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Having sex with Lucifer would include:

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Warning: Smut.

A/N: He looks so ready to do some naughty honky tonky.

First Time: 

  • Taking your time because he wants it to be perfect. 
    • Being extra tender if you’re a virgin or too unexperienced.
  • Him still being cocky and funny to make you relax. 
    • So much laugher!
  • Missionary position (Especially if you’re a virgin).
  • Kissing. 
    • Him being an exceptional good kisser. 
    • Him leaving kisses everywhere. 
    • Sucking your neck, shoulders and nipples.
  • Eye contact.
  • Him moaning while sucking and nibbling your earlobe.
  • You trying to be careful not to touch his scars. 
  • Getting a bath together after your first time and then cuddling, watching a nice movie. 

Soft Sex: 

  • Making love after Lucifer comes back from solving a case with Detective Decker. 
    • Especially if it has been a dangerous case. 
    • Basically ‘Welcome home sex’.
  • Oral sex. 
    • You giving him the slowest, but best blowjobs ever and him being addicted to them. 
    • His tongue doing that thing that makes you go ‘oh fuck’.
    • 69.
  • Foreplay.
    • Fingering. 
    • Handjob.
    • Oral sex.
    • Tender but lovely kisses.
  • Kisses all over your bodies. 
  • Him sucking your neck and leaving marks. 
  • Both, eye contact and with closed eyes. 

Rough Sex: 

  • Oral Sex.
    • You grazing/scrapping carefully your teeth on his dick because why not. 
    • Him doing the same/ Him eating you out and biting your inner thigh or your vulva.
  • Biting. 
  • Scratching.
  • A little bit of chocking.
  • Doing cocaine and fucking your bodies sore. 
  • Drunk sex.
    • Not as wild as cocaine sex. 
    • Sloppy kisses all over your bodies.
  • Changing positions every few seconds/minutes. 
    • Riding him. 
    • Reverse cowgirl.
    • Doggy style.
    • Missionary. 
    • And many more. 
  • You being the one who has to say stop because Lucifer could go on and on with his horselike stamina.


  • Seeing you on all fours turns him really on, more so when you wiggle your ass for him.
  • Spooning sex when you’re both lazy and cozy or when you want to have morning sex. 


  • Lucifer being very open to try new things out.
  • Ropes, handcuffs, whips, gags and blindfolds. 
    • He likes to play with your senses.
  • Hot wax. 
  • You moaning his name.
  • Anal sex. 
    • May end up very rough. 
  • Hair pulling when it’s long enough.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Him loving when you go wild and passionate, and make it ‘hurt’ (Scratching/Biting). 


  • Lucifer pulling you into broom closets, unused rooms to have a quicky with you. 
  • Him loving to bend you over his piano, the one in his appartment. 
    • When the Lux’s closed, he also likes having sex with you there. 
  • You indicating you want to have morning quickies and him never saying no. 
Jeff Hardy Sex Headcannons

Our boy just came back for Wrestlemania and won a title too so I think this is the best opportunity to write some headcannons for him. Plus, I don’t think they should be called the ‘boyz’ anymore because they’re grown ass men.

I’ll say this now. I do find it easier to write for older wrestlers because I know them more but I will hopefully fill out every one of your requests so don’t worry please. 

The Hardy’s were the og Edgy people. No shame. I loved them as a kid and I still love them now, so don’t judge. 

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- He’s never going to bottom ever. Maybe it’s a pride thing, maybe it’s just a preference. But he will always top, no matter what.

- Way too much stamina for a human being. You would’ve just had a long ass sex fuck, and he’d be rearing to go again in like 2 mins. 

- You will end up being in so many positions. I bet he’d buy a book of sex positions just to try, and he’d tick each one off as you goes.

- Morning sex, quickies, public sex. So. Much. Sex.

- You would so offer blowjobs if he did stuff for you. You can’t be bothered to do the laundry, offer him a blowjob in return and he’s done it in like 10 seconds.

- He’s a very big fan of dirty talk.

- He’s also quite rough with you (but the good rough)

- Would love you to pull his hair. He makes the sweetest sound ever. 

