morning raid

MORNING AFTER WITH EXO || Friends version

waking up next to your best friend after a drunk one night stand can’t be good… right?


★when he first wakes to see your sleeping naked form next to him he’s sit upright in horror
★after finding the condom wrapper on the floor next to his clothes he’d chill out
★he’d wash, dress then go out to the kitchen
★when you wake to an empty bed, you think the small flashes of memory from last night were just part of your dream
★but after a few minutes, coffee begins to spread it’s delightful aroma around your room
★you wrap yourself in your dressing gown and follow the scent to it’s source
★and looky here
★a minseok
★upon hearing your footsteps, he turns to offer you a small smile
★'i raided your cupboards to make breakfast’
★you’d laugh at how cute and chill he was
★moving to sit on the counter next to him
★he’d give you a mug of coffee and offer a plate of pancakes
★'so about last night…’ you looked over his face
★'from what i remember it was good. and it’s nice not waking up to chaos like at the dorm’
★you finished your coffee and set your mug down for him to refill
★'i’m surprised your still here’
★'you’re my best friend and you think it’d hit and run?’ he’d pout as he sat opposite you
★'isn’t that how one night stands work? you hit it and run?’
★oh boy you’ve set him off laughing
★'i’m more of a hit and make sure the lovely victim has my details. just in case’ he’d wink
★you two would spend the morning drinking coffee and talking about everything hes done while off on tour


★upset bub p.1
★you’d left after waking up
★only leaving a note for him
★so many questions would run through his mind
★would you ever want to talk to him
★should he call you?
★send you flowers?
★diddly darn he was stuck
★he ended up calling you
★'hi, i’m sorry if you’re upset with me’
★'myeon, i wanted to stay, but i had work’ you’d laugh
★'i thought you’d left because you were upset!’
★'not at all, i had fun last night’
★'i can pick you up after work and take you for lunch’
★'that sounds great’
★he would dress up nice and take you to a fancy ass place
★he’d treat you like a goddamn prince/princess


★baby boy would be so god damn fluffy
★like he’d just explode with warmth and love and giggles when he sees you sleeping next to him
★he’ll move his hand to your hair and play with the strands lovingly until you wake up
★'good morning, baobei’
★your little sleepy grunt in reply would make him giggle
★he’s pet your hair and hold you close until you’re fully awake to talk
★'should we wash and then go for breakfast?’
★'can’t we stay here longer?’
★'we can do whatever you want’
★cuddles upon cuddles upon cuddles
★and mindless chit chat
★how could cuddles in bed with this precious lamb be bad?


★you’d wake up before him
★you kinda just laid there for a bit debating what to do
★do you wake him
★or just leave??
★you decided to have a shower first
★and if he wasn’t awake when you were out, you’d write a note to him and leave
★so off you went
★halfway through washing your hair, the curtain was pulled back
★and this pup was just stood watching you
★you tried your best to cover yourself
★he just laughed and shook his head
★'you weren’t doing that last night. in fact, you couldn’t get your clothes off any quicker’
★'shut up baek’
★he’d just tease your mercilessly
★you turned the shower head to wet him
★which shut him up
★he kinda just stared
★which made you think he was mad
★but he suddenly just pushed into the shower with you
★'that wasn’t nice’ he’d pout, pushing you back against the wall
★'neither was leaving me bed on my own’
★'not my fault you wouldn’t wake up’
★'i worked hard last night i deserve a lay in’
★it would just be none stop giggles, kisses and cuddles for the day


★upset bub p.2
★he’d watch you sleep for a few minutes before dressing and going to eat
★he felt bad that your first time together was when you were both out of your mind
★as he was drinking his milk, he’d hear your foot steps
★he went full !!!!!! mode
★when you came into the room, he’d do his best to hide
★and by hide i mean he’s stood behind the curtains
★'i see you dae,’
★'dae? who’s dae? i know no dae’
★it would make you laugh
★which then caused him to grin
★'you’re not mad at me?’
★'what’s done is done’
★'i’m mad at me for not remembering. maybe we should have a repeat’ he’d wink
★'shut up’
★'yes captain’


