How I Shoot: Morning and Last Light with @wheredidyouparkthearknoah

How I Shoot is a series where we ask Instagrammers to tell us about the process behind the making of their photos and videos. For more of Noah’s photos and videos of morning and last light, follow @wheredidyouparkthearknoah on Instagram.

For Noah Poveda (@wheredidyouparkthearknoah), looking for good light has become a way of life. As a digital photographer working in Madrid, Spain, Noah is constantly trying to control and shape light. But when taking photos for his Instagram feed, Noah says he lets the moment take over:

“I’m not setting up the photos or looking for the light,” he says “It’s a motivation inside you. Like the peace and quiet of mornings—the beginning of the day when I have a moment to myself. It’s really relaxed, so those pictures are of joy.”

Noah began using hashtags like #morninglight and #lastlight to document these daily moments. Noah says he doesn’t seek out light, but allows the moment to find him in those “pajama times” or at the end of the day.

“I look for the atmosphere and suggestions in the environment. It’s how you perceive it. And of course it’s a bit subjective because it’s how you are feeling personally and your experience will always be there in the photo.”

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