- Him and his brother would probably have a competition to see who can make their partners moan the loudest. So don’t be shocked if he asks you to be extra loud while you’re staying at Matt’s house with him. 


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Pairing: Dean x plus sized!Reader, Sam
Word count: 1,528
Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, smut, unprotected sex (use a condom, guys)

Part 5 of Fat and Beautiful

You and Dean could barely keep your hands off each other lately, and you were not complaining. Morning sex, a quickie here and there, the middle of the night. It didn’t matter how tired, or how sore, the two of you were. It was like he was trying to make up for the time that you’d felt unattractive and untouched.

Sam pounded on your bedroom door one morning, just as Dean was making you giggle. “Can you two stop having sex long enough for a case?” He teased.

“Gimme 10, Sammy!” Dean called back before his lips were against your skin once more.

“Dean!” You squealed with laughter.

Walking into the library, you were pulling your wet hair up into a ponytail. “So, what’s up, Sammy?” You asked, stealing a piece of his toast from his plate.

He chuckled and shook his head as you sat. “Where’s Dean?” He asked, going back to looking at his laptop.

“He’ll be here in a minute.” You shrugged. Taking a bite of the toast, you licked your lips and waited for Sam to start filling you in.

The two of you sat in silence for a moment before Dean came in, a smirk on his face. He ran his hand through his still wet hair. “Now, what can I do for my baby brother?” He teased.

Rolling his eyes, Sam sat back in his chair. “Looks like Y/N is gonna have to play dress up.” He grinned, motioning to you.

“What?” You asked, staring at him. “Dress up?”

“It looks like wealthy women are the targets.” He started. “Mainly at social events. Our best bet is for Y/N to get all dolled up and play socialite.” Sam was way too amused by this. “We’ll have to do some shopping, but nothing a credit card can’t handle. I’ll go with you, as Dean wouldn’t let you out of the damn dressing room.”

You glanced at Dean, and then Sam. “So, let me get this straight- you want me to put on some fancy ass dress, do my hair and make up, and kiss ass with some stuck up bastards?” Sam nodded. “Alright. Let’s do it.”

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Good morning spell for busy witches

Draw a sigil or rune of your choice on the mirror as it reflects you. Chant the meaning of the sigil or rune as you draw it and when you’re done say “so mote it be” or “so shall it be.”
Now be in your way!

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Requested by Anon. 

Request:  having sex with harley quinn would include?

Warning: Filth and fluff

A/N:  Hope you like it hehe! Oh, I tried to do this for both Female and Male Readers. 


  • “I’m bored, [Y/N]!”
  • “Lets do something fun!”
  • “Play with me!”
  • Starting slowly with soft kisses.
  • Then passionate kisses. 
  • Petting.
    • You knowing all her erogenous spots.
  • Laughing when one of you hits a ticklish spot.
  • Taking a hot bath together with massages and many bubbles.
  • Oral sex.
    • While you’re a tender lover, she’s the eager one.
    • Her having pretty awesome tongue-skills. 
    • Her taking her time to eat you out / to suck your dick.
      • Her always moaning when you cum.
      • Her letting you cum where you want.
  • Her taking her time to finger you vaginally and/or anally.


  • Making love: 
    • You worshipping her breasts and her legs.
    • Using pink or baby blue sex toys (if you’re a woman).  
    • Her letting you be on top most of the time. 
    • Lots of touching and caressing.
      • Scissoring.
    • Closed eyes.
    • French kisses.  
    • Moaning quietly in pleasure.
    • Making love on every soft surface.

  • Rough kinky sex:
    • You being very, very loud. 
    • Hard groping.
      • Almost always the hips.
      • Light spanking.
    • Her fucking you with a strap-on from behind. 
    • You fucking her (with a strap-on) from behind.
    • Using sometimes a souble-ended dildo in everyway possible. 
    • Hair pulling.
    • Pushing the one being fucked down. 

  • Positions: 
    • Her favourite positions while making love to you are scissoring, 69 and/or the missionary position.
    • Her favourite positions during rough sex are taking you from behind or being taken from behind.