★this poor guy
★he had it all planned out on what to do when the two of you woke up
★he’ll run you a bath, let you raid his wardrobe so you’re comfy then make you breakfast
★he’d straight up just have a stroke when he doesn’t hear you snoring
★are you deaD???////????
★it was supposed to be romantic and now he’d killed you
★oh no
★bless, his face would all be screwed up as he let his thoughts went mad
★you’re now staring at him with a confused look on your face
★'what are you thinking about?’ you’d ask with a laugh
★'how to bury your body’
★his little cheeks would be bright red
★his plans were blown
★'breakfast sounds really good, actually’
★his famous grin would sprout on his face before he leans in and kisses your head
★'eggs and bacon coming your way’
★he’d jump out of the bed in such a rush to cook
★that he ended up tripping
★and now he’s just curled up naked on your floor
★real good going, chanyeol
★'just come back to bed for a while. i’ll cook when i get up’
★he’ll dive right back in and nuzzle his face into your neck
★'it was supposed to go better’
★'i know, chan’


★v gentle
★11/10 would recommend
★but for real
★the most important thing is that you’re happy and that you’re comfortable
★you two could talk about what happened last night later on
★a shower and breakfast is more important
★so he kinda just shoves you to the bathroom to wash
★while he goes and works his magic in the kitchen
★probably cooks enough to feed the entire city because he’s nervous
★and actually doesn’t even know what your favourite breakfast food is
★when you enter the kitchen you just see all this food
★which you thank him for
★the two of you will eat
★then after your both full, the talk will come
★'how much of it do you remember?’
★'i remember seeing your stomach after all the teasing you did’
★'you buff up good’
★to which he’ll laugh 
★you’ll probably just turn the whole situation into a joke
★which always makes the others confused


★let’s be honest here
★this bub ain’t waking up
★so you’ll just grab your stuff and leave
★when he does wake up he’ll probably see your watch you left on the nightstand
★he’ll rush to your place to talk to you
★'you should’ve woken me up’
★'i could’ve walked you home’
★'did you leave because you were embarrassed?’
★so many questions
★he’d be so worried that it ruined your relationship
★you’d calm him down by patting his shoulder
★if you wanted to talk about it, you two would
★but if you wanted to put it behind you, you two would also do that


★would wake before you
★and just stare
★he’s in awe
★but he’s also really pissed off
★in awe because wow he just had really good sex with the person he holds most dear to his heart
★his thoughts were cut off by you groaning and stretching out
★you turned your head to see him and offered a sleepy smile before sitting up
★when you reached for your clothes, he’ll pull you back down
★and wrap his long limbs around you
★'stay for a bit’
★'we can go out for breakfast’
★it’ll be so nice????
★probs leads to you two blooming into the hottest couple around
★bc how could he not wake up to you every morning?????


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lift up your hearts. 12x23 coda. deancas. (ao3)

Castiel wakes in darkness.

He reaches for his grace to find that it’s gone, but his hands are still there, so he reaches out with those, instead. He claws his way up and out of the cold and damp and crushing weight, holding his breath, chest aching.

As soon as he breaks the surface, he lies there, still half buried, and gasps in lungful after lungful of cold, fresh air.

It’s only when his breathing finally calms that he pulls himself the rest of the way out of the ground. He tries to stand but winds up falling to all fours, fabric of his damp clothes chafing against his knees, his elbows. He settles for kneeling, instead, as he tries in vain to shake the sand from his hair and clothes, wipe it from his skin.

As the sun finally peeks over the mountains, he twists his head, looks over his shoulder.

They buried him where he fell. In the early morning light, he can make out the shape of his own damaged wings seared onto the ground, stretching out on either side of where he lay. There is no cross marking his grave, no cairn, just a small circle of carefully placed rocks and a pair of familiar bootprints not yet washed away by the elements.

Castiel turns back around. He rises slowly to his feet and stumbles into the house.

