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"No matter what, you have me." with pre apocalypse! daryl and a little angst

Uggghhh, PreApocalypse!Daryl. Yes.

“No matter what, you have me.” Angst.


Quiet. It’s been quiet for a long time now, neither of you speaking. But you want to be next to each other because that’s all you both really need right now: the other person. You’re laying next to each other, facing each other on the grass–a private area in the park the two of you liked to meet up at. It was shaded and secluded and the only time you ever met here was when something was bothering the other person. Daryl had asked to meet you, but he still hasn’t told you what was wrong. It’s quiet. He’s quiet. You don’t mind, you’re concerned but you know that eventually Daryl will tell you. He’s not looking at you. He’s resting his head on his left arm while his right lays in the grass. Your hands are between your thighs.

A scar on his chest is poking out of the sleeveless shirt he’s wearing. A pang is sent to your heart. You want him to talk to you, to say anything, and you desperately want to make whatever is bothering him go away. His dirty blonde locks cover his eyes. You take your left hand out of your thighs and move his hair. Your fingers brush his forehead lightly. He finally looks at you.

“Daryl,” you say his name, “I’m here.”

He gives a weak nod and looks down again. He meets your eyes,

“Just me at the house again,” Daryl finally says, his voice raspy.

“Merle left?” You question.

He nods and sighs. He’s picking at a blade of grass on the ground.

You run your fingers down the side of his face, causing him to meet your eyes again. He feels safe.

“No matter what, you have me.” You tell him, nothing but truth and care behind your words. Daryl nods softly. He takes his right hand and places it over yours, laying both on the ground. He laces his fingers with yours from behind and he starts to feel better. Like things might be okay, because after all, he has you. And you have him.

That was a rough day. …Just a testament to the working environment we have down in Georgia, I sat on a – before we walked out, I sat on an Igloo – and I didn’t want to walk out and start crying, I wanted to have already been flooded. I wanted the weight of her to show in my posture…So I sat on this Igloo and I just cried, you know, and I could see the feet of all of our crew walking back and forth. And I’m just looking at the ground…nobody bothered me, nobody threw rocks at me, you know? Nobody made fun of me, they just let me do my thing.
—  Norman Reedus (on filming Beth’s death scene in “Coda”)

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How I met Norman in line for a breakfast burrito. The best way to describe it is he's completely normal yet magical. He smelled amazing w/ motorcycle helmet hair wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Although a lot of other people noticed him I was the one who spoke first. I felt like he seemed confident yet had this nervousness about him. He oozed sex appeal but still had a weird boyish charm! I was not a fan until that moment. He threw me so badly and got me so bothered I forgot my damn burrito!!

Is this recently or…. anyhow damn! How’s he gonna mug your burrito?! Did you just like walk off without it? Wouldn’t it have been the shit if he brought it out to you? OMFG! ‘Here nice lady you forgot you burrito’ <sexy Norman face> You know I’ve done that before at a breakfast place or like left something on the roof of my car usually my morning coffee! Ugh!

Thanks for sharing!!

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so sexy…morning Reedus I can only imagine!!!