morning musume we love you too

Akaneya: Uhm… I love Morning Musume!
Sashihara: Eh!?
A: So much so that I wanted to have a one-on-one conversation with you about it today.
S: Really? Eh!!
A: It’s true! About Sayashi Riho-san…
S: Oh, you like Sayashi-san?
A: I love her!
S: Eh!!
A: I went to her last concert!
S: Eh? Me too!!
A: Eh!!
Tsuchida Teruyuki: You two should just go out for drinks!
S: I wish we had more time to talk about this. We shouldn’t have talked about all those other pointless topics!

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Leader Fukumura Mizuki’s letter to Graduating Sayashi Riho:


Congratulations on your graduation. The day has finally come… Up until now, we had said our goodbyes to the seniors in Morning Musume, so I couldn’t imagine seeing you off like this. It feels like there hasn’t been any time until today. 
Right after joining Morning Musume you became center, danced, sung; little by little, I began to become envious of you. I tried hard, thinking, “If I could just catch up a little more…” But I understood how hard it must have been to do that right after joining. I also know how much strength it took to stand in that position. You’d lie, saying “it’s not painful.” I cheered you on from the bottom of my heart.
Thinking about it now, us 9ki were truly just kids when we joined… You were just in elementary school.  9ki is often told we laugh a lot, but not being able to catch up with our seniors after debuting was tough. Whether they were happy or angry, we collected many memories. 
And now 5 years from then, getting to where we should originally be. Your hard work turned into confidence. All the brilliant performances you gave were very cool. You were the pride of Morning Musume ‘15.
Separate from your stage self, the super pervert Riho-chan. At first it was only in front of 9ki, but over time the other members found it out. And finally all the fans found it out, too. But I think the number of people who forgive you for that has increased, so I was happy about that.
It’s been 2 months since you announced your graduation. I’m sure you especially felt it, but you’re loved by many, many people. Because you’re the Riho-chan loved by so many, you’ll be fine when you study abroad. Don’t close yourself off completely! Slowly make friends! And talk to me if you need to! 
The rest of Morning Musume ‘15, since you’ve announced your graduation, have felt anxious. I really think it’ll be tough without you. But because you gave all your best until now, I will now give my all. We’ll have the fans as well. Tomorrow we become Morning Musume ‘16… Please watch over all of us when tomorrow comes.
Thank you so much for your 5 years, Riho-chan.

Congratulations on your graduation.

Morning Musume ‘15, 9ki, Fukumura Mizuki.