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Cooking with Harry. *

A baby with Harry. * 

Travelling with Harry. *

Netflix and Chill. **

Daddy Harry. *

Massage. *

“Please, love”. **

Riding Harry. **

Sleepy Harry. *

Morning. *

Lips. *

In the snow. *

Stubble. *

“Baby, please”. **

“Don’t Shut Me Out”. *

A Rainy Sunday. *

“Mo’”. *

Film Me. **

Good Boy. **

“Gorgeous, daddy’s fingers aren’t food.” *



Grind, part 1.**

Grind, part 2. **

Desperate Frustrations. **

Late, Yet So Sweet. **


Ways in bed. **

Caught. **

Spit. **

Tease. **

Hack. *

Sick baby. *

Thigh riding. **

Dom or Sub. **

Sensitive. **

Backwards. **

Morning, pt 1. **

Morning, pt 2. **

Two daddies. *

Hot cuddles. *

Over stimulation. **

Teach me. **

“Can yeh be quiet fo’ m’, baby?” **

Squirt. **

Sensitive. **

Ass. **

Pretty baby. *

Giggles. **

Polaroids. */**

“Stay still.” **

“I love yeh.” *

Love Bites. *

“Let me take care of yeh, angel.” *

Missed you. **


Waking up to Him. *

The Morning After. *

“I love you”.  *

Pouty baby. *

“Just like that”. **

Two sleepy babies. *

“Daddy! Look at me!”. *

“Hi, gorgeous”. *

“Take ‘em off fo’ m’.”

I can’t deal with black-haired Jimin and transparent white shirt Jungkook and hip thrusts all in the same video, not again I can’t take this I’m out

Here’s a list of AUs for the military, since we always seem to have college and coffee shop and other random AUs but I’ve never seen military AUs.

  • There’s one phone in this training facility and I’ve been away from my family for three weeks and you’re not fucking cutting in line so you can chat with your bros AU.
  • It’s 0400 and I’ve been on all-night duty and you’ve come to the CQ (charge of quarters) desk to play a dumb prank don’t make me call the CO on your ass AU.
  • I’ve hurt my foot and I’m stuck in this waiting room at sick call, what are you here for? AU
  • I was getting my new rank sewn on my uniforms but they gave me yours by mistake because this is not the rank I was expecting to see on my lapels AU.
  • This is my first deployment and I’m really nervous and you’re a seasoned veteran and I’m trying to act like I’m not terrified but you notice anyway and talk to me to ease my worries AU.
  • Oh my fuck not again they put me on duty with that asshole and I have to spend the next 24 hours of my life in their vicinity why in fuck’s name do my section NCOs hate me? AU
  • We’ve been asked to conduct PMCS (preventive maintenance checks & services) on this vehicle not climb on it like we’re fucking tarzan can you PLEASE open up the hood and check the oil? AU
  • We’re playing soccer for PT this morning and you’re the opposing team’s goalie and I’m going to make it my mission to score on you so much that your mother cries AU.
  • Ahahaha you’re in the <insert branch here>? I’m in the vastly superior <insert branch here>, every time I see you we’re going to participate in this nonsense military branch pissing match AU.
  • This drill sergeant just told us we would be doing PT until dawn if we couldn’t get our shit straight and you just made a fart sound from the opposite side of the room I swear to god I will fucking kill you for this AU.
  • Well, the drill sergeant said you’re my new battle buddy so we may as well be friends AU.
  • You were the one who threw away that one piece of paper so how come you dragged me out here to dumpster dive with you? AU
  • You said you could control the floor buffer so why are you riding it down the hallway? AU
  • We have a surprise wall locker inspection today and they’re going to find the <insert embarrassing object> I put in yours yesterday I am SO SORRY AU.
  • When we met I thought you were a sorry son of a bitch but after three deployments there’s no one else I would willingly follow into battle AU.

Feel free to use these, I tried to explain the things that civilians might not understand but I remember the military having its fair share of ridiculous situations that make for good AUs so enjoy.


