But a place like that, just waiting, unless somebody came along and said it was his. She’d left the bottles and tins where they were except in the one corner, so it wouldn’t look like she meant to take the place if she didn’t have the right. But she did spread out her bedroll and lie down, and next thing she knew, it was almost morning. She could hear the birds singing. What is it they know, when the sky is still dark?
—  Marilynne Robinson, Lila
sing with me, baby morningbird/you are gentle when i'm scared

sing with me, my royal bride
sing with me, baby morningbird
the sweetest song we’ve ever heard
sing to me, child of my world
sing a song of who you are
love’s melody in your heart’s own word
sing with me, little morningbird.

you get blue when i am hurt
you are patient when i doubt
you think of me when i forget
you hear me when i don’t talk
you are tender when i fall
you are near when i get cold
you see me when i hide
you hold me tightest when i’m alone
you are peaceful when i’m slow
you cry when i hate myself
you are gentle when i’m scared
oh daddy God, i love you.