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Hehe, hi guys, made a rebloggable masterlist as of 1/27/17. Please drop in the asks if any other links don’t work! All fics are PG to PG-13 as we do not write smut. Although we do write some ugh *dies of coughing attack*


College Au pt.1, 2

Daddy’s Home, Pt 2 

“What Am I To You?”

Boyfriend Joonie x Reader

Free For You

“Don’t Touch My Hair” 

Show Me Your Moves


Miss you

Cooking With Jin




Pick-Up Lines

Invited to the Cook-out


Too Good

Welcome to Min Industries

I Missed You






I Practiced For You

I’ll Protect You

Prince Hobi

If I Wait A Little Longer


College Au pt.1


A Little Pink Bow pt 1, pt 2

Little Mochi

There for You pt 1, pt 2


Osmium pt.1,pt.2,pt.3,pt.4,pt.5, pt.6


Let Him Make You Smile , pt. 2

Shy, Shy, Shy


Sleepy Morning pt.1, pt.2, pt.3

Freshman Jungkook x Senior Reader


Bias Optional: 

You Make Me Begin

Seventeen Scenarios, Reactions, MLT

here are collections of scenarios, reactions,  mlt etc of seventeen. None of these are written by this blog so please give love to the writers

scenarios by imaginethesedorks

scenarios/reactions by svt-husbands

Preferences by imaginethesedorks

reactions by mynotsoawesomescenarios

reactions and MLT by vernonslady



When I’m Wiser and I’m Older


Anyways here’s. A missing moment. I’m throwing it all under a read more so that those who haven’t watched it won’t read spoilers!!!

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Bad Boss: Epilogue

Bad Boss: Pt.13

Bad Boss: Pt.12

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Bad Boss: Pt.5

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Strong Gazes

Little Thoughts: Epilogue

Little Thoughts: Pt.11

Little Thoughts: Pt.10

Little Thoughts: Pt.9

Little Thoughts: Pt.8

Little Thoughts: Pt.7

Little Thoughts: Pt.6

Little Thoughts: Pt.5

Little Thoughts: Pt.4

Little Thoughts: Pt.3

Little Thoughts: Pt.2

Little Thoughts: Pt.1

Rumor Has It: Pt.2

Rumor Has It: Pt.1

No Pressure: Pt.2

No Pressure: Pt.1

We’re Okay

Now or Never: Epilogue

Now or Never: Pt.15

Now or Never: Pt.14

Now or Never: Pt.13

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Now or Never: Pt.11

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Now or Never: Pt.9

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Now or Never: Pt.6

Now or Never: Pt.5

Now or Never: Pt.4

Now or Never: Pt.3

Now or Never: Pt.2

Now or Never: Pt.1

Sweater Weather

Tough Love: Epilogue

Tough Love: Pt.13

Tough Love: Pt.12

Tough Love: Pt.11

Tough Love: Pt.10

Tough Love: Pt.9

Tough love: Pt.8

Tough Love: Pt.7

Tough Love: Pt.6

Tough Love: Pt.5

Tough Love: Pt.4

Tough Love: Pt.3

Tough Love: Pt.2

Tough Love: Pt.1

Thanksgiving Clapbacks

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

It Isn’t Real

Thot7 Appreciation Post

Paper Kisses: Pt.2

Paper Kisses

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If You Do

Stormy Goodbyes

Unexpected Preferences: Epilogue

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.13

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.12

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.11

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.10

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.9

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.8

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.7

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.6

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.5

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.4

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.3

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.2

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.1

Lost and Found: Epilogue

Lost and Found: Pt.15

Lost and Found: Pt.14

Lost and Found: Pt.13

Lost and Found: Pt.12

Lost and Found: Pt.11

Lost and Found: Pt.10

Lost and Found: Pt.9

Lost and Found: Pt.8

Lost and Found: Pt.7

Lost and Found: Pt.6

Lost and Found: Pt.5

Lost and Found: Pt.4

Lost and Found: Pt.3

Lost and Found: Pt.2

Lost and Found: Pt.1

Dating Blues: Pt.9

Dating Blues: Pt.8

Dating Blues: Pt.7

Dating Blues: Pt.6

Dating Blues: Pt.5

Dating Blues: Pt.4

Dating Blues: Pt.3

Dating Blues: Pt.2

Dating Blues: Pt.1

Bad Communication: Pt.2

Bad Communication: Pt.1

Rough Morning

Coco whip with fruit and caramel syrup after lunch and catchups at govindas 😍taught two classes this morning and had a PT client and also have a couple classes to teach tonight and then more catchups with other friends ! Love my weekends ❤️❤️❤️


The Morning Shift, Pt. 2



Word Count: 1,552

Genre: Angst, Fluff (more like bittersweet)

Your thumb hovers indecisively over the call button. You toss and turn in your bed, kicking the blanket to the side in frustration. 

