READ MY COMIC Cover + Two First Pages

A nostalgic slice of life psychological horror about the ecosystem of an abandoned golf course, the family that moves onto the 9th hole, and the old woman who exists on the 18th. Drought, sickness, frogs, and the kingdoms under doormats and in downspouts. 

The first 8 pages are likely to be in color. My update schedule is as soon I can get a batch done. Thank you everyone for all your support! I cannot express how excited I am to have this in the works!!

I just really like Vampire Cookie, okay?


As I said here there is the summary for Stockholm Syndrome story i made, initially, for a potential music video.

Reading about Anna’s idea made me post this so i hope with your help this will get to someone who is willing to draw the scenes.

Remember! This, and also the Through the Dark project WILL end up as COMIC BOOKS (meant for sale) and MUSIC VIDEOS.

Also the person who will help with the drawings will get 50% of the sales.

The person how will draw the scenes doesn'tt have to “invent” any scene, they are already described and explained. They only have to follow the side notes and the images I choose for every scene to draw.

So lets see how this goes!

probably it will get unnoticed as usual :) heh

PS: click right on the picture and “open image in the new tab” to read the text easily.

Highlights of the David/Billie Q&A Panel


-I can’t remember the quote that went along with it, but at some point David took Billie’s  hand and just held it between them.

-David saying how Billie had an “openness of soul.”


-Anything regarding the measurement of or signage for “crap tons.”

-When Billie admitted to stealing Margaret the Slitheen’s ring - and David’s reaction to it. Also, the “never fingered a Slitheen’s ring” bit. LMAO.

-Their discussion of outfits and how Billie likes the Doctor “suited and booted.” Also, I loved that his favorite was the 50′s dress, though I expected him to mention something about the dinner lady or the maid costumes.


-How a fan pointed out that David had spoken in Sycorax and Billie just GLOATING over it.

-When they told each other they loved each other. Though the guy shouting “KISS” was a bit asshole-ish in my opinion.