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B.A.P Kinks

Yongguk: Blindfolds, Lip biting, Make out sessions. Let’s do this! I could see Yongguk getting into blindfolds, not all the time though because I could also see him wanting to watch you. Lip biting, fuck. I feel like he would get so turned on by you being flustered and biting your lip, or he would grab it and bite down on the soft flesh as he comes into you. shit. Make outs, god he would love these. Just time to spend in your mouth and over your neck. He would love the sounds that you made when he brushed his lips over your neck and shoulders and just THINK about the sounds he would make!! 

Himchan: DADDY, Hair pulling, Spanking, Dirty Talk. Fuck this line up and sign me right the fuck UP! Himchan is so Daddy, and he knows it! He would be so into pulling your hair to make you scream louder and using your hair to get you to look at him when you wouldn’t. Spanking. Your Daddy would spank you for anything he could. Oh, you didn’t text him back? Spank! You didn’t eat yesterday? Spank. You didn’t like his Instagram photo?You get where I’m going… Dirty Talk. Jesus, save me. Dirty talk with Himchan would get you so hot, you couldn’t help it. The way his voice is just !!! and with the spanks and Daddy kink, You are on the wild ride. Enjoy it!

Daehyun: Unpredictable Selfish/But then not??, Kitchen, Shower I feel like Daehyun would be so unpredictable when it came to sex one second he would be grinding on you smoothly the next he’s pinning one of your arms and thrusting into you really harshly. Okay, just picture you’re in the kitchen and then Daehyun comes in and puts you on the counter. Just pinning you there while he strips the two of you and takes you there. Right there. Fuck. But like feeding you a strawberry while he thrusting into you. Or letting you suck honey off his fingers. Also forget about privacy! Daehyun would almost always join you in the shower. I think he’d get off on watching you clean yourself or him. Lathering you up and soap and then rinsing it off with the hot water. 

Youngjae: Camera, Touch, BlowJobs (both giving and receiving) I can see Youngjae loving to take pictures of you, having you pose for him and then putting you through every filter when you weren’t home. I can also see him loving the way you feel. All your textures against his skin, he would breath things into your ear or on your tummy like “You feel so goddamned good, baby.” or “I just want to touch you.” ughh. Blowjobs, okay so, he would fucking love these. He would drag it on for so fucking long, either until your throat couldn’t take him anymore or until he just needed to taste you. Fuck me up Yoo Youngjae!

Jongup: Bath, MORNING SEX, Raiding. Imagine Jongup coming into the bathroom and undressing while he watches you in the purple tented water. Shit. I just know Guppie loves Morning sex. Don’t fight it you can see it one his fucking perfect face!  I’ve got to write something about it. Raiding. Okay so like starting at the door and raiding to the bed room. Just plain not giving a shit if anything gets broken or falls over. I feel he might also have a thing for hotel rooms.  

Junhong: Jealous, NAILS, HeightsGod help me! I think Junhong is real into jealous sex. Like oh my god, just imagine him groaning in your ear “I’m the only one who can do you like this” and you just KNOWING it and loving it and ugh…. I can also seeing him loving the way your nails feel on him. Maybe even getting angry when you grip the sheets instead of his shoulder and him going harder just so you have to hold onto him. Yes. I know it as a fact that Junhong would love taking you against high places. Pillars, walls, the fucking bed frame. Just in the hallway, making you work for your kisses. But also, using his height against you and making you ask for contact.

Destiny News: Local Badass Solos Wrath of the Machine Raid
  • Lord Saladin: ... I quit. Just... just give them the Iron Temple.
  • Eris Morn: You know, after Crota and Oryx, I picked up a hobby in growing raisins. Maybe you could find a healthy hobby too?
  • Lord Saladin: Can I just go back to the Iron Banner?
  • Eris Morn: I said healthy.