Should I call him? You think. It’s been awhile since you’ve last seen Wonwoo, but not long enough for you to forget what he was wearing or the look that he had on his face when you saw him in your driveway. 

You’ve been missing him to the point where it’s gotten unhealthy. There isn’t an hour that goes by where you don’t think of what could’ve been, or what was going through Wonwoo’s head when he left you. All of the questions just end up making you mad at yourself for not doing what you could to keep him, and angry and frustrated at him. 

It was just that. There wasn’t anything you could’ve done to keep him. Wonwoo had made his choice, and it wasn’t to be with you. 

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath to prevent yourself from getting worked up too much. You could already feel your blood boiling. Your eyes reopened to greet the darkness of your room, the only light that was shining was from your phone. 

I should do it. You pondered over the worst case scenario, the worst thing that could happen was him not picking up. If you don’t call him now, you’d be thinking about it for who knows how long. 

I shouldn’t. You told yourself. With a sigh, you threw your phone next to you. Your hands came up to rub your tired eyes, you laid there in the almost silence. Almost? 

You shot up from your comfortable position. Your hands quickly reached for your phone. Shoot. It was ringing, but no one was calling you. When you threw the phone down it must’ve pressed the call button. 

You stared at the phone screen which displayed Wonwoo’s name, hugging your knees close to you. 

“Hello?” The faint voice answered.

You slowly placed the phone next to your ear. “H-hello?” 

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” His voice was just as you remembered it. 

“Nothing. I was just-”, You couldn’t say that you missed him. Quick, think. “I just wanted to catch up.”

There was a pause on the receiving side. All you could hear was static. 

“I’m glad to hear that, Y/N. How have you been?” Wonwoo’s voice choked. His voice always choked when he was nervous. 

“I’ve been good, tired mostly. What about you?” Come on. If you try hard enough, you can forget that you two had ever dated. That’ll make it easier to talk to him.

“Good, I still work at the cafe with the boys,” Wonwoo stopped talking suddenly, as if he was contemplating what to say next. “They said that you don’t come at all anymore.” 

His voice slowly got quieter, approaching the volume of a whisper. 

You nodded your head although he wasn’t there to see it, it was more confirmation for yourself anyway. You had your reasons for not going back to the cafe. 

“I-I know.” No, the tears can’t start now. You had barely started to talk to him. The memory of the girl calling your ex-boyfriend “babe” surfaced. He had left you for her, remember that, Y/N. Remember that. 

“I’m sorry.” Wonwoo breathed, his voice laced with guilt and regret. 

You buried your face in your knees. The line was quiet, you guessed neither one of you had enough courage to say anything.

Although it took all the energy you had, you spoke again. “Are you still with your girlfriend?” 

You hoped he could hear how heartbroken you are, how devastated he had made you. You didn’t know what you had expected him to say, you held your breath for the answer.

“No, we broke up. She broke up with me.” Wonwoo replied without any emotion.

You exhaled, a wave of relief washed over you. There were no words to describe how you were feeling at the moment. You were glad Wonwoo was as single as you are, yet you don’t know if you had it in you to give it another try with him.

“I lied.” You said in a hushed voice. 


“I didn’t want to catch up,” You debated on whether to say what was on your mind. “I wanted closure.” 

That wasn’t what you wanted to say. If you actually told him that you missed him, that would’ve made you seem weak… right?

“I understand. I do too.” 

“I really hated you.” The crack in your voice made it apparent that you were on the verge of crying. Wonwoo sighed.

“I-,” Wonwoo took another breath, “I hated myself too. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

You shook your head, the tears rolled down both of your cheeks and onto your lips.

“No, Wonwoo. You knew exactly what you were doing,” You took a deep breath, you were silently hoping that your voice wouldn’t give out on you. “You just didn’t want me anymore.”

