morning marauders

One morning Sirius Black saunters into the Great Hall with his hair in a bun and tie loose as can be. And he plonks himself down at the table and everyone just stares. 

Because his neck is covered in hickeys. 

And he’s all grins and showing them off like nobodies business.

And all the girls in the Hall are eyeing each other up like ‘Which one of you bitches got to do that? Fuck you why wasn’t it me…’

McGoangall just stares for second before averting her eyes. She can’t think of any rules he’s broken but Jesus Christ should that be allowed?

And James walks in, hand combing through his hair before he see. And he just raises he eyebrow and smiles.

‘Merlin Remus, get a bit carried away did we?’

And Remus is just siting there, red as tomato, wanting to die because it’s so embarrassing and someone is laughing oh no.. 

But secretly he is really fucking pleased with himself. Like, damn. I did that.

I don’t know man.. Wolfstar with hickeys just makes me happy.

Sirius x Reader: Potter Plans

Warnings: no ?

Requested: Yes

A/N: I’M BAAAACK!! It’s the 2 month anniversary of this account and we’re a squad of 523… a number I never thought I’d reach let alone reach in 2 months so thank you my lovelies xx I thought I’d greet this 2 month hiatus return with a hella long imagine x so enjoy reading and send me imagine requests (i’m only answering ships every thurs) xx

“Sirius wins.” You announced, standing up from your leaning position on the wall.

“No way!” James protested, panting.

“I have an unfair advantage. You see these cheekbones? Aerodynamically suited for speed.” Sirius said, somehow he said it seriously. ‘Well those cheekbones are sharp’, you found yourself thinking.

You rolled your eyes and started walking around the sofa, spotting Lily as you did so. “Hey Lils.” You smiled.

“Hey, oh sit, I want to ask you something.”

You winked at James who was practically drooling over Lily and sat down. Eventually, you’d satisfactorily answered her question and you were free to go.

“How do you do it?” James asked immediately as you sat down.

“Well, you see, I bend my knees and let gravity pull me to my seat. It’s-”

“Shut up, you know what I mean.”

Remus had started sniggering at his friend’s stupidity. James shot Remus a threatening glare, stopping him immediately and went back to his book.

You giggled slightly and continued chatting, “Just talk to her like she’s a normal person.”

“I’ve been trying!” He groaned. In all the years you had known James, you’d never seen him act like this about a girl- ‘if only Sirius felt like this about me’ you thought.

Sirius came back from his shower shortly after, shooing Remus further over the sofa so he could sit in his favourite spot that, coincidentally, was next to you.

At around 11, you finally felt your eyes grow heavy and flutter shut, falling asleep next to Sirius.

Sirius admired you as you slept, unaware of his surroundings, he loved everything about you and you just seemed more beautiful lit by the fire: your eyelashes cast soft shadows over your cheekbones, your lips were slightly parted and your brows slightly furrowed.

And James watched as his best friend admired another, both so painfully obviously in love yet so blind to it.

You stirred slightly, breaking both boys reverie, Sirius shot up and announced he was going to bed. You waved him good night sleepily and was about to go to bed yourself when James pounced a question on you.

“Does Lily like me?”

“You know she does you twat. She just doesn’t want to give in, she has no reason to, you’re always available to her.”

James looked as though he was going to defend himself but thought better of it.

A familiar look spread across his tanned face and you straightened up, “Potter, I know that look, stop, no.”

“You like Sirius.” you spluttered from shock but James merely continued, “I like Lily. They like us back. We need to make them jealous.”

“Fuck off.” You whinged, not in the mood for a ‘Potter Plan’ as you and Eudaimonia called them.

“Nah, hear me out. We pretend to date, they get jealous and boom, love is in the air.” James looked at you triumphantly, the look not faltering when you glared back.

“Ew, gross, no. You’re like my brother.”

“Calm down, it’s not like I’d ever date you.”

“Doing great, dear.”

“You know what I mean.”

You paused, pondering the idea, and took a deep breath, “Until Friday.”

“Won’t take longer than 2 days.”

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The Morning After.

Marauders Era

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: James Potter x Reader || Sirius Black x Reader || Remus Lupin x Reader ||  Lily Evans x Reader || Severus Snape x Reader .

Warning: Somewhat sexually themed altho not explicitly described.

A/N: I knew that these are more than 3 characters (as stated in the rules) , but I wrote these on my own according so … Ima break my own rules. That doesn’t mean you should, but just a a note, because I probably will do this again in the future. 

Also I tried to keep the reader gender neutral, I hope I justified that idea. 

Please let me know what you all think!

Anyways Enjoy!


