming a Father Overnight Part Ten

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


Y/n let out a deep breath as the taxi turned down another residential street. In just minutes she was going to be getting out at her dad’s house. HER DAD’S HOUSE. It still hadn’t sunk in for the seventeen-year-old.

She squeezed her eyes closed and counted to ten, when she opened them again, the car was sitting outside a large house. The driver turned around in his seat, “We’re here.”

Y/n managed to give him a weak smile, as she handed him the money and slide out from the car. Y/n grabbed her bag from the trunk, then stepped back, watching as the taxi drove off down the street. She turned and faced the house, taking her first good look at it.

Y/n hesitantly started forward, and passed through the front gate. She paused in front of the door for a while, raising her hand, but retreating before she knocked, multiple times.

“Get it together, Y/n” she hissed to herself. “Just knock already.”

She raised her hand and quickly knocked on the door. It was only a moment before the door swung open. Her breath caught as she saw Jared standing in the doorway.

Jared froze for a second as he caught his first glance of his daughter in person. She was really here and man, she really did look just like him! A smile instantly broke out across his face, “Hi.”

Y/n timidly smiled back at him, “Hi.”

Jared reached out and pulled her in for a tight hug. Caught off guard at first, Y/n soon hugged him back. He was warm and soft; and Y/n felt safe and right at home with him already.

Y/n wasn’t sure how long they stood there in the hall hugging, but eventually she started to pull away, looking up at the man towering over her, “Hi.”

“I’m pretty sure you already said that,” Jared chuckled.

Y/n blushed and looked at the floor, “Haha, right. Sorry, umm… I’m Y/n.”

Jared laughed again, “I figured. I’m Jared, your dad.”

They stood there in silence, looking each over. Man, was he tall! Y/n’s eyes sweep across the foyer, up the stairs and into what she could see of the rest of the house. The dining room was to the right, and the kitchen and family room seemed to be to the left and the back.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Jared said breaking the quiet. “It felt like the morning dragged on waiting for you to get here.”

A grin broke across Y/n’s face, “Me too. I couldn’t sit still during the flight, I just wanted to be here already.”

“Well, everyone is outside dying to meet you,” Jared turned toward the back of the house and motioned for Y/n to follow him. She dropped her bag and let Jared lead her down the hall and through the kitchen. He slid open the back door and stepped onto the patio with Y/n close behind.

“Daddy!” Y/n heard a child’s voice shout, “Who was at the door? Was it Y/n? When is she gonna be here?”

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2 | Tomorrow




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Monday mornings were always a drag, but the fact your bosses office sat only feet away from the erosion of yours and Taehyung’s relationship made the usual painfully slow morning drag agonisingly slower.

Sat in Mr Jeon’s office your mind reflected on the events of the weekend. Jimin had driven you to your friend and old flat mate Belle’s small two bedroomed apartment, where you’d stayed in your old room and ate your feelings for two days. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell Jimin about Yumi and Taehyung, you were a total wreck and couldn’t even forge a coherent sentence whilst you were in his car.

Scrolling through your phone you saw almost 400 missed calls from Tae, and 3 calls from your parents. You hadn’t told anybody other than Belle about what happened on Friday night, you didn’t know how. Everything you knew and loved and wanted, was a lie.

As the birds aimlessly flew by the big glass windows of the office you inhaled deeply and composed yourself into a calm mindset, ready to finalise exactly what you came into the office to do.


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Headcanon that Izuku never stopped taking notes and filling notebook after notebook with information about the heroes he encounters. Even though he may be an aspiring hero now, it’s a habit, born out of his natural curiosity and his life-long longing to become like his heroes.

His classmates notice how Izuku can often be seen bent over his notes, scribbling away furiously while muttering to himself. But when they ask him what he’s doing, Izuku just blushes, covers his notes with both hands or stuffs them into his bag, mumbling a hasty excuse and changes the subject.

Since they live together at the dorms now, its inevitable that the children learn more about each other. Little secrets, habits… Like Kouda owning a pet bunny, Iida keeping spare glasses and Tokoyami’s true edginess.