Lieutenant Masoni of the 379th Bomb Group with Barbara Deane after crash landing his B-17 Flying Fortress in Deans’ garden, 4 July 1944… . Printed caption on reverse: ‘Independence Day Incident: American Bomber Lands In Garden In Southern England. With two engines out of commission and several of the crew wounded by flak, an American four-engined bomber returning from an early morning raid on targets in Normandy made a belly landing in a garden in Southern England on Independence Day. Photo Shows:- After the emergency landing Barbara Deane meets one of the airmen in front of the bomber. He is the navgator, Lt. Masoni, of New York City. Lal July 5 1944 PN.

Hellooooo Sexy Rexy!


Now can you PLEASE stop dying before JK Anakin “Canonically Innacurately Delicate Glass Cannon” Skywalker? Please? You’re embarrassing Fives who at this point is up there with Cher, cockroaches and Twinkies on the Scale of Indestructiblity.

Up next in the Clone Team of Amazingness: Commander “Everyone Is Doing A Great Job At Murdering Their Jedi Except You” Cody!

A Way Better Love Story than Twilight

Vampire AU closed rp with @extra-vitya

Bloodcurdling screams filled the city, fire spread through the castle and Yuuri– he sat on the throne hall calm and composed.

He was no king but he might as well be after his father and family was murdered by the church’s vampire hunters. The ace, Victor Nikiforov, was after his head. He had sent all his minions to thin down the church’s forces to ensure Victor arrives alone where Yuuri awaited for him.

Yuuri had known this would be happening the morning before the blood raid. He had dressed himself in his finest suit not to spill blood but accept death in the most dignified way possible.

His vision allows him to see everywhere in the castle, navigating through hallways and rooms without standing up. There he finds Victor effortlessly making his way through while his forces clashed with vampires. In his hand was holy water, the other hand held a closed book. On his waist, Yuuri recognizes the holy sword used to annihilate his family and soon him too.

He watches as Victor walks down the corridor leading to him, leaving the brawl in the main halls. He crossed his legs as the doors to the room open to reveal the Victor Nikiforov, his executioner.


I giggled at Jake’s joking and nuzzled into his shoulder. We were cozied up by the fire with a blanket wrapped around both our shoulders to keep warm.

The lost boys had thrown a party which, of course, involved large quantities of alcohol following their morning raid on Captain Hook’s ship early this morning.

Barrels of rum were piled at the center of the camp by the fire and boys were handing out bottles.

I handed mine to Jake to remove the lid and once he passed it back, I chugged it quickly. This was the first time since I’d got to Neverland months ago that I’d had alcohol.

Jake smirked and offered me his which I downed just as fast.

Boys being boys, the drinking rapidly turned into a game.

We arranged ourselves into a circle, the whole camp coming together to play. An empty bottle was placed in the middle.

The first game to be played was a camp favourite: never have I ever.

I ended up drinking to ‘kissing someone of the opposite sex’, ‘losing my virginity’, ‘skinny dipping’ and more I don’t want to admit. Some of the more reserved boys shocked me with things they’d done.

If I was feeling tipsy before, it was nothing compared to how I was by the end of the game.

As soon as that one ended, another began. Paranoia. A game where the bottle is spun and the person next to the person it lands on whispers a question into their ear and they have to answer it out loud. Best played when the answers are names of someone playing.

As the only girl playing, my name predictably cropped up a lot so I only drank to find out the question half the time. The type of questions asked didn’t surprise me.

Someone spun the bottle and the neck pointed  to me. Jake moved my hair from my ear, cupped his hand to hide his mouth and whispered, “who here do you think has the biggest dick?”

“Umm…” I looked around the whole circle trying   to deduce who it could be. “Felix,” I stated.

“What? Felix? You were supposed to say me!” Jake laughed and punched my arm playfully.

“I dont know, he’s /tall/.”

Felix caught my eye and we held each other’s gaze while the lost boys waited to see if anyone would drink.

He raised an eyebrow and brought his bottle to his lips and drank, still maintaining eye contact.

“Congratulations Felix,” Jake said. “Y/n thinks you have the biggest dick here.”

I blushed and looked away.