  • Quickies: 
    • Her surprising you with a morning quickie before work.
    • Her pleasuring you when she knows you’ll have a stressful day. 


  • Her being the little spoon.
  • Her loving to cuddle with you. 
  • You always waking up with Harley almost fully on top of you.
    • In summer you throw her off, but she always manages to crawl back all over you.
    • In winter you appreciate her warmth.
  • Kisses everywhere you both can reach.
  • Caressing each others skin until goosebumps appear. 
  • Pillowtalk after a soft session. 


  • Her using a strap-on on you. 
    • Both vaginally and anally.
  • Cute princess butt plugs for both of you.
  • Roleplay.
    • Mistress/Slave. 
    • Big bad Harley/ Poor little you.
  • Facesitting.
  • Ropes and Duct-tape when you both try to be very kinky.
  • Threesome with the Joker. 
    • Her not allowing him to touch you too much.  
  • Her liking to lick things.
    • Her bat.
    • Her big hammer. 
    • You.

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.)

Hot Shower Anyone?

Hey y’all! There are many shower fics out there so I want to add mine to the bunch! I hope you like it. There may be a part 2 coming your way soon. Please let me know if y’all would like that! Thanks for reading. Happy Friday!

Summary: You learn you’re not the only one who enjoys hot showers after working out. 

Warnings: language, dirty-ish talk and almost nakedness

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The sound of heavy footsteps in the hallway outside your room woke you up four minutes before your alarm would. You loudly groaned, rolled over in the bed and pulled the pillow out from under your head and plopped it on top of your face. 

Your efforts to drown out the sounds on the other side of your door were fruitless. Sam’s voice was muffled but you still heard him yell “Damn girl, are you just waking up or having a morning quickie in there?”

You shut your eyes even tighter, determined to stay in bed until your alarm woke you up as you planned. But you chuckled when you heard Steve scolding his friend. “Leave her alone. You know she’s not a morning person, Sam. Let’s go.”

You let out a sigh of relief when they walked away from your door. The peace didn’t last long though, because only a few seconds later your stupid alarm went off. Those four precious minutes of sleep were gone and you were pissed. You really had to talk to Tony about making the walls in the tower sound proof. 

Come on, you thought. If the guys were up and going already, you could at least get out of bed. 

You quite literally rolled your body out of bed, slamming your hand down on the clock as you passed it, and walked over to your dresser to grab your bathing suit. 

Every member of the team had their own way of keeping in shape. The guys ran, you swam, Natasha just was, and the others practiced their talents to keep their powers up to snuff. You were the newest and youngest member on the team and you had to work a little harder to keep up.

You grabbed a plum, your water bottle and the backpack that had all your workout stuff already packed, entered the elevator and pressed the “P” button. 

When Tony found out you used the pool at the local YMCA he scolded you and teased for a week before he had an Olympic sized pool put into the tower. “How dare you pay for a membership, and walk all that way, to jump in a dirty pool with a bunch of people” He would say. You had explained at least a hundred times that you like the Y, it was always clean, and you had gotten to know the morning crowd, but he wouldn’t have it. You gave in because having your own pool that you didn’t have to pay to use rocked.

You let your heavy eyelids close as you sat at the edge of the pool and put your hair in a braid to fit it into the cap. After stretching and putting on your goggles and ear plugs, you jumped in. 

The second your face emerged from the water you groaned. “So cooooooold.” You complained. 

You got to it and did your laps for an hour, as you normally did. You were awake now and jumped out of the pool with vigor, only to shrivel at the cold air touching your body. You needed a hot shower ASAP.

You didn’t waste any time getting to the elevator that would take you back to your room and its attached bathroom. The doors opened to the floor with the team’s bedrooms and you didn’t see Steve, Bucky, or Sam. You guessed they took a longer run than usual and you were excited to beat them to the shower.

You practically ran to into your bathroom, ripping off your wet bathing suit and turning the shower onto its hottest setting. As soon as the water was warm enough, you jumped in and let it roll down your back. Once your back was warm you turned in slow circles so your whole body could be under the stream of water that would slowly increase the temperature of your cold skin.  