And one day, Izuku leaves one of his notebooks lying around where the others find it.

Of course, a few of the children are far too curious for their own good. Finally, they have the chance to learn a bit more about Midoriya - because even though Izuku is a great friend and a little sunshine, he doesn’t talk much about himself.


Even though a few - like Uraraka and Yayorozu - protest, the others decide to read through the notebook.

Their initial excitement vanishes as they skim through the first pages. A few pages later, all of class 1-A have gathered around the notebook, looking over each other’s shoulders to see.

Izuku had taken notes about them. Detailed notes about each of his classmates and his teachers.


The children are speechless about it. Normally, it would be strange or unsettling when someone takes detailed notes about a person without that person knowing. But this notebook… There is so much work and love put into it. The sketches tell of love for the detail and great observation skills, while the notes next to those sketches speak about the adoration and admiration Izuku holds for his classmates and his teacher.


The children are not unsettled or angry because of the notebook.

They are touched by it.

It is Tsuyu who points out that there is one hero that is not to be found in the notebook.

And the class 1-A decides that they have to finish the notebook.

It takes them a few days. They are not as used or skilled at this as Izuku, and they are twenty people who first have to agree on what they do before they actually do it.

Eventually, after discussing about it, the children let their teacher in on it, too.

All Might spits blood and almost cries at the sight of the notebook, while Aizawa just stares at it, trying not to show any emotion.

Both of them agree to help.


(Izuku, all the while, is distressed because he can’t find his precious notes. The other try to calm him down, promising to help him look for it before they distract him.)

After their work is done, the whole class gathers in the living room one morning. They drag Toshinori - who insists that they did the most work and he did next to nothing so they should do this without him - and Aizawa with them. Izuku is out, doing his laps around the house like he does every morning.

When he comes back, he startles at the sight of twenty-two people waiting in the living room. He greets them with a crooked smile, intending to walk past them and to the bathroom to take a shower, but his friends call him back because they want to show him something.

As Izuku shuffles into the room, his friends instantly push the long-missed notebook into his hands, grinning excitedly at him.

Izuku blinks in confusion, then realization. In quick succession, he goes from embarrassment that his notebook had been seen by them all over to confusion as to why they had hidden it from him the last few days.

His classmates grin at each other, before Kirishima explains, “We had to add something in there.”

“You… you added something to my notes?!” Izuku doesn’t know if he should be shocked or even a bit angry. He skims through the pages, trying to find the changes his friends had made.

When he reaches the last few pages of the book, all breath leaves him. He stares, and stares, unable to understand what he sees there in front of him.


In big, bold letters, the title of the pages reads Midoriya Izuku.

Underneath and continuing on the next pages, there are crooked sketches – not as good as his, but done with love – of Izuku in different positions and outfits. A few photo had been added – Izuku recognizes the ones All Might had taken of him during their ten months of training.

And there are notes, notes over notes, observations they others had made while with him, comments of what they think about him. All of it is detailed and entirely positive, telling stories of how high their meaning of Izuku is.

Izuku is still staring silently, his brain had shut down at some point, screeched to an abrupt halt.

There is some shuffling, whispering and nudging, and finally, Toshinori speaks up – pressured by the children and Aizawa to do so. He clears his throat and explains, “Your friends… no, we figured that your notes were, in fact, incomplete.”


Izuku looks up at him, eyes wide and unbelieving.

Toshinori smiles at him, a beaming smile that even surpasses that of his All Might-persona. “You forgot one of the greatest heroes. We couldn’t just leave it like that, no?”

That’s the moment where Izuku breaks down and starts crying. Tears of happiness stream down his face as he clutches the notebook to his chest and says “Thank you, thank you so much” over and over, not knowing at whom he should address his thanks first out of all of them.

There is some shouting and then laughter as his friends surge forward to try and calm Izuku down, patting him on the back, hanging onto his arms and pulling him into tight hugs. Ruffling his hair and telling him that it’s okay, they had fun doing it.