You could just imagine Wonwoo sitting in his chair, rubbing his eyes that were brimming with tears. He didn’t say anything, maybe that was his way of confirming your theory.

“Would you have broken up with her if she didn’t break up with you?” You swallowed the lump in your throat, and used your free hand to wipe your tear stained cheeks.

“Yes.” Wonwoo replied almost immediately.


“Because I missed you.” Wonwoo had said it so quietly you almost couldn’t hear him.

The ache in your heart increased, the sensation mimicked the pain you would get if some were to punch your chest repeatedly. You tried to muffle your cries by covering your mouth with your hand. Even with your efforts, Wonwoo could inevitably hear your unsteady breathing on his end.

Wonwoo took long breaths, sniffing a few times himself.

It felt like that four worded phrase was trapped inside of your throat, it was trying to scratch it’s way out and crawl out of your mouth and you finally let it. “I miss you too.”

That’s when you broke down.  

“Why did you have to do that?” You sobbed into the phone. “Why did you have to ruin such a good thing? There’s no use in us missing each other n-now. We could’ve been happy, w-we could’ve still be together.” Your hand clutched your chest, the part where your heart was. You were heavily heaving now.

“I-I’m so sorry, Y/N.” Wonwoo wept, his voice cracking. “I don’t know what to do. I want to ask you to give me another chance but I know I’ve lost your trust.”

You tried to take controlled breaths in attempt to calm yourself down. “Was it that easy to replace me, Wonwoo?”

No, Y/N, no one could replace you. You just deserve someone better than me.” The breathlessness tone Wonwoo spoke with proved that he was crying as much as you.

“I’m just so mad at you all the time. Then I think of the memories we had, and the memories we could’ve created and I just want to cry. I want to cry all the time because of you, Wonwoo.” The sobs began to erupt again.

You were a blubbering mess. “You p-promised me that you would never made me cry.”

“I’m just so sorry, Y/N.” That was the first time you really heard Wonwoo break, he was full on weeping and didn’t care to hide it. You stared up at the dark ceiling with your eyes opened, perhaps this would prevent the tears from falling out of your eyes.

You could hear Wonwoo blowing his nose, he took a deep breath before speaking again. “I’ve always been trying to think of ways to make up with you. You’re someone I lost, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. I still want to make sure you’re okay, and be able to check up on you. I don’t know if I deserve that but…” His voice trailed off, not knowing what to say next. 

So many thoughts were going through your head, it was hard to organize what you wanted to say.

“I want to be friends with you-” You said after you were able to pacify yourself.

“-but I don’t know, I don’t know if I have that in me right now.”

Wonwoo seemed like he had calmed himself down as well, his voice was no longer airy. It returned to his usual unflustered, deep tone. “I understand, take as long as you need. I’ll wait for you.”

Wonwoo was hopeful, you could tell that much.

“Why?” You were now breathing through your mouth, your nose has become too congested to do otherwise.

“I lost someone so special to me because I was stupid. I was just stupid and immature, and I got what I deserved. I’m just so so glad that you’re talking to me after so long, Y/N. I would wait for as long as it took just so I can hear your voice again.”

You changed your position and laid back down on your bed, you were trying to absorb in everything he had just said.

“Okay, wait for me then.” You said into the phone. “Just don’t break your promise this time.”

“If it’s time that it takes, then I’ll gladly give you it.”

You were slightly relieved, yet anxious all at the same time. It was like you were opening doors with Wonwoo that you had shut long ago. 

With your trembling voice, you whispered, “Promise?”.

“I promise.”

A miserable excuse of a smile sneaked its’ way onto your face. Your chest didn’t feel as if there was something sitting upon it any longer.

“Good night, Wonwoo.”

“Good night, Y/N.”

Click, the call had ended.

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a-for-effort-f-for-execution  asked:

(this is a very specific scenario so you don't have to answer publicly if you don't want to) as an addendum to the dishonorable discharge question, if someone was to go AWOL, but changed their mind last minute and returned to duty, would they still be considered for dishonorable discharge? or would their voluntary return just earn them demerits/a situation appropriate punishment/etc?

This is actually a fine question to ask!

As with most things in the army, a lot of it depends on your unit and the circumstances behind your going AWOL, or absent without leave.