The water was so hot you almost couldn’t stand it, so you distracted yourself by washing the chlorine out of your hair because it hurt so good. You watched the steam float off your body when you heard a voice.

“Sorry to interrupt your shower, Miss, but Mr. Barnes insists that I ask you to give his hot water back.”

It took you a second to realize what she was talking about. It registered in your mind that you didn’t beat the guys home and you didn’t see Bucky when you came out of the elevator because he was already in his shower. 

When you didn’t answer her, F.R.I.D.A.Y. said “Mr. Barnes enjoys his hot showers too, Miss.”  

You laughed at this and said “F.R.I.D.A.Y., please tell him he can wait his turn.”

You continued washing the pool water off your body when you told your ceiling, “I didn’t know you were in the bathrooms, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You couldn’t hide that you were a little weirded out. 

“Only audio, Miss.”

“Oh. Okay.” That was comforting.

After you were satisfied with how hot your skin was, you turned off the water and opened the shower door to step out. 


You jumped out of your skin and almost slipped and fell on the floor. You were going to have to get used to her being in the bathroom.

“Yeah?” You were a little irritated now.

“I suggest you grab your towel, you are about to have a visitor. 

Confused as all hell you quickly wrapped your dripping body in the towel sitting on the sink and prepared yourself for someone to walk in that door uninvited. 

You watched the doorknob turn and before the door even opened you heard, “I was in there first-”

Bucky’s voice cut out and he looked at you with wide eyes. You watched his eyes move down your dripping frame until they hit the towel. What did he expect to see when he walked in your bathroom-

You thoughts stopped as your eyes focused on him. Your brain didn’t allow you to think about anything else but him and his dark, wet hair in his face, and the water droplets running down his toned chest and torso until they reached the towel hanging too low on his hips for you to not stare at, and his long fingers holding the white fabric together and his strong, veiny arm that brought you back up to the darkened blue eyes trying to see through the towel that was wrapped around your body. 

You saw his tongue quickly skid across his lips and a smile form under red, blush-filled cheeks. 

He finally broke the silence between the two of you. “I was in there first” he said again.  

“Well, I was cold.” It was impossible for you to be witty when he was staring at you with that look in his eyes.  

He slowly walked toward you, closing the door behind him, until his face was so close to yours you could feel his breath on your lips.

“Next time you want a hot shower in the morning, just join me.”

And before you could find the breath in your lungs to answer him, he disappeared out the door, leaving only the scent of his soap in your bathroom.

Part 2 Hot Bath Anyone? 


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Lilium Part 2

Part 1 Part 3

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Rating: Mature
Genre: Angst angst angst, slight fluff, smut of the oral kind
Word count: 8,827

Summary: Yoongi’s moving out of the country, and he’s leaving you with a parting gift that’s going to change your life forever.

A/N: Okay guys! Here’s the much anticipated part 2! Sorry it took me so long ;n; I literally rewrote this too many times before I decided version number six was the one I was satisfied with. Forgive me for the angst but it’s honestly what I live for. I’m a monster. 

- - -

Late Summer, 2018

Sunlight slipped passed the crack in the curtains, streaming in to the dark room and right into your eyes. You throw an arm over your face with a soft groan, not too happy with the fact that you were woken up before your alarm had even sounded. Blindly searching for your phone you bring it to your face to peek at it from under your arm, noticing that it was six am. You make sure to shut off your alarm so as not to wake anyone before reluctantly pushing the blankets off of you and forcing yourself to sit up straight, looking to the side where a tiny foot poked into your hip.

A loving smile spreads across your face at the sight before you – Nari sprawled out on her tummy sideways with her head shoved up against Yoongi’s ribcage. He had one arm wrapped securely around his daughter and the other tucked underneath his head, chest rising and falling with every gentle snore. You lean over the both of them, first pressing a kiss to Nari’s exposed cheek, then one to Yoongi’s temple.

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Whoo-were motivation!