“Don’t cry,” they tell him, soothingly.

“Yeah, smile for us, Izuku.”

And Izuku does, still sniffling and teary-eyed and the notebook almost crumpling in his tight grip, but he beams at them in that unique way that makes everyone smile back.

It’s most likely the best present they could have ever given him.

Domestic Minseok

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-this man is Captain Relationship 

-he knows it All 

-he makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world 

-he makes you breakfast almost every morning 

-i need to find an order to this 

-okay so 

-when he first found out he liked you he was actually very confident 

-he knew you knew everyone knew but he. wouldn’t. ask. you. out. 

-so y’all just flirted for months and then one day while y’all were out he out of nowhere asked you to be his girlfriend 

-”listen we’ve been talking for months and I’m getting tired of acting like i don’t wanna be with you, will you please be my girlfriend/boyfriend?”

-you were blushin he was blushin but you agreed 


-not a huge supporter of pda but he likes holding your hand in public because he wants people to know that you two are together 

-he likes grocery shopping in the morning and WILL drag you with him 

-he talks during movies and if you get onto him he only talks louder 

-saturdays are meant for grocery shopping in the morning and cleaning for the rest of the day 

-sundays are for napping and only napping 

-hes a cuddler 

-he nuzzles his face into your neck and will sleep for days 

-he really likes to cook with you 

-you two will sing at the top of your lungs and dance all while trying not to burn the food 

-sometimes he’ll come home to you cooking and his heart melts fifty times over 

-he’ll walk over to you and backhug you and be all cute and shit you know 

-he cooks shirtless almost all the time because he likes it when you kiss between his shoulder blades 

-he gets really sad when he has to leave for tour or he has long schedules but he gets so happy when he comes back because you are always sosososo happy to see him 

-he lives for when you two get up at the same time and brush your teeth and wash your face together 

-that sounds weird but he thinks its Prime couple things 

-when you refuse to kiss him before you brush your teeth he waits outside the bathroom until you come out and then gives you the sweetest kiss 

-if you haven’t noticed he likes kisses 

-this is gonna be a little nsfw

-hes a rough dude 

-he likes biting 

-and scratching 

-you always know when hes turned on

-he bites his lip and sticks his tongue in his cheek 

-probably into light bondage 

-he leaves kisses up and down your body 

-loses his mind when you leave hickeys on him 

-smirks when the other members notice them 

-he can be sweet too 

-but most of the time he gets shit done


-hes a hard worker but he loves to come home and just chill with you 

-when he writes he always writes about you 

-when he works late he likes when you come and visit him and bring him food 

-when you go to the studio and just sit with him he works so much more efficiently 

-sometimes he turns around and he finds you pass out of the couch he smiles and feel his heart grow 1000000 sizes 

-but he also feels a little sad because you’re there with him asleep on the hard ass couch 

-so he shuts down all his work and cuddles with you on the couch 

-those are the nights he sleeps the best even though hes on the hard ass couch 

-one night you went to visit him at the studio and he was having a Mental Breakdown 

-you got really nervous and tried to talk to him 

-he was crying really hard and you could barely understand him but you somewhat understood “the comeback is really challenging” and “i feel so worthless because” and you got nothing else 

-you somehow made your way onto his lap and he had his head in your neck and was just crying his heart out 

-he fell asleep soon and you somehow got him onto the couch 

-yall slept until well into the next morning 

-he woke up first the next day and when he saw you asleep on his chest he knew he wanted to marry you 

-so you two stayed together the whole next day and his urge to propose became stronger 

-so when you went home he RAN to the ring store and bought you the most beautiful ring 

-he spent the next couple days calling your parents to make sure he had their blessings 

-when he proposed it was in the morning when you were cooking him breakfast after he had a long day the day before and he just dropped to his knee and asked you to be his wife while the bacon burned 

-he still ate it because he loves you and your burnt bacon 

-he was so invested in the wedding he helped plan everything except the dress/tux

