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Kaze no Mukou he SakuRap Recording
Let Me Take Care Of You (Ziall Oneshot)

Zayn’s exhausted after a long day on tour, and Niall helps him out.

Oh god, this is the long awaited (by some) shower/putting zayn to bed fic. This was only supposed to be lk a thousand words, but somehow 4.5k of sleepy shower fluff happened. Oops? This is for Anna, sorry for the wait :) zaynjhoran

Zayn wasn’t exactly sure when he stopped being aware of the world around him. His eyes had slipped closed some minutes ago, his mind caught somewhere between soaking up the warmth of the water cascading over his shoulders and drifting far away. 

It was just nice, wasn’t it? A scalding shower after a shit day? That was what he thought at least. Or at least he would’ve if he was thinking. For the first time that day however, Zayn found his mind deliciously blank. 

It didn’t last long, though, because that was when his world tipped on axis, startling vertigo bombarding his senses, and he seemed to be falling. From somewhere to his left he heard his name called out in what sounded like white hot panic, and that’s odd because hadn’t he been alone in the bathroom? 

Suddenly there was a pair of arms around him in a vice and a firm chest pressed to his back, Niall’s voice insistent in his ear.

But in that moment Zayn couldn’t find it in him to respond, couldn’t catch his thoughts before they faded away like the smoke from one of his cigs. The one thought that came to him, clearly, irrationally, was at least Niall isn’t wearing a shirt–it would’ve gotten completely soaked through. 

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