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anonymous asked:

In my story the main faction is losing badly and taking heavy casualties, forcing them to draft people, train them as quickly as possible, then immediately deploy them. If you had one or two weeks to train a bunch of fresh faced draftees, what are the most important things you could teach them? Note: They'd be infantry fighting guerrilla style in a desert environment.

Welp, the three people who looked at this question made a consensus, but first let me reiterate aunty’s rule of reality: you break it, you bought it. If your world requires that troops take two weeks to train, you have to decide what they need to survive the war zone you’ve set up.

Otherwise, I assume you’re talking about infantry, as most people do. You’re gonna look for

• Physical Fitness
Drill sergeants will probably push the recruits as hard as they can. Most soldiers get months to train their bodies to withstand the strains of war; getting things condensed into two weeks will mean brutal training, and it’ll probably also mean that you’ll be required to join already physically fit (yes, there’s a little leeway when you first enlist).
 Depending on the attitude of the army, either there will be a ton of broken soldiers who should’ve been medically discharged due to physical disability but they’re hanging in there because the army can’t afford to lose them, or the army will trim the fat as much as possible and kick out anyone with even a moderate profile. I feel like either way given the current way the VA works, the government is going to be paying for these soldiers anyway, so it’ll probably try to retain people it realistically shouldn’t, since in that case it’s at least paying active duty soldiers rather than just a disabled veteran.

• Weapons maintenance and qualifying
Learn how to take your weapon apart, learn how to clean your weapon, learn how to put your weapon together again, learn how to shoot your weapon, learn how to clear your weapon. Learn how to take your weapon apart, learn how to clean your weapon, learn how to put your weapon together again, learn how to shoot your weapon, learn how to clear your weapon. Learn how to 

• Tactics
Field tactics crash course. Hand signals, crouching, high crawl, low crawl, ruck marching, land nav, comms, all of this condensed into the barest forms.

• Combatives/Pugils
While the recruits may not get as much time as they’d need devoted to this, there would probably be at least a class or two on combatives and pugil sticks, that is, basically training for melee combat both with your hands and with a rifle. While these would only be used in emergencies, suffice to say it’s one of those skills worth taking a day out to teach.

• Basic CLS ?
Hubby and I disagree on this one. I think in this situation, the army would skip teaching joes combat lifesaving courses, (applying tourniquets, pressure bandages, and so on) and they would instead just employ more soldiers to serve primarily as medics. Specializing training like this leaves soldiers more time to learn the shit they’re actually supposed to be doing. Infantry might be expected to apply a tourniquet; infantry are definitely expected to engage an enemy.
Hubby thinks that the army would actually prioritize CLS over land nav with the understanding that saving every soldier is critical, (after all, if the training time is down to two weeks, plainly we don’t have enough bodies to go around) and having soldiers trained in CLS is statistically more likely to save combatants lives. Which is true; that’s why the army started training all soldiers in CLS to begin with. 

We think things like army history, the wear of the uniform, common courtesies, chain of command, drill and ceremonies, and things of that nature would probably be done away with. I think that morning PT would be done away with and drill sergeants would just get their recruits doing PT during any downtime they would ordinarily get. I also think recruits would get significantly less hot meals and probably less leniency for illness or accidents. You’re almost guaranteed to go to sick call at least once in BCT, but in this case needing to stay off an ankle for a few days may as well push you back to the beginning of training with another unit.

This is just basic training, not even including AIT! Especially if you’re looking at medics and EOD, I certainly hope the troops have longer than two weeks to train for that! 

Ultimately, a world like this would be pretty rough on a new soldier, and I expect a lot of people won’t be able to handle a basic training this intense. Some of us could barely handle the current version, and that can take between ten to twelve weeks depending on reception lengths and any other delays. There might be a lot of drop-outs, or there might be people who couldn’t handle it but the army pushed through anyway and they absolutely were not fucking ready for this, but that’s all up to you, and I hope you play around with all this in your story! 


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