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To my best friend, Happy 13th birthday bud <3 Thank you for being there in the morning to laugh with me and complain about being tired when we know we should have gone to sleep earlier but we didn’t so. Thank you for taking random screenies with me and doing the most adorable build during build battle to signify our friendship. You are one of my favourite people in the world and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I could go on about how much you mean to me.. But that’s endless 

Happy Birthday <3 


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i'm crying omfg. all i can imagine is clint and natasha after getting high accidentally and natasha doesn't even get mad at clint for not suspecting the brownies. they just sit there in their apartment the next morning, laughing their butts off and giggling like idiots. "tasha, this is even crazier than budapest!" "only because we're both mostly drug-resistant, clint. and we both remembered what happened this time."

why is this so funny to me oh my god

“even crazier than budapest”


I just stumbled on this today…it’s an interview FROM 2008 while they were doing IWTB press in London. I CANNOT LINK. I have no idea why, but if you want to hear it, you can find it on the podcast app ^^ I wanted to share the fun bits because it’s new to me and he talks about the IWTB bed scene and also what he might get Gillian for her birthday ;)

Interviewer: How was it going back to the working relationship with Gillian after such a big break in between, because it looked very natural onscreen and of course it goes in a slightly different direction in this movie

DD: The specifics of doing a scene like that are not very different from doing any other scene, there wasn’t an actual, there’s not an actual love scene, there’s an attempt on Mulders part, I guess, a half hearted attempt and…that might have been odd …. for …. me as Mulder and her as Scully to attempt an actual sex scene and I’m not sure we ever need to do that or should do that. But in terms of Gillian and I working together, we have so much history, in the show, let alone as people, that we don’t…we just have to rely on that playing or reading, we don’t have to overplay it and that was always the special relationship between Mulder and Scully was always an unspoken connection and it has to do with certain ways that we just habitually started to play with each other as the characters and I don’t think you ever really forget that.

Interviewer: Now I know Gillian is celebrating her 40th birthday a week from Saturday, have you worked out what you’re going to buy her yet?

(This part is tough because everyone’s kind of talking at once)
DD: Nooo…no.
Interviewer: Well you’re in London, you could just take her…
DD: I won’t be here
Interviewer: You could buy her a little touristy bit
DD:I don’t have to send it, I could just buy it and leave it here somewhere for her. Hmm … now you’ve got me thinking. Alright I will, uh, I’ll get her a soccer jersey, I imagine, that seems to be a popular item.