Being considered “AWOL” means you’ve been missing from a place a duty for at least 24 hours. So if you disappear over the weekend and show up again on Monday, you’re probably fine, unless you were supposed to be somewhere during the weekend or you were instructed to remain at home. But if you fail to show up to Monday morning PT, if you aren’t recovered by Tuesday morning formation, you’re officially AWOL and now you’ve got MPs looking for you. 

This means that you either are AWOL or you aren’t; there’s a line that constitutes AWOL/not AWOL. If the soldier decided to disappear for 23 hours and then returned before the 24th, they might get their ass handed to them, but they never technically went AWOL so I doubt there’d be a discharge involved.

Without question, returning willingly from being AWOL is much better than being caught. So already your soldier’s a little bit less fucked for returning willingly.

If the soldier went AWOL during training, they’d be very likely to discharged. The army doesn’t have patience for recruits who’re just wasting their time. I’m under the impression that if a soldier in training goes AWOL, they just process them and kick them out as quickly as possible so the soldier isn’t wasting resources. I knew two soldiers in both BCT and AIT who went AWOL while I was training and that was their experience: whether they were picked up by MPs or returned willingly, they got their punishments and then were subsequently kicked out. I don’t think it took longer than a week or two for any of them.

If a soldier went AWOL while deployed, that’s a good deal more serious and you might see some jail time for that regardless of how long you were AWOL for. This is especially true if the soldier is deployed in a combat zone.

When I was in Korea we actually had an NCO have a nervous breakdown and go AWOL. He managed to get all the way to Seoul before the MPs caught up with him and he was trying to catch a flight back to the U.S. His mental state was determined to be at fault rather than the actual soldier, and they removed him from his post and transferred him to Hawaii, which we all thought was rather unfair tbqh because that sounded like a wonderful punishment. He did get demoted to E-4 though following the incident.

I’ve known some cases of soldiers who just get fed up and go AWOL for like three days. An NCO I had once told me that one day he just was so unbelievably pissed off at his unit he just took a flight to Las Vegas and stayed there all week and was back by Monday. He told his unit where he was and kept in touch, and I guess they decided it was more trouble than it was worth to go retrieve him. When he got back he got a ton of ass-chewing and extra duty and a pretty Article 15 + demotion, but that was about it and years later no one bothered him about it anymore.

Some of it depends on whether your unit has dropped you from their records. At that point you’ve been gone long enough that they consider you a deserter, and there probably won’t be much (if any) wiggle room for you at that point. 

The way the army works, I’m inclined to think that your unit will also take into account WHY you went AWOL. If you’ve given up on the army and you just want to be out, they will happily find a reason to kick you out. If you went AWOL due to stress or mental illness and you show remorse/take responsibility for your actions, they’d probably be more likely to just punish you in accordance with UCMJ and then leave it at that. 

Of course, how your unit feels about you as a soldier will probably play into it. A soldier who’s disliked might be treated more harshly than one viewed as an essential member of the unit. Favoritism always pops up in the army whether we like it or not.

Finally, I’d like to point out that females who go AWOL are often considered more harshly by the unit, if not by punitive measures then by the unit’s opinion of her. Not long after combat MOSs were opened to women, a Combat Engineer in training went AWOL and then turned herself in. As a result, swarms of criticism poured in about how this was proof that women couldn’t participate in combat MOSs and that it was a prime example of why women were just inferior soldiers. So if your soldier is female, that’s worth taking into account. 


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Baby Kardashian Is Here! Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Welcome First Child Together Named Dream

Ladies and gents, the Kardashian heir has arrived.

E! News has confirmed that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have welcomed their first child together. Their baby girl, who they named Dream Renee Kardashian, arrived at 9:18 a.m. PT weighing 7 lbs., 5 oz. via C-section. Renee also is Chyna’s middle name.

“She is gorgeous and has tons of hair!” a source tells E! News.

Chyna and Rob arrived at the hospital at around 6:40 a.m. PT Thursday morning and were joined by Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni, who was dressed casually in sweats and a hat. Rob couldn’t stop smiling and also looked “giddy excited” as he and Chyna entered the hospital, E! News learned. Both looked comfortable in black sweatshirts and sweatpants. Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble also went to the hospital to be with Rob and Chyna.

[source: E! News]

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