This mornings 5am quickie 😋💪
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i was totally working on an ambreigns angst with a happy ending smut-type thing,

but am instead doing just… just blatant smut. i just… i missed writing smut and haven’t in a while so i’m gettin’ back into it with morning blow and rim jobs. 

those things plus a morning quickie. 


Locker Room Confessions.

I sat in the locker room amongst my teammates, preparing for the practice today. If anything I wanted to be at home with Y/N. When I left, she was peacefully asleep so I didn’t get to say much to her before I left. I had the urge to wake her up for an early morning quickie but decided against it, letting her get her sleep. But now I was regretting my decision and was stuck with her on my mind.

I had never felt so attached to a woman before her even though we had only been dating for a few months. She had a hold on me that I couldn’t describe on matter how much I tried to deny it in the beginning. She could practically ask me to do anything and no matter how ridiculous the request, I would probably comply.

Mats speaking jolted me out of my thoughts about her. “You got any plans tonight, Marco? We were thinking about heading out for some food and drinks later.”

“I won’t be able to make it, man. I have plans with Y/N.” I wasn’t as vocal about my relationship with Y/N to the team. They had all met her once at an event but I wasn’t one to confess just how much I liked her to anyone else. The guys were quick to make fun of anyone too smitten too early so I stayed quiet. For all they knew, she was just another woman to me and nothing official.

Sven quickly jumped into the conversation. “Y/N? Isn’t that the girl from a few months ago you brought around? You still talk to her?”

I nodded and slid into my socks. “Yeah, I do. We date,” I admitted. I figured if I didn’t do it now, the guys would soon find out anyway.

“Really?” Sven questioned. For the most part, the guys didn’t know me as the type to settle down so once they all heard I had, they seemed to be more engaged in the conversation. “She’s hot. You sure this isn’t a good fuck you’re not willing to let go of yet?”

I glared at Sven. I knew she was much more, even potentially wife material, but I didn’t want to heave out all of my emotions in the locker room. “No. It’s not that.” And I left it at that. I finished putting on my other sock, only stopping when I heard the next statement.

“Well I’ll admit I’d have sex with her,” Mitch joked which immediately got laughter from the rest of the guys except me. This was the exact reason I didn’t bring up women that mattered in the locker room.

I could feel myself getting upset and it would only get worse if the conversation continued. “Don’t talk about her like that,” I warned.

“What?” Mitch held up his hands in defense. “Erik already did. Don’t look at me like that.”

My face immediately scrunched in confusion. I wasn’t sure I was hearing correctly. “What?” Mats looked around the room nervously before clapping his hands together as a way to signal the end of the conversation. “Let’s get out on the pitch, eh?” he suggested but I wasn’t done with the conversation.

“What did you say?” I stood up from my seat and waited for Mitch to acknowledge me. He turned to me and shrugged carelessly. “Erik slept with her.” My eyes immediately dashed to Erik who sat meekly, avoiding eye contact with me as if he hadn’t heard the conversation.

But that didn’t stop me from approaching him. “You had sex with Y/N?” My steps continued to move forward until Mats stepped in to stop my movement, his hands to my chest as a way to create a barrier and protection for Durm.

“To be fair, it was before you two got together,” Mitch added. I scowled in his direction to signal him to shut up. “Let him talk for himself,” I spoke and then turned back to Erik who now stood behind Mats with an apologetic look on his face. The look wasn’t enough for me to calm my anger or feel even the least bit less upset with him.

“It was before you two got together. It was nothing. Just sex,” Erik finally spoke over Mats shoulder who refused to move afraid that another word said would set me off.

“How long ago was this?” I knew I shouldn’t have asked for this unneeded detail but I had to. Erik shrugged and guessed for an answer. “Like a year ago.”

It was before me and Y/N met but I still felt hurt. It was only months before I met her and I had no idea it had happened or that she even knew Erik prior to me introducing them. The pair had played it off so well when I introduced them to each other, smiling and saying how nice it was to meet each other yet the two were already familiar well before that night.

I was pissed. I felt like I had been lied to.

Everyone could now feel the silent tension in the room and began to make their way out, including Erik. The only person that remained now aside from me was Mats. “You okay?” he inquired and I nodded though I was far from it.

