morning reedus

That was a rough day. …Just a testament to the working environment we have down in Georgia, I sat on a – before we walked out, I sat on an Igloo – and I didn’t want to walk out and start crying, I wanted to have already been flooded. I wanted the weight of her to show in my posture…So I sat on this Igloo and I just cried, you know, and I could see the feet of all of our crew walking back and forth. And I’m just looking at the ground…nobody bothered me, nobody threw rocks at me, you know? Nobody made fun of me, they just let me do my thing.
—  Norman Reedus (on filming Beth’s death scene in “Coda”)

I can’t believe I’m getting married tomorrow, I know I’ve mentioned it plenty of times and I’m probably very annoying so far but I’m just really happy and excited. So, oh well. I’ll probably be doing it for another week, saying I can’t believe it. Hold onto your hats, ladies and gents. I’ll be Mrs. Reedus tomorrow morning, yessir or ma’am.

Oh so if you are coming, after the reception at 8 pm, which is that time because my friends won’t be able to come until then if they’re attending a convention, there will be a party for Norman just to have a more guy like thing. So, if anyone would like to go it’ll be at the TWD maze at Universal. If you’re into zombies, come party. It’ll be like the Thriller video.