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B awoke the following morning to A's tummy groaning loudly. Once B managed to escape A's embrace, they went into the kitchen to make breakfast. The smell of bacon and eggs filled the house, and A's grumbling tummy finally convinced them to get out of bed to grab a bite before heading back out. B already had a plate of food, and a big o'l kiss, ready for A as they entered the kitchen. (THE END)


EXO Mafia Reaction: When their wife tells them she’s pregnant

||| @wenixia & anon asked: Can I request Mafia! EXO, when their wife tells them, they are pregnant? |||

Park Chanyeol

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He would start worrying about your safety even more than usual, hiring a few more guards just in case.

Xiumin/Kim MInseok

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He wouldn’t want to show it in front of his men but he would have trouble containing his excitement for at least a week.

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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Despite your protests and telling him that you can take care of yourself, he would start spending more time at home immediately after you told him, carefully making sure you don’t hurt yourself.

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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Safety. Safety. Safety. He would do anything for you.

“Ah baby don’t touch the knife, I will cook tonight!”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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He would be the one to panic the most and would insist for you to go to work with him just so he could watch over you.

Tao/Huang Zitao

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He would be so happy, he would let his weak side show, and cry with you when you two were alone.

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He would be so protective to the point that it becomes annoying. Would call you a few times in an hour to check on you.

“Jongin, I’m not giving birth today or tomorrow, could you calm down for a second?”

“Buuut Jagiii!..”

Byun Baekhyun

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These news would give him a new source of energy. He wouldn’t be able to settle down for the whole day, quickly finishing deals left and right just so he could be with you.


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He would fall in love with you all over again, making sure that nothing happens to you in the process.

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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He would start treating you like a princess, not that he didn’t before, but now even more so and would immediately get ready for all kind of situations.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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His daily routine now would include feeling your tummy every morning and making sure no one dares disturb you.


Oh Sehun

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He would be so happy to hear this he would forget everything he needed to do that day, leaving others to take care of his business.

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bullets; waking up to shawn for the first time ever



·       okay so like you’d be pretty ~new to the relationship and most of the time when you’d go see him or he’d see you, you or him would have a hotel room just out of convenience, or you or he would fly in in the morning and then leave at night. 
·       but finally he got a break from tour and he got the chance to come see you and stay with you at your place and inside you’re freaking the fuck out because you’ve always been able to ~control what you looked like around him
·       and so like he would fly in that afternoon/evening and you’d pick him up from the airport and be like akjasldkjasdlkg hi!!!!! and he’d be like alkgjnalskja hi!! and it would be all cute and mushy and he would hug you so tight because he actually missed you more than he thought he missed you since the whole having someone to miss thing was new to him 
·       and you’d walk out of the airport holding hands and he’d be like “wow that’s what it’s like to not be mobbed in an airport” because no fans knew he was going to see you
·       and so you’d take him to your favorite local restaurant and come back to the apartment to chill for a while maybe have some (semi-cheap) wine 
·       and then he’d be like “hey can i shower” and you’d be like sure (but inside you’d be like alkjsnlgkajsdnglkjas you’re gonna get naked in my house oh my god) 
·       and so you’d just be sitting in your room on your bed scrolling through your social media and stuff with the tv on while he’s showering because like what else are you supposed to do
·       and then he’d come out wrapped in a towel around his waist to get some clothes from his suitcase 
·       and he’d stroll out all casually and what not like not even concerned that you’ve never seen him post-shower in person before and the sight is just really a lot for you (and your ovaries) to take in 

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Dad! Shawn Blurb

I saw @permanentguitar doing a dad!Shawn night so I thought I’d join in on the fun. (Sorry this is so long!)

You two would be young parents, and good lord you’d be scared shitless to tell him you were late for your period. Taking pregnancy test after test, each test showing the same thing: positive. You can hear him looking for you, and when you come out of the bathroom with a test in your back pocket, you go towards his voice and find him in the living room. He looked happy to see you, but that happiness turns to worry when a tear slides down your cheek.

All you do is hand him the test, and sit across from him on the coffee table. And you see the worry go to shock and he’s just looking at you with those big brown eyes and you see them light up and you can hear him saying “oh my fucking god” over and over again before he happily grabs you and pulls you into his chest and whispers” we’re going to have a baby!”

 Fast forward a few months later when you start to show, and Shawn is all over you and the baby bump. He turns to you in the morning and kisses your tummy and then your forehead, as an early morning ritual. He would absolutely go to every appointment, reading books about raising a child, carrying an ultrasound picture with him everywhere, which later turns into baby pictures. He’d want to know the sex, and he’d paint the nursery himself in whatever color you two decide on.

 When it’s time to deliver, he would be scared shitless. He may have read up on the process, but reading and living it are two completely different monsters. He was always there, no matter what. He cheered you on if you decided not to have an epidural, and would support if you decided to have one after feeling the pain of a contraction. He would always be holding your hand, getting you to do those stupid breathing techniques.

 Once your child came into the world, he would be in awe. He would shut the world out, and he would be amazed at the creation you made, at the amazing woman beside him who looked utterly exhausted and yet was so happy at the little baby in his arms.

Once you all came home from the hospital, he would try to make you as comfortable as possible. He’d get up in the middle of the night for diaper changes and bottle feedings (if that’s the road you went down), happily taking turns and being exhausted. He would take hundreds of thousands of photos of your sweet angel, to look at later when he’s on tour while demanding new photos every day and videos of your sweetie.

He’d be the most attentive dad ever, keeping the drawings and creations the baby would make and hang them up in his studio or on the tour bus when he’s away from home. He’d adore going to the beach and the park with them while he’s home, and when they grow older he’ll always be the one they go to because he showed that they could go to him with the little things.

He would absolutely be protective of them, and it would piss him off to no end if someone said something bad about his kid (*cough* Larries to Freddie *cough*), and he’s against them dating until they were at least 17, when he knows he has to trust them to make the right decisions.

so, i found this at the back of my cupboard this morning, my flat tummy tea, that i had shipped to me all the way from america, yes, it cost me a fortune, but i thought it’d be worth it to have a flat stomach. that was all i ever wanted. let me tell you i HATE herbal teas, i don’t know why, i just always have, so having this first thing in the morning was rancid, but i put myself through it anyway. i even remember posting it on instagram with the caption “please give me the body i want” and i got LIKES??? and, now i realise, how silly i was to buy into the diet culture, for one, because i doubt these things even work, and for two, because… MY TUMMY IS DAMN FINE, and it doesn’t need to be flat, MOST TUMMIES AREN’T FLAT… and i should have just let my tummy be, and my body be free! the best part is, i don’t look at it and think “maybe i should try it again” or “i do need a flat tummy” i look at it and think “I AM NEVER GOING TO DRINK YOU AGAIN, AND I DONT CARE ABOUT THE BIT OF EXTRA CHUB ON MY TUMMY, I’M ROCKING IT, AND I VOW TO NEVER BUY INTO THE DIET CULTURE EVER AGAIN” and it feels amazing to be in that mindset! i thought about chucking it away, but honestly, i’m going to keep it at the back of my cupboard, as a reminder that i love my body enough now to not drink some herbal tea, that i hate, in hopes that i get a “flat tummy”, it’s a reminder that i’m now free!

ps, not happy with my make up in this pictures but posting them anyway because the smile 😄😄😄