He gave me an encouraging smile and patted my shoulder, turning us to head out of the door.

I didn’t feel any calmer while I was out on the pitch. My mind just kept envisioning Erik and Y/N having sex and it was setting me off. It was bad timing for Erik as the ball landed at his feet and he advanced towards the goal. I quickly ran forward and a switch lit in me, reigniting my anger to a new height. No one could even stop me if they wanted as I finally reached him, purposely sticking out my leg to challenge him and sending him harshly to the ground.

I quickly hopped off of the cool ground unbothered while he remained, writhing in temporary pain and grimacing while holding his calf. “Reus! What the hell are you doing?!” Jurgen yelled out in disbelief.

“That was nothing. He’ll get over it.“ I peered down at Erik who still lay on the ground before jogging off and back to my position.

I didn’t grow any less irritated during practice and my mood was stuck at such when I arrived home unfortunately for Y/N who was about to feel it. I slammed the door of my home shut, knowing she was still here from earlier.

“Marco?” She called out and I could hear the patter of footsteps as she ran out to greet me. A smile decorated her face when she got close enough and held out her arms to embrace me in a hug but I held my arms down by my side. A frown now replaced her smile when she realized I wasn’t in quite the chipper mood.

“What’s wrong?” she questioned. I didn’t plan on holding off the conversation so I stated my rebuttal.

“You slept with Erik?” Her furrowed brows and slightly agape mouth let me know she was taken off guard by the question. “What?”

“Did. You. Sleep. With. Erik? Don’t play dumb Y/N.” She shook her head incredulously. “Where is this coming from?” she inquired.

“I was with my teammates today and we somehow got on the conversation of you fucking Erik. Thank you for telling me,” I spewed sarcastically. “Well how was I supposed to bring that up? That was forever ago and it was just sex.” She was in defense mode but that didn’t matter to me.

A bitter laugh rose from my throat and I threw my head back. “Just sex? It had to have been more or you wouldn’t have played stupid like you didn’t know him when I introduced you two. I’m just glad I found this out now before I had truly given you all of me and been left to look stupid when the guy giving a toast at my fucking wedding reception fucked you too!” My tone was at a high volume as my temper flared to new heights.

“You’re so dramatic!” She yelled back. “No matter when you found out, you’d be mad. I’m not sitting here asking you every woman you’ve ever slept with!” I didn’t find her comparison satisfactory and waved her off. “That’s not even close to the same. I have to see that guy all the time. We’re friends! And now I have to sit and think about…just forget it.” I began to walk past her but she simply grabbed for my arm and pulled me back in front of her.

Her tone was now calm again. “I’m sorry. I should have told you but I didn’t know how to bring it up so I was just going to act like it never happened. It was just one time and it didn’t mean anything to me or Erik. He probably didn’t want it to be awkward so don’t be mad at him for not telling you. I’m the one in the relationship with you. It should have been on me to let you know.”

Her voice always found a way to calm me down, even when I didn’t want to be. It was like her energy sapped into me as well and I could feel the heat of my anger cooling. “I love you, Marco. I would never do anything to hurt you and if I could go back and know that I’d end up with you I’d never have had that night happen.”

I stood looking at her in disbelief. The “L” word had never left her lips until now and it was a shock to hear it as it rang in my ears on repeat causing me to forget what I was even mad about. “Did you just say you love me?”

Her eyes shied away from mine as she realized she had let her true feelings slip. I took her face in my hands to force her to look at me. “Huh? You love me?” I questioned again, searching her eyes.

Y/N nodded and tried to hold back the sting of tears glazing her eyes. I forcefully trapped my lips onto hers before inching my face back, still holding her between my hands. “I love you too. I’m sorry for overreacting. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I just felt embarrassed for finding out in front of everyone but I can’t be too mad. This all happened before me. I’m just glad I’m the one you ended up with.”

A grin spread her full lips. “It’s always just been you, Marco.”

I wasn’t sure if I would ever fully forget. In fact, I knew I wouldn’t but I was pacified by the fact that Y/N was someone I truly loved and I wasn’t willing to give her up over something like this.

