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Why would a baby negatively impact Liam's career?

So this will sound ‘assholey’ and ‘misogynistic’ but thats how showbiz works apparently and these are their words not mine.

Louis ‘hooked up’ with a groupie and got her pregnant. This is pretty normal for popstars. (Apparently now Bieber’s management makes the girls he sleeps with sign a NDA and take morning after pills. yikes ) Happens all the time. Media has shown repeatedly that Louis provides the child with money and support. That’s all that matters. For all concerned, B is a gold digger who hit the jackpot and Louis is doing more than enough for a surprise baby. Also Louis hasn’t hinted at a solo singer career. According to my friend Louis apparently is talking to a lot of big names in the industry but its more for behind the screens areas like brand management and producing. He obviously is interested in the EDM scene but is also interested in ‘recruiting talent’ in this area (whatever that means, I understand very little in this area). He is also actively songwriting. So his ‘child’ who he is not actively involved in his life, poses no threat to his career atm. If Louis switches to a better management team, he’s all set.

On the other hand, Liam is apparently aiming for a solo career. But its not like Justin Timberlake, but more varied music genre. Liam is collaborating with award winning producers that will bring out all aspects of his voice. His audience are going to be aimed at both teenagers and more mature audience most of who will lust after him (it is what it is). Him having a child who he is actively involved with might pose a problem. You usually do not want to desire a baby daddy. Also Cheryl, with her multiple failed relationships and a huge age difference is not good for Liam. Coz that automatically makes him a ‘boytoy’ apparently (I hate this). So people won’t take him seriously. That’s what happened to Ashton Kutcher who suddenly started being recognized as a good entrepreneur , humanitarian and a better actor the moment he separated from Demi Moore. I think that’s why Liam’s label kept him away from baby news as much as possible. Also Cheryl is apparently planning a lot of marketing with this pregnancy, she is gonna give herself an image makeover which is not great for Liam. He should be marketed as an available fun lad, not a responsible father . Atleast at the start of his career. The responsible father mode happens in your late 30s like Justin Timberlake did and increases your appeal then. So Liam’s team is trying to contain the baby news to UK as Cheryl is not known a lot in the US.

If you refuse to prescribe or dispense the morning after pill because you believe it is an abortion pill, you shouldn’t be allowed to practice

Not only because you are being unprofessional in putting your personal feelings ahead of your patient’s welfare, but because you clearly suck at your job if you think that’s how they work

Can I use the morning-after pill for more pregnancy protection if I’m already using the birth control pill?

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Would taking the morning after pill provide more protection if I’m on birth control (gildess)?

As long as you’re taking your birth control pills every day as directed, you don’t need to use the morning-after pill (AKA emergency contraception). Regular birth control pills are actually much better at preventing pregnancy than emergency contraception pills, and using them both at the same time won’t do anything extra. If you want even more protection from pregnancy, use condoms along with the pill. Plus, condoms will help prevent STDs.

However, you can definitely use the morning-after pill if you miss a few of your regular birth control pills and have unprotected sex. This only applies to the birth control pills with hormones in them — if you miss any of the placebo (non-hormonal) pills, you’re still protected from pregnancy and don’t need the morning-after pill.

If you DO miss some of your birth control pills and need to use emergency contraception, you can use the Plan B morning-after pill (or other Plan B generics, like Next Choice, MyWay, AfterPill, and Take Action) to help prevent pregnancy. You can get these types of emergency contraception at a drugstore, without a prescription. They work better the sooner you take them.

The bottom line is: if you use your birth control pills correctly, you don’t need to take the morning-after pill. Using condoms + the pill is the best way to double your pregnancy prevention.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood

The truth about one big morning-after pill myth

More and more U.S. teens are using the morning-after pill, the Guardian reported last year. According to a recent survey, more than one in five sexually active teen girls have used it — compared to just one in 10 teen girls a decade ago. But a big and “horrifying” rumor about plan B still exists — and it’s totally untrue.

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Watch this adorable video to learn the science behind the morning after pill. You’ll clearly see it’s not abortion, but really a way to prevent ovulation.

If you think that a woman should have to carry, give birth, and raise a child of her rapist because you’re “pro-life”, then you need to reevaluate your fucking perspective on life and womanhood. The emotional, mental, and physical pain of being raped is already more than enough, can you imagine having to suspend your education, career, and life to raise a child you were forced to bear?

I defend my right as a woman and so should you. My life, my fucking body, get over it.

How old do I need to be to get the morning-after pill over the counter?

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I can’t find any straightforward info online, so do you know what age you have to be to purchase over the counter morning after pills in CA?

There’s no age restriction for buying the morning-after pill (AKA emergency contraception) over the counter at pharmacies and drugstores in California — or anywhere else in the U.S. Anyone of any age or gender can buy Plan B, Next Choice, and other levonorgestrel emergency contraception pills over the counter. Yay!

Over the counter morning-after pills are great news. But they work best if you take them within the first 3 days (72 hours) after unprotected sex. ella is another kind of emergency contraception pill that works even better than the over-the-counter kinds — especially if it’s been 4 or 5 days since you had unprotected sex, but ella’s not over-the-counter. You need a prescription from a doctor or nurse, like the staff at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center, to get ella.

Want something even better than ella? ParaGard IUDs are the most effective emergency contraception you can get, and you can leave them in as birth control for up to 12 years. You still only have 5 days after unprotected sex to get the ParaGard to work as emergency contraception, and since you need an appointment with a doctor or nurse to get one, you have to act fast. If you’re interested in this option, contact your nearest Planned Parenthood health center right away and let them know your situation.

Good luck!

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

Birth control and Morning After Pills can be purchased at the Mississauga Walk-in Walk-in (not a typo) on Queensway

You can get your BCPs at $5/mo or $15/2mos

MAP is $5… 4 pills, 2 now, the other in 2hrs

Just need a valid health card!

I know I’ve got some ‘Sauga followers and even a few T.Dot folks who could use this info… Spread it!

See their website at, they also provide a number of services, including STD/STI tests

How soon after sex will I know if I'm pregnant?

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How soon after sex will I know if I’m pregnant?

Good question! A lot of people don’t know this: you don’t actually get pregnant during sex or even right after. It can take up to six days for the sperm and egg to join and form a fertilized egg. Then, it takes 6-10 days for the fertilized egg to completely implant itself in the lining of the uterus. Pregnancy begins during implantation when the hormone needed to support pregnancy is released. That hormone is called the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG). Pregnancy tests work by detecting it.

This is why emergency contraception is possible  – and why it’s so great that it exists! Emergency contraception (a.k.a. Plan B or the so-called “morning-after” pill) can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.In a way, it should really be called the “up to a few mornings after” pill. 

As for when you’ll know you’re pregnant, most people start to figure it out when they miss their period. Most over-the-counter pregnancy tests start being accurate around then – the first day of your missed period.

-Mary at Planned Parenthood


Can I just ask something about Rebecca?...

…are the writers trying to tell me that this worldly, ‘independent’, smart young woman who is having casual sex with Ross wouldn’t carry condoms or be on the pill?!
Or even if she isn’t, you’re telling me she wouldn’t opt for the morning after pill to protect herself from an unwanted pregnancy?!