- Admin Blue

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Sometimes, when it is really fucking early in the morning and the marauders are veged out in their dorm room trying to finish the fundamentals of their newest prank, James will literally still be the only one that is hyped. Sirius and Remus will glare at him from one of the beds, just a pile of lanky, teenage limbs and pure Gryffindor determination (Peter will already be comatose the slacker) and watch as this ball of bad hair and annoying energy whizzes around making the most horrendous amount of noise, and Sirius will turn to his pillow/Remus and ask, in the most pained of voices; “why, moony?”. And Remus will reply, with the voice of someone who has accepted their fate a long time ago; “This is what you get for saying snivellous couldn’t possibly look worse as a toad. And yes I do blame you. Because it is literally ALWAYS your fault.” Much half hearted slapping ensues. Sirius falls asleep with Remus’s hand repeatedly smacking him softly in the face and James Potter all but vibrating around the room like a misfired hex.


Oh just imagine

Arthur Weasley is walking down the street. He’s got five kids and he’s nowhere near to controlling the situation. The twins are jabbering and throwing things out of the stroller, Percy is moaning, Bill and Charlie have just finished wrestling. Now Charlie is crying.

A young man with flowers is walking down the street. His step is springy and he is humming something under his breath.

As he passes by, Charlie, who decides to run away from his bully of a brother, bumps forcefully into his knees.

Arthur tries to swivel around desperately and apologize, it is somewhat difficult what with Fred biting George’s ear and Percy hauling his sleeve.

The young man - although it’s more of a boy, to be frank - doesn’t seem perturbed. Instead, he picks the traumatized six year old up. He’s tall and Charlie’s legs are dangling in the air.

“What’s your name?”


“That’s quite a nice name,” Charlie nods, he likes his name as well. “Why are you crying, Charlie?”

“‘Cause Bill is stupid.”

“Yeah, but that’s Bill’s problem, right? You’re great. Who do you want to be when you’re older?”

Charlie contemplates. “A knight?”

The boy nods. “A knight that’s fought a dragon. Or even better. A knight that hasn’t fought a dragon, but instead made it his faithful companion. Sounds about great, right?”

Charlie is grinning as he nods feverishly. The young man puts him down, smiles at Arthur who returns the smile apologetically.

“Can I have a flower?” Charlie asks.

“Charles…” Arthur starts to say, “That’s not-”

“I would give you a flower,” the young man lowers his voice conspiratiously, “but you see, I am a knight as well. And I must give all the flowers to my fair princess.”

Charlie nods solemnly. His eyes are twinkling.

Arthur thanks the young man ungainly, he laughs heartily, says “no problem” - and soon is gone, as well as the merry tune he was whistling.

“Dad?” Arthur doesn’t know which of the boys is calling him now. “Dad dad dad dad!”

It’s Charlie. He’s jumping up and down with excitement.

“Dad, I want to be like that knight with flowers! Can I be a knight with flowers and a dragon? Can I? Can I? Please!”

“Yes, of course you can…” Arthur tries to remember the name of the young man - but he didn’t introduce himself. All he can say about the “knight” is that his hair was positively denying gravity.

He sighs. He was never one to remember such things. Now it is almost imposible.

“Alright boys, let’s go- NO, Fred, don’t do that - PERCY, for heaven’s sake…!”

It’s summer of 1979.

Thirteen years later, Arthur will be sitting in his kitchen, opposite to a messy haired boy, questioning “And who are you-?”

He will be thinking that his face looks familiar.

He won’t remember where from.


Sirius was a brave, clever, and energetic man, and such men are not usually content to sit at home in hiding while they believe others to be in danger.”

- Albus Dumbledore

Early Morning- Remus Lupin

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Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Characters: Remus Lupin

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 503

Author: Charlotte

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  • [Floo Call Right after First Year Sorting]
  • Regulus: Why are you so happy today? Is it school? I know what it is; it's a girl.
  • Sirius: I wasn't sorted into Slytherin.
  • Regulus: Wait, Sir, not Slytherin? You don't mean Gryff--
  • Sirius: And don't tell Mom, I want to tell her myself when the time is right. Like Mother's day or Christmas morning.
Mornings with the Marauders in Hogwarts’ times

Remus: Sirius, wake up
Sirius: are we gonna have morning sex?
Remus: ahm, no
Sirius: then no.
Remus: *rolls his eyes* we have classes pad
Sirius: tell McGonagall i cant go
Remus: why not?
Sirius: my bf doesnt love me anymore i’m too sad
James: have the damn morning sex with him Moony


Christmas with the Marauders would include…

  • Sirius trying to catch you under a mistletoe
  • drinking hot chocolate with everyone in the common room
  • a lot of sweet presents 
  • they’d manage to get you all in trouble even on christmas eve
  • watching the stars and snow from the top of the tower together
  • snowball fights
  • decorating your rooms with Lily
  • forcing everyone to listen to christmas songs the entire day
  • sneaking in the kitchen to get food after you get hungry late at night
  • everyone being a bit drunk, which would end in even more chaos and trouble
  • cuddling together because it’s cold
  • telling Sirius about your traditions back home with your muggle family
  • wearing ugly christmas jumpers
  • everyone falling asleep on the couch or the ground because you stayed up till early in the morning