I scanned the circle for the voice that said my name but couldn’t work out who it was.

“Y/n, over here please.”

The voice came from behind me and I turned around to see Pan.

I sighed and pushed off the ground unsteadily.

“What do you want?” I asked, yawning.

“Don’t you think it’s time you went to bed?”

“Why? Will you be joining me?”

Pan and I have hooked up every now and then but it felt like forever since the last time.

“Not tonight,” he said.

“Whyyy?” I whined placing my palms on his chest and looked at him with the irresistible puppy eyes.

“Because, you little minx,” he said, taking my hands away, “you’re drunk and I’m not going to take advantage of you.”

I groaned. “I know what I’m saying. Pleaseeeee, I love when we-”

“I said no and that’s final.”

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes and skulked off to bed.


The next morning I was woken by a knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I called.

“Felix,” they replied.

“Um… come in… I guess.”

I’d never really talked to Felix my whole time on the island, besides our sort-of-encounter last night.

He opened the door and I was surprised to see him without his usual hood.

“What’s up?” I asked sitting up and swinging my legs off the side of the bed.

“Just thought you might like to see what the biggest dick on the island has to offer.”

I smirked as I let him push me back down on the bed and attach our lips. Fuck Pan, I can still get some on this island without him.

Felix ran his hands down to the bottom of my shirt and grabbed it.

“Ok?” He whispered.

“Yes, yes,” I confirmed, not wanting him to waste time.

He pulled my shirt off over my head and immediately after, ripped of my sweatpants, leaving me in just my underwear.

“We seem a bit uneven,” I complained.

Felix took off his shirt and pants to expose his rippling muscles and v-line leading down to a huge tent in his boxers.

“Mmm,” I moaned. “Got one thing right last night, didn’t I?”

“You know it,” he whispered. He latched onto my neck, biting and sucking, leaving hickeys lower and lower, moving into the valley of ny breasts.

His hands sneaked behind my back to unclasp my bra and pulled them down my arms.

“So perfect,” he complimented while kissing my breasts, fiddling with, pinching and sucking my nipples, turning me into a moaning, squirming, hot mess.

I pushed Felix off me and into his back.

“Now let me take care of you,” I commanded.

I took of his boxers, letting his dick spring free and hit his stomach. Torturously slowly, I began pumping it.

“Y/n it’s been near on 300 years since I’ve fucked a girl, don’t do this to me,” he begged.

“Well who am I keep you waiting then?”

I bobbed my head as far as I could on his dick, gagging more often than not, trying to get as much as possible and stroking the rest with one hand while the other squeezed his balls.

Now it was Felix’s turn to moan.

“Y/n?,” came Pan’s voice from the outside.

“Uh oh,” I teased, squeezing Felix’s balls tighter causing him to gasp. “Looks like we might be getting in trouble.”

“Just finish me off quickly,” he begged. “Please,” he said desperately while I tapped my chin with one finger in mock thought.

“Hmm since you asked so nicely…”

I went down on him faster, sucking him off as he came.

The door swung open.

“Y/n, I-”

Pan froze with his hand still on the door handle as he took in the sight before him: Felix naked and me in only my panties with my cheeks hollowed out.

I released Felix’s dick from my mouth, purposely making a loud ‘pop’.

“Go away Pan. I don’t need you.”

“That’s not what you were saying last night.”

“Yeah well that was last night. This is now.”

“So you’d be opposed if I were to join you?”

I considered it.

“I didn’t say that.”

He smirked.

“That’s what I thought.”

He joined us on the bed and grabbed my chin. “Such a naughty girl going behind my back.”

I was about to snap back with a witty remark when he smashed our lips together and slipped his tongue past mine.

Felix grabbed my hips and slipped my panties down my legs.

“Sit on my face y/n,” Felix said, pulling me by my hips so I was positioned over him.

Pan pulled my hair back to tilt my chin upwards so he could get good access at my neck, littering it with hickeys.

I gasped in shock when I felt Felix’s tongue swipe across my slit. His tongue delved inside of me, eating me out hungrily.

