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hi Harry idk if you're like, accepting messages directed at Peyton, but I just wanted them to know i met andrew rannells tonight and he is really just as beautiful in person, it's almost unbelievable. I told him he looks like a Kennedy

given the andrew rannells blogging I’ve already done this morning I sincerely hope pey does see this

Distance #4

Peyton POV

The weeks passed and much to my surprise, Jack and I had stayed in touch. Ever since I texted him first the night of the competition, we had been texting ever since. When he gave me his number I had thought we would text for a few days and then move on with our lives and friends at home. Yet the weeks continued to pass and Jack and I still were talking. If we weren’t texting, we were either FaceTiming or talking on the phone. Some nights we would stay up until 2 or 3 just talking about everything. It was a Saturday morning when I heard my phone buzzing on the night stand. I rolled over and groggily unlocked it. I glanced down to see a text message from Jack. “Morning Pey, hope you slept well. Sorry I kept you up so late. I thought we had a great conversation about turtles(: text me when you’re up!” I laughed to myself, remembering our conversation from the previous night. It had started with us telling each other about how our day in school was but after a few hours on the phone we somehow got onto the topic of turtles and how I always wanted to swim with sea turtles. “Oh I thought it was great too! Let’s FaceTime later!”

Jack POV

Jack Johnson, my best friend and also the guy I became Vine famous with, pulled up into my driveway. It was early Saturday morning but us and a bunch of our guy friends were going to go shoot hoops. As I slipped into my Vans and threw on a grey sweatshirt before I walked out the door, I heard my phone go off. I realized I had left it in the kitchen. I jogged into the kitchen and grabbed it off of the table. Johnson started laying on the horn. I rolled my eyes and ran back to the front door and flipped him off. I could see him cracking up from the front seat. My basketball was sitting on the stairs so I picked it up and headed out the door. “Have a little patience,” I jokingly yelled at Johnson once I got in the car. “Have a little respect, I’m hauling your ass around.” He responded. “Let’s not get into that…” I told him. As he backed out of the driveway, I checked my texts. One was from my mom, saying I could only leave the house for an hour, and the other was from Peyton. I smiled the minute I saw her name. Johnson glanced over at my phone. “Ahh still talking to this Peyton girl, huh?” I slid my phone into my shorts pocket. “Eyes on the road.” I told Johnson. “Does she know what kind of guy you are?” He asked me. I looked at him. “What kind of guy I am?” I asked him confused. “Yeah, you know, the kind of guy who gets caught with weed in the house and then makes his best friend drive him everywhere because Mommy and Daddy took away his car,” I punched Johnson in the arm. “Oh shut up!”
I laughed while turning up the radio and rolling down my window.

Peyton POV

The April rain was down pouring onto my windshield as I made my way home from work. I was exhausted. Saturday nights were always the busiest at the restaurant where I worked. Luckily there were three of us hostesses working so it wasn’t as terrible but I still had been running around like a mad woman, trying to get everyone seated. I finally pulled into my driveway and bolted inside to avoid from getting soaking wet. “Hi sweetie, how was work?” My mom greeted me with a hug as I walked in the door. “Crazy as usual,” I told her while opening the fridge to grab a water bottle. “Hey at least you’re done now, right?” That was my mom, she was always looking on the positive side of things. “I suppose you’re right!” I agreed with her. “Well guess what!” She excitedly asked me. “What?” I responded, with mocking excitement. “Ryan is going to be home in a few weeks which means he’ll get to see your last meet!” Ryan was my older brother, he was a junior in college. Growing up, we had always been best friends and when my dad died in a car accident when I was 11 and he was 13, he became really protective and fatherly. Ryan definitely took care of my mom and me so it was hard having him away at college. I was super excited he would get to see my last track meet. I loved running and I wasn’t too bad at it either. I was going to state for the mile and it would be my last race ever since I was a senior. Ryan had always been really supportive of my activities. “Oh, I’ll have to tell Grace.” I joked with my mom. Grace was childhood best friend and growing up she always had a crush on Ryan. I didn’t blame her, even though he was my brother I knew he was attractive. I had never met a girl who wasn’t obsessed with him. He was tall and muscular with dirty blonde hair like mine. I felt my phone start vibrating in my bag. I quickly grabbed it and looked down to see Jack calling me. “I gotta take this,” I told my mom while running up the stairs to my room. “I want to hear about this boy you’ve been talking to so much!!” She called up after me. I just smiled and pressed answer. Jack’s familiar voice said, “I’ve missed you, how was work?” I felt butterflies in my stomach just hearing him speak. “Eh, it was work. How was basketball?” Jack went on and on about how his team was Jack Johnson, his other friend Sam, and him. Apparently they “dominated.” I laughed at how enthusiastic he was about it. “Alright but moving on, guess who is going to be in town next weekend?” He asked me. “You!?” I screeched. “Yep! We have a MagCon event in Chicago!” I could barely contain my excitement. “Does this mean I’ll finally get to see you again?!” I hoped it would. “Well let’s hope so, it’s going to be a quick trip but I’ll try my best.” Quick trip or not, I wanted to see him. “I want to see you, not over a computer screen for once.” I could tell he was smirking through the phone at my pouting. “I agree, Skype and FaceTime are great and all but I need to see that beautiful face of yours in person again.” I felt my cheeks flush at Jack’s compliment. I mean sure, we had been talking for weeks now, but he had never called me beautiful, I didn’t think it was like that between us. “Listen Pey, I’ve gotta go but I’ll text you later ok?” “Yeah, ok, bye Jack!” I hung up my phone and tossed it on the bed. My heart felt like it could burst, Jack Gilinsky thinks I’m beautiful.