Being Jax Teller’s Old Lady would include:

Author: Johannah

Originally posted by alil2confident

✦ Playing with his ‘SO-NS’ rings while you hold hands

✧ Calling him ‘Prince Charming’ to tease him

✦ Him checking you out when he thinks you aren’t looking

✧ (You’re always looking)

✦ Helping Gemma cook dinner for the club

✧ Him opening up to you when things get rough

✦ Waiting for him while he’s inside

✧ ‘I waited for you while you were in prison for fourteen months’ sex

✦ Morning sex

✧ Shower sex

✦ Quickies in the clubhouse

✧ Getting tattoos for each other

✦ Wearing his ‘Reaper Crew’ shirts

✧ Him thinking you look unbelievably sexy in his ‘Reaper Crew’ shirts

✦ Bum-pinching (Both you and him)

✧ You and Gemma being crazy close, and a force to be reckoned with

✦ Promising he’ll always protect you

✧ No guy ever being stupid enough to try and flirt with you

✦ Gemma sharing her secret family recipes with you

✧ Him picking you up from work on his Harley

✦ Him calling you his Queen

✧ Sharing cigarettes

✦ “How’d I get so damn lucky? I don’t know what I’d do without you, baby.”

yoagi  asked:

What kind of kinks do you think Yoongi would have? 🏃🏻💨💨💨

BoYyYyYy, I think Yoongi would go from vanilla to dom real quick let me just say that


I think Yoongi would absolutely love it if you rode him. That being said, don’t think you’re in control because he’ll still be in charge even though you’re on top of him. He’d be telling you exactly how he wanted it and praising you constantly, smirking at his baby.


Yoongi, in my opinion, wouldn’t be super vocal, but when he was, a lot of it was praise. He’d say things like, “that’s right, baby, just like that” and “you’re taking me so well,” etc. He’d just praise the hell out of you.

Morning sex

Not exactly a kink, but I think sometimes he’d need a morning quickie before he got to work for the day. It would be filled with sloppy kisses, raspy exchanges of words and lazy thrusts, but it would be absolute heaven on both ends.


Both giving and receiving. He’d love holding your hands down above your head, kissing down your neck and having you squirm, but he’d also love you holding his wrists down as your ride him (probably because he secretly loves when you’re a little dominant but shh, he’d never tell you that).


Not harshly, though. I think it would be in a more teasing manner than a dom-punishing-his-sub kind of manner. He’d love the little squeal that left your lips every time his palm collided with your ass cheek, your eyes widening. He’d just grin up at you cheekily and do it a second time to hear that sound one more time.

I think I’ll just keep all these posts at 5 so it doesn’t get out of head but yeaaaaah, here you go x

Brothers Best Friend

Pairing: Gavin x Reader

TW: Mentions of smut

WC: 1811

A/N This is so bad ohmygod. I’ve had such a bad writers block D:


You danced around the floor of the club, music pumping through your veins, and two hands on your waist grinding on you; not that you minded.

You’re visiting your brother for the weekend in Austin. And it just so happens your 24th birthday was on that very weekend.

So, your friends who live in the area decided to treat you to a night of clubbing; your brother had to work, so it was just you three.

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Did I post about this? I can’t remember.

Weeks, months ago, before the election, I was driving to work. It was a lovely morning. Coffee and thc and cigaretes, a little bit of afterglow from an early morning quickie. The sun had risen and it lit the mountains–at that point hardly dusted with snow, even though it was midwinter–in a kind of golden glow. The sky was cloudless and perfectly blue.

A prototypical Colorado morning. A reason that I love the land I was born on. A reason why I worship the mountains like I do my gods.

In my contentment, I had the thought.

Remember this. What life was like before the war.

Skin Deep Part 1

A/N: This is part of my Deep series, which addresses some of the self-esteem/self-confidence issues many people face. 

Buried Deep

Part 1 Part 2

Length: 2022

“I just want to be seen as a person, not as a thin body and a pretty face. There’s more to me than that. I get angry. I get depressed. I get excited. I’m 3D, so why can’t people see past what I look like?”

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