-he was so excited to see you in a dress/tux

-when the wedding day came he was so excited and all smiles 

-when you walked down the isle he smiled so big 

-he held your hands so gentle and his vows were so softly spoken and beautiful 

-he slid your ring onto your hand and he cried a little 

-when you two walked down the isle everyone had tears in their eyes because everyone could see that you were in love 

-yalls first dance made everyone including you two cry 

-if you wore a dress

-he wanted to do the guarder 

-he spent a little too much time underneath that dress 

-you had a few bruises and he came out from under the dress with the guarder in between his teeth and a HUGE smirk on his face 

-when its time for you two to go you GO 

-yall end up going to Hawaii and its so nice 

-the first day yall dont go anywhere;;;))))

-but AFTER that yall go everywhere and have a great time 

-yall take cute pictures of each other 

-instagram lookin real good for the next couple weeks 

-he wants to have kids soon 

-about six months into the marriage you’re pregnant 

-and hes sososososo happy because hes gonna have a BABY

-your pregnancy goes pretty easy and hes super supportive the entire time 

-whatever you need hes got it 

-when the baby comes hes super calm 

-he holds your hand the entire time and helps with your breathing 

-when he holds the baby for the first time he cries so hard 

-hes such a good dad 

-he makes sure the baby is taken care of 

-has no problem with getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby or change their diaper 

-wowowow minseok is such a good dad and husband you really lucked out;;)))


so i finally got my life together enough to create a masterlist in post format! yay old woman, technology challenged olivia! all my fics will be here and i’ll update it as i post fics.


● Truth - The reader has been friends with Lin for as long as she can remember. A little jealousy one night leads to a spilling of feelings and a run-away Lin.

First Impressions - The reader is the second eldest Bennet daughter. This is the story of her interactions with Mr. Miranda, of Derbyshire.

- Chapter I
- Chapter II
- Chapter III
- Chapter IV
- Chapter V: FINALE

Finding Islands - Day 4 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: Worldwide Day. Lin gets the reader to show him around the island of Haida Gwaii. Shenanigans involving seafood ensue.

Golden - Day 5 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: Reverse Point of View. Lin-Manuel is holding his daughter for the first time.

After Hours - A collaboration fic with Ren (@alexanderhamllton). Based on the prompt: “I have a key to the theatre, and sometimes I go there when I need to think. Apparently so do you.” 

5 a.m. - A collaboration fic with Ren (@alexanderhamllton​). The reader wants McDonald’s at 5 in the morning. She drags Lin along.


Method Actor - The reader plays Naomi Rodriguez opposite Anthony in 21 Chump Street. He seems to have feelings for her, but she fears it’s just his wonderful acting skills. 

Anatomy 101 - Day 1 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: AU Day. Anthony needs a nude model for his art course, and he goes to the reader. 

King of the Lost Boys - Day 3 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: Literature Day. Pan, or Anthony, is the leader of a motley crew called the Lost Boys. He is undoubtedly magical, but remember: love? he has never heard of it. 

- Chapter I
- Chapter II
- Chapter III
- Chapter IV
- Chapter V


Vittsjö - Daveed tries to assemble ikea furniture. There are, as you might have guessed, repercussions. 


Cotton Candy - Oak is infatuated with the girl who works at the cotton candy stand. 

Funnel Cake - Part 2 to Cotton Candy. Involving the universe and a pretty bad date.

The Cascades - All you want is to spend this rainy day cuddling with your boyfriend in bed. Oak needs convincing.  

Domestic Bliss - Day 7 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: #WriteForOak2k17 Day. Small vignettes about a domestic life at home with the love of your life. Warm. Happy. Everything you want. 


Parallel Instances - Day 6 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: First Time Day. The story of firsts and lasts shared with Jordan before your time together is cut short by leukaemia. 


Understudy - The reader is Lin’s understudy and plays Hamilton for the night. It gives Jasmine the excuse to kiss the protagonist but it leads to more. 


Starlight Grounds - Day 2 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: Femslash Day. As a barista, the reader sees Pippa come in every day for the same drink and a song. A mixtape follows.