Pan cupped my breast in one hand, kneading it while the other slipped down south to play with my clit.

The two of them working me at once sent me crazy.

“I need to get inside you,” Pan insisted.

“Me too,” Felix announced.

We shifted positions so so Pan (who stripped quicker than I’d seen him strip ever before) was lying on his back so his knees were at the edge of the bed and I was led on top of him.

He positioned himself at my entrance and I slid down onto him. Felix pushed my back forwards and got behind me on his knees, straddling us.

I braced myself as Felix entered as well from behind, stretching me out.

“Oh my GOD”

“Well what did you expect?”

Pan and Felix started to thrust steadily into me. “Can I get in your ass?” Felix asked.

“Mmm yeah,” I moaned.

He pulled and entered my ass smoothly. I gasped as he filled me entirely.

That familiar knot grew in my stomach and we were a hot, sweaty mess when I announced, “I’m going to come.”

“Ladies first.”

I came as they helped me ride out my high. I collapsed against Pan’s chest as they followed behind me.

Felix pulled out once he was finished and I lifted off Pan and rolled over to lie on the side of him, feeling their cum dribbling out of both of my holes.

Felix got my blanket from the floor where it had fallen and I moved over, pressing my back against Pan’s chest. He threw the blanket over us and got underneath. He brushed my hair out of my face.

“Lazy day?” I asked.

“Whatever you want,” Pan said.

The past, the present... The future.  -Part 7

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 7: The girl with the HYDRA scar

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: Cursing… Nothing else that I can think of.

Word count: 2,431

A/N: Yesss!! It’s four in the morning but I managed to finish this!! Well, let’s see if you like it. As always, please let me know what you think and feel free to give me any feedback you want!

Previously: Part 1, Part 6

Originally posted by widowshields


I hear a contain sob that breaks my trance. My breathing is heavy and I can feel the intensity my face showcases after the flashback. Next to me Y/N won’t meet my eyes, rubbing a hand over her face. I feel guilty, she had no reason to hear that, she did not deserve to be haunted by my experiences. But then she does something surprising and squeezes next to me, pulling the blanket around us both.

“I think it worked.” she whispers, her voice still shaky, and I realize that I’m feeling much lighter now that I don’t have to bear that weight alone. “You should sleep now” I rest my head on her shoulder and the light feeling drags me into dream land while she gently runs a hand through my hair.

Before I completely drift off, I hear her mumbling something “So Aleksei had another victim” but I’m too far off now to understand anything.

Bucky’s POV:

I wake up to an unknown smell floating next to me. Before I open my eyes, I’m already conscious and fully alert, and my hand inches slowly towards the gun on my back pocket. The metal feels oddly warm after having absorbed my body heat throughout the night, but I grip it silently and in one swift move, press it against the temple of whoever was next to me, while I open my eyes.

Fear… Panic, is my greeting. The girl seems to be paralyzed. Damn, she’s not even breathing! Her skin is sick pale and her eyes are glittering. Oh, no… It’s…

“Y/N! I’m so sorry! I didn’t recognize you and you scared me! Fuck… I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” I don’t know what to do with my body. I’m about to put the gun away, but the movement feels too relaxed; but I can’t keep pointing it at her either! I leave it on the table and raise my hands to prove that i’m not a threat, but Y/N seems to have entered the same trance she entered in the training room when I helped her with her boxing. Tears are about to escape her eyes and she hasn’t breathed for a solid minute. She backs away slowly through the sofa, until her back is pressed against the armrest. Fuck, how can I have messed up so badly? “Please, say something”

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Destiny News: Local Badass Rides Sparrow All the Way to Aksis Chamber
  • Eris Morn: This is why sparrows are not allowed in my raids.
  • Lord Saladin: Well it's not that impressive. They still needed a full fireteam to get there. Well done guardians :)
  • Eris Morn: You know, rumour has it that they defeated Aksis by ramming the sparrow into his face.
  • Lord Saladin: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