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- my favorite Harry Night asks I’ve written for my masterlist. Hope you enjoy! xx



Sick Baby.

Two Daddies.

Hot Cuddles.

Pretty Baby.


“I love yeh.”

Love Bites.

“Let m’ take care of yeh, angel.”

In The Snow.

Little Spoon.

“Don’t leave m’.”

Kissing Day.

“Mornin’, love.”

“Just playin’ with yeh.”

First Day Of School. 



Ways In Bed.




Thigh Riding.

Dom Or Sub.



Morning, pt 1.

Morning, pt, 2.

Over Stimulation.

Teach Me.

“Can yeh be quiet fo’ m’, baby?”





Morning Giggles.

Stay Still.

Missed You.

Grind Against Me.

“Call me Alex.”


Pretty Please.


“Keep it.”

a nice morning pt. 5 | sweet pea

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a Sweet Pea x Reader imagine

summary: it’s prom night, and you decided that after all that’s happened, you’re going to enjoy this night with your friends, until a few Serpents show up and crash the party. 

warnings: cursing, angst, fluff 

taglist: @bigtravelbucketlist, @penisprkr

author’s note: this is it, you guys! this is really long, and I’m sorry about that, haha. I kinda got carried away and wanted to make the ending super good for you guys. thanks so much for your support, and kind words about this short fic. hope you enjoy the ending :)

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The last angsty ficlet was received so well that I decided to reward you all with more angst! Follow-up to In the Morning.

When Kim stirs again, the all-consuming pain from her first waking has faded slightly—enough so that she can manage to string two thoughts together, at least. She keeps her eyes squeezed shut for the first few minutes, knowing the familiar bed she’s on isn’t her own. Or Tommy’s.

The apartment is eerily silent, with no other breathing than her own present.

Right, Trini will have gone to class.

Kim slowly peels a single eye open to check the time. She’s in danger of missing her own first class.

Instead of standing, she tugs Trini’s comforter more snugly around herself. With a start, she realizes she’s cuddling Trini’s pillow to her chest. She doesn’t move.

Last night is a blur past when she and Tommy had first hit one of the many cheap bars around campus, fake IDs in hand. She remembers arguing and—oh, right.

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a nice morning pt. 3 | sweet pea

Originally posted by forsythpjones

a Sweet Pea x Reader imagine

summary: you finally get the chance to talk to Sweet Pea, but it doesn’t go as well as you hoped it would

warnings: cursing, angst, Sweet Pea being a jerk

taglist: @bigtravelbucketlist, @penisprkr

author’s note: thank you guys for the feedback, and for inspiring me to write more! I really appreciate it, and hope you guys enjoy the 3rd part :)

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I can’t deal with black-haired Jimin and transparent white shirt Jungkook and hip thrusts all in the same video, not again I can’t take this I’m out

Chronicles of the Wolf + Mating Season mobile masterlist

posted in chronological order!

  1. Monster - Breaking and Entering (CHANYEOL, pt. 1)
  2. Monster - Warming Up (CHANYEOL, pt. 2)
  3. Monster - Breakdown (CHANYEOL, pt. 3)
  4. Monster - Blackmail (CHANYEOL, pt. 4)
  5. Monster - Before the Storm (CHANYEOL, pt. 5)
  6. Monster - Not a Monster (CHANYEOL, pt. 6)
  7. Monster - A Wolf’s Mate (CHANYEOL, pt. 7) *NC-17*
  8. Little Green - First (CHEN, pt. 1)
  9. Little Green - Imprints (CHEN, pt. 2)
  10. Little Green - Amber Eyes and Lullabyes (CHEN, pt. 3)
  11. In Full Bloom - Secret Hours (XIUMIN, pt. 1) *NC-17*
  12. Little Green - Pure as Snow (CHEN, pt. 4)
  13. Little Green - Gifted (CHEN, pt. 5)
  14. In Full Bloom - Marked (XIUMIN, pt. 2) *NC-17*
  15. Little Green - Silent Plea (CHEN, pt. 6)
  16. Little Green - A Mess (CHEN, pt. 7)
  17. Little Green - Escape (CHEN, pt. 8)
  18. Little Green - Discoveries (CHEN, pt. 9)
  19. Little Green - A Mate’s Duty (CHEN, pt. 10) *NC-17*
  20. Little Green - Dinner (CHEN, pt. 11)
  21. Little Green - Challenge (CHEN, pt. 12)
  22. Monster - Consequences (CHANYEOL, pt. 8) *NC-17*
  23. In Full Bloom - Despair (XIUMIN, pt. 3)
  24. Visions of a Wolf - The Seer (LUHAN, pt. 1)
  25. Visions of a Wolf - Finally (LUHAN, pt. 2) *NC-17*
  26. Visions of a Wolf - Mate (LUHAN, pt. 3) *NC-17*
  27. Visions of a Wolf - Visions (LUHAN, pt. 4)
  28. Thieving Hearts - Breadcrumbs (KRIS, pt. 1)
  29. Thieving Hearts - The Wolves’ Den (KRIS, pt. 2)
  30. Thieving Hearts - Having a Mate (KRIS, pt. 3)
  31. Visions of a Wolf - Safe and Sound (LUHAN, pt. 5)
  32. Thieving Hearts - Returning (KRIS, pt. 4)
  33. Thieving Hearts - Battle (KRIS, pt. 5)
  34. Thieving Hearts - Heist (KRIS, pt. 6)
  35. Monster - Fright (CHANYEOL, pt. 9)
  36. Gone Wolf - Third Floor (KAI, pt. 1)
  37. Little Green - After-battle Care (CHEN, pt. 13)
  38. Visions of a Wolf - Taking Mind off Things (LUHAN, pt. 6) *NC-17*
  39. Thieving Hearts - Drunken Truths (KRIS, pt. 7)
  40. In Full Bloom - Back in His Arms (XIUMIN, pt. 4) *NC-17*
  41. Little Green - Perfect (CHEN, pt. 14) *NC-17*
  42. Monster - Cozy Breakfast (CHANYEOL, pt. 10)
  43. Thieving Hearts - Breakfast Sweetness (KRIS, pt. 8)
  44. Monster - When I have You (CHANYEOL, pt. 11)
  45. Thieving Hearts - First Touch (KRIS, pt. 9)
  46. Home - Fate (LAY, pt. 1)
  47. Home - Familiarity (LAY, pt. 2)
  48. Home - Destiny (LAY, pt. 3)
  49. Home - Settling In (LAY, pt. 4)
  50. Home - Belonging (LAY, pt. 5)
  51. Home - Witch (LAY, pt.6)  
  52. Gone Wolf - Second Meeting (KAI, pt. 2)
  53. Home - Morning (LAY, pt. 7) *NC-17*
  54. Home - Breakfast Strategies (LAY, pt. 8)
  55. Home - Finally (LAY, pt. 9)

Mating Season:

a nice morning pt. 2 | sweet pea

Originally posted by riverdalesource

a Sweet Pea x Reader imagine 

summary: Sheriff Keller has taken Sweet Pea back to the police station to interrogate him, while the reader tries to figure out what really happened the night of the fight between him and Archie. 

warnings: cursing; characters might slightly be ooc, but I’m going to try to do my best to keep them as close to the originals are possible. 

taglist: @bigtravelbucketlist

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anonymous asked:

So we finally get to talk to Sanzu after what? Weeks? And then someone goes and breaks the rules... Seriously?

* Oh, don’t be to hard on them. They probably woke up on the wrong side of